Popular ‘Obama as Mao’ shirts pulled from shops for Michelle’s China visit

First lady Michelle Obama visited the Great Wall of China on Sunday, and Chinese authorities had local merchants pull a popular Obama-Mao t-shirt during her time there.

The t-shirt depicts President Barack Obama wearing communist leader Mao Zedong‘s cap.

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response makes headlines everywhere

According to the Weekly Standard, a pool reporter commented on a tip about merchants at t-shirt stalls being told to “temporarily suspend sales of t-shirts that show President Obama in a Mao hat.”

The pool reporter added:

That tip turned out to be true. Several merchants denied carrying such items, but one merchant quietly took this correspondent to the back of her tent and showed off a whole box of the popular, normally seen t-shirts. As we were negotiating prices – she wanted 360 yuan, or roughly $60, an outrageous starting price – other merchants came by, and in Chinese, told her to be careful. The merchant became visibly rattled and put the t-shirts away.

This 2009 photo depicts a similar t-shirt, according to the Daily Mail:


2009 File Photo Daily Mail – REUTERS/David Gray

Tom Tillison

Tom Tillison

Tom is a grassroots activist who distinguished himself as one of the top conservative bloggers in Florida before joining BizPac Review.
Tom Tillison


  • Rufus Putnum

    The Fascists control the market; everywhere they go.

  • Jerry

    Actually, they should hand Muckchelle and her creatures a shirt like that right when they step off the plane as a welcome gift.

    • psychosally

      heck -if I were the chinese I would have given everyone in their entourage a shirt

      • Brooklynresident

        Commies do things in groups. So line the parade route with thousands of folks, all wearing them. The Mooch ought to like that. She would be proud of China…

    • RealityBites

      That’s MICHELLE. Stop misspelling people’s names it only makes you look immature

      • Paul


        • Bret

          And Sushi and Malaria her children…

          • RealityBites

            That’s Sasha (actually Natasha) and Malia

          • Bret

            Okay, Sasha and Malia Obamao…
            Now blow me!

          • LittleRoot_48

            I prefer Sushi and Malaria.

      • CrossingTheDelaware

        What is your opinion of the t-shirt?

        • RealityBites

          I think its stupid

          • CrossingTheDelaware

            Is there anything about Mao Zedong or the policy he implemented that you admire?

          • xoxozo

            RealityBites has gone to find out what talking points he should be say from the upper comrades

          • xoxozo

            forget above comment..read it wrong!!

          • CrossingTheDelaware

            I have to believe that @disqus_r3kquiMG9v:disqus must agree with some or much of Mao’s philosophy since Progressive Liberalism and Maoism have common roots.

          • sfcmac

            It’s appropriate.

        • Billy Bumtrip

          It’s very telling.

      • tom2

        Heh-heh. You mean like Dowd’s “extra chromosome conservatives” or Franken’s description of Limbaugh as a “big, fat, stupid idiot” or Dear Leader’s comparison of Sarah Palin to a “pig” or the lib’s common obscenity “tea baggers” or Olberman’s description of Michelle Malkin as a “mashed up bag of meat with lipstick on it” or Letterman’s reference to Palin as a “slut” or her daughter being “knocked up by A-Rod” or… My advice to you is shut up and enjoy the show. You’re gonna’ enjoy it immenseley in November.

        • vega388

          We can only hope.

          • JHorvathJr

            yes Obie HAS delivered on giving us HOPE: we all HOPE he’s gone soon.

          • RealityBites

            Should have elected Romney

          • sfcmac

            We tried, but Obama had the illegal alien votes.

          • Richard McGrath

            And dead people

        • RealityBites

          I’ll keep speaking out

          • LittleRoot_48

            So will we.

          • tom2

            Typical lib. You wish to silence others while insisting on the freedom to speak.

      • Mary Hunter

        That’s not misspelling- it’s a play on words or parts of them! LOL

        • RealityBites

          Its stupid and immature

          • LittleRoot_48

            So was calling Bush “Shrub” but it didn’t matter to liberals, did it? If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out.

          • RealityBites

            yada yada yada

          • sfcmac

            Much like yourself.

          • RealityBites

            You described yourself perfectly

          • sfcmac

            Your the one getting your panties in a wad over people making fun of Mooshelle.

      • Chuck Burns

        Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama

        • LittleRoot_48


      • Jerry

        I can’t help it if her arms are as long as a chimpanzees, her legs look like a professional linebackers, and for her size her chest is flat as a board. Am I mature enough for you now?

        • RealityBites

          Even GWB (his initials thank you) got compared to a chimp. Still low

      • vega388

        No it’s WOOKIEE!!!

      • antiliberalcryptonite

        Down-vote loser!

        • RealityBites

          You are immature

      • http://sellingthesecondamendment.com/ Gregory Smith

        Stop referring to “George W. Bush” as “dubya” then. RealityBites? What an ironic name for someone in denial of reality. You ought to read some Ayn Rand, comrade.

        • RealityBites

          I know I am rather ironic considering I am the only one who lives in reality.

          • LittleRoot_48

            Oh, please.

          • RealityBites

            Oh please yourself

          • mogul264

            Many who live in LaLa land THINK it is reality! Then there are those psychopaths who think taking their meds make them dull and slow, whereas the rest of us see them as somewhat normal, then! Are you off YOURS?

          • RealityBites

            Not even close but nice try.

          • sfcmac

            You’re delusional.

        • Blomsoy

          They would not understand, Mr. Smith, as
          philosophy is beyong their grasp.

        • Man-of-Reason

          I read Ayn Rand as a young man and was very impressed with Fountainhead’s Howard Roark and Atlas Shrugged’s “Who’s John Gault”. But then I grew older, got married, and had to exist in the world of reality which is much more nuanced and complicated than simplified ideology and fiction. In other words, I grew up and became an adult.

          Ayn Rand’s utopia only works if those at the top are benevolent, moral, and compassionate. But that is not reality.

          • http://sellingthesecondamendment.com/ Gregory Smith

            I’m glad you read her, but I’m afraid you saw utopia where there was no utopia to be seen. Ayn Rand knew every society would have moochers and looters, but you don’t have to reward them.

            Before the welfare state, a pregnant teen would give up her baby for adoption.

            Before the Great Society, Mutual-Aid Societies took care of each other.

            We had schools, highways, hospitals, etc, before the federal income tax of 1913.

            The world isn’t so complicated, there’s a right, there’s a wrong. The struggle is finding and knowing which is which.

            People often dismiss Randian simplicity as a bad thing. Are complicated things better? Is Obamacare a brilliant bill because it has 1,500 pages in legalese few people can understand?

            This is her philosophy in a nutshell:

            Selfishness, in her philosophy, means:

            Follow reason, not whims or faith.
            Work hard to achieve a life of purpose and productiveness.
            Earn genuine self-esteem.
            Pursue your own happiness as your highest moral aim.
            Prosper by treating others as individuals, trading value for value.

            Faith by the way isn’t an attack on Christians. Atheists often have faith in global warming, faith in the State, etc.

            Faith means when you do something outside of reason.

            I don’t follow Ayn Rand because I believe in utopias, I follow her because without individualism a man becomes a slave of the collective.

          • Man-of-Reason

            Who told you that doing something as a collective requires you to become a “slave”? Ayn Rand? You see Greg, we accept many things done by the collective as the most efficient and practical way to achieve collective results. “Society” IS the collective. “Community” IS the collective. And even “Church” IS the collective. Jesus advocated the Church over the individual as the way to salvation. He advocated the collective! Would He advocate your enslavement? Of course not.

            By the way, atheism, faith in the state, and global warming are all mutually exclusive. Do not confuse them.

          • http://sellingthesecondamendment.com/ Gregory Smith

            Altruism is slavery, altruism requires you to sacrifice your individual needs for the “needs” of the group.

            Collective results? What are those? Hitler’s final solution? Mao’s Great Leap Forward?

            As for Jesus, he said the way through the Father was through him, and that Salvation was by faith, not works. If helping others gets you to heaven then any altruist atheist will be going there.

            Jesus also said render to Caesar what is of Caesar, not “Caesar should give us free healthcare, education, and condoms.”

            “By the way, atheism, faith in the state, and global warming are all mutually exclusive. Do not confuse them.”

            They are not, Ann Coulter herself wrote a book about how Environmentalism has become a new religion. There are schools where the kids are pledging allegiance to the earth. The atheist teachers who don’t believe in Mother Mary, believe in Mother Nature. They talk about “her” as if it was a being. Earth Day is the new Easter in secular America.

          • Man-of-Reason

            You say, “… Salvation was by faith, not by works.” And Jesus responded to Peter, who had just confessed his faith, that “upon this rock (of faith) I will build my Church” (community of the faithfull).

            Jesus certInly would not enslave, yet he did build His community of the faithful (aka “church”), called Christians, and advocated their working as a collective.

            Randian “selfishness” sound good, just like unfettered Capitalism does at first glance. But it doesn’t work in the real world without some modification. Both depend on the good will of those most powerful which, unless, unless regulated by law or social pressure, doesn’t lead to a stable society.

          • JKellogg

            I tend to agree with Man-of-Reason on this one. For a more contemporary, non-fiction analysis, “For a New Liberty” by Murray Rothbard is an excellent resource. The book can be downloaded for free at mises.org, the primary aggregation source for Austrian economics.

            My problem with Rothbard, as well as Randian Objectivism, (Rothbard knew and admired Rand) is that they don’t sufficiently account for things like the difference between the different types of goods and services and how that translates into governance. Another example would be how it misses the impact of elasticity on analysis and justification of taxes incidences.

            By advancing and promoting policy, while missing so many key determinants of efficient policy making, Rand strays into utopian ideals. Even Rothbard acknowledges that his vision is utopian (though not directly.) Anyway, that’s my thoughts on the matter.

          • http://sellingthesecondamendment.com/ Gregory Smith

            I don’t know Rothbard, so I can’t comment on him. I recommend this book about how Ayn Rand’s ideas can work in the real world.

            The real utopias are socialism, altruism, communism, and collectivism. Objectivism and Capitalism are not utopias, they empower the individual. For example, if you want to give your money to charity, an objectivist won’t stop you. What I don’t want is my money stolen and given to someone else without my consent.

            Obama is wrong, we are not in this together, there’s no “shared sacrifice.” I work for me, you work for yourself, and Obama works to transform America. We all act as individuals, even Obama who claims to act for the common good (which by the way, doesn’t exist).

          • JKellogg

            I don’t disagree with you there and I’m anything but a fan of Obama. I used to go to an Objectivist discussion group years ago and feel pretty confident in my understanding of the about the various tennents of the philosophy.

            Even though I don’t agree with Rothbard, I’d still encourage anyone wwithan interest in Libertarian-style ideologies to read him.

            That said, I’ll stand by my comment on the utopian nature of Objectivism. The reason I maintain that is that there is such a fine line where it works in actual practice. Pure laissez-faire capitalism does not account for ways the free market can fail. The risk exposure to a descent into anarcho-capitalism is quite significant. Thus my reference to Rothbard. No really, you would find very substantial and reasoned support for Objectivist principals in his works, and litle if any detraction from it.

            While it’s true, the Randian vision need NOT be a utopia to work, it wouldn’t accurately reflect her ideas. The ideas she presents are quite admirable, but only work as envisioned within a very tight set of economic parameters. Acheiving those parameters, however, involves a distinctly heterodox brand of economics.

          • http://sellingthesecondamendment.com/ Gregory Smith

            Your argument is very well stated, and I agree that there are times we need government. If my neighbor steals from me, I’m not going to act like a vigilante and steal from him, but I’ll call the cops and let the system work its magic.

            What I resent, as a former insurance salesman, is the money I wasted getting a useless license and the 20-hours of continuing education we have to take in TN to renew that license. This is unnecessary, for being licensed doesn’t prevent crooks from getting into insurance, real estate, or the stock market.

            Jordan Belfort for example is proof that regulations rarely do what they intend, most of the “crooked” things he did in the movie were actually quite legal.

            On the other hand, the technology industry is largely unregulated and it has given us wonderful products. If Apple delivers a bad product, they will fix it. On the other hand, when Delta landed late in Atlanta and I was forced to stay in a hotel instead of going to Chattanooga, Delta didn’t give me a penny. Ironically, the private minivan company I used for my rides to the airport picked me up the next day, even though I was the only customer. And guess what? They didn’t charge me a penny.

            I know individual examples are probably not enough to convince anyone of the beauty of the free market, but I wanted to share my point of view anyway.

            I don’t believe in compromise, but I’ll accept whatever victory I can get. I’m sure there are areas where you want less government, and I’ll support you there.

          • JKellogg

            I once did a stint with the NAIC and yeah, licensing verses keeping producers well, productive, is a definite challenge. (That place was way too liberal for my taste, BTW.)

            Some industries are over regulated, But in a perfectly free market, there isn’t enough time for the market to weed out the bad producers before significant losses might be incurred by consumers.

            I have some links I was thinking of last night that might be germane to our discussion.

            First, here is that Rothbard book which supports your views and I think you would find really interesting.


            Next, here are some details on mainstream economic thought. First up is a Microeconomics Powerpoint presentation about of the four types of economic goods. Among other things, It helps define the determinants of what makes sense for government to get involved.


            I also look at the “elasticity” of both the supply and demand curves to determine what makes for an efficient tax verses and inefficient one.

            Some basic definitions about this very key economic concept:


            Once there is an understanding of how price elasticity impacts the market, one can move on to calculating the ‘deadweight’ losses with any tax incidence. And the results are quite illuminating!


            In the last graph, picture curves that are more inelastic as defined by the previous link (more vertical.)

            As you can see, taxes for goods and services which respond highly to price changes (elastic) produce greater deadweight losses. (Money that is wasted or disappears into that black hole of naturally occurring government inefficiency!)

            When government gets involved in goods that do not respond to price changes there is less deadweight loss.

            Now then… let’s look at how this might translate into real world policy—how do we apply this to the market for health care insurance? (Note: not actual health care.) As you probably know, consumers respond a great deal to price changes right?

            That’s why I think we should get and keep the government out of the insurance business. Regulation? OK, we can use some of that, but the more involved the government gets in this case, the higher the deadweight losses!!!

      • Raymond of Canada


      • LittleRoot_48

        Dems used to call Bush “Shrub.” I can call her Moochelle if I want to. It is NOT a misspelling anymore than Shrub as a misspelling of Bush.

        • RealityBites

          Its stupid and just plain immature

          • Mary Hunter

            Did not say if it was or was not just said it was deliberate not mis spelled.

          • sfcmac

            I’m beginning to think your repetitive comment is stupid and immature.

          • RealityBites

            Yes people who mock the First Lady are stupid and immature

          • sfcmac

            Your an ass. You lefties flung all kinds of insults and profanity at GW, his wife and his kids. Besides, we have a right to counter with opinions and facts, especially when Mooshelle throws the race card. Don’t like it? Tough. But then, you’re an immature, thin-skinned liberal bedwetter.

        • Man-of-Reason

          You have the right to be as immature as you want!

      • mogul264

        Not if you are DELIBERATELY mis-spelling to signify irony or as a political statement! Therefore, I give you MOOCH – ELLE! Similar to Cab Calloway’s “Minnie, the Moocher!” Grand spender of other peoples’ money! Has taken 3 ‘vacations’ so far this year, at a cost of OUR millions!

        • RealityBites

          You are admitting to being immature, that’s fine. We all know you were the school bully

          • General Mayham

            You can lead a lib to knowledge but you can’t make him learn

  • GBretired

    Wonder if they also pulled the Moochie-gorilla shirts?

    • pineapple

      Probably so, in deference to gorillas.

    • zipper

      one commenter i’ve read refers to her as the “Wookie.”

      • GBretired

        LOL–that’s the best yet! (hope you don’t mind my borrowing it!)

        • zipper

          be my guest, not mine originally.

    • colsooonscoorner

      After their trip, I can just imagine the shirts they’ll be selling. Barking dogs???

  • durabo

    This shirt should be marketed inside Zerobama’s USSA, to make people aware of the similarities between the two Marxist dictators.

    • Art Hock

      I want one!!!!!!!

    • zipper

      where to buy?

  • CrossingTheDelaware

    If the shoe fits …

  • Mo86

    Where can we get one?

  • Boobie_The_Rocket_Dog

    They say the Chinese, we say the Obama regime, ordered these shirts removed from view of western cameras. The notion of Obama as Mao is incompatible with the notion of him as the second coming of Mohammed.
    And, finally, someone found a picture, albeit five years old.

  • Gary Moeller

    If they sold the shirts here they wouldn’t make any money because today’s youth doesn’t know who Mao was!

    • Bret

      How true !~And they think Obama and the liberal left’s Marxist utopian agenda is ‘new and it’s hope and change’.
      Even the old Soviet slogan for Peoples Worker movement slogan ‘Foward’ was believed to be new… stupid Morons!

    • HCUA

      They know who Che is, though. They wear his face on shirts and have his picture in classrooms.
      Someone should try to inform them sometime that communists have killed about 100 million people, and they should get a life and learn what has really happened.

      • zipper

        Che was a murdering, terrorist p.o.s. re-invented as a “freedom fighter” to garner support from the mind-blown leftists.

    • zipper

      Dude! i know what Mao Tse-tung is. dude, it’s Hunan chicken with broccoli in sesame sauce, pork fried rice on the side. Awesome! Dude!

  • smogdew

    That’s aggravating – sparing Michelle’s or Obama’s feelings………they need a good dose of reality -(I’m glad the ‘shirts’ at least made the news) – ‘tho it would fall on deaf ears.
    Obama is the most rude, crude & socially unattractive president/leader in the free world. When Netanyahu was here a couple of years ago, he left him alone while Obama went upstairs and had his dinner. The man has no sense of protocol or decency; how I wish Putin would dump all over him and make him look like the American gaffe that he is.

    • SusieQ

      And when Benghazi was burning and American citizens were brutally murdered he went to bed and had a good nights sleep. You know he had a fund raiser the next day, had to get up a tad early to spread the lies about what did not happen. Why would anyone spare him anything? Oh, and his little string along Patty Murray has expressed her admiration for Mao many times, maybe she and Obama have some lively conversations about that murderer.

  • porktheotherwhitemeat

    where do I buy one telling the truth here finally

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