GOP’s Ellmers calls Laura Ingraham ‘ignorant’ for opposing immigration reform

Laura Ingraham

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A heated exchange between Rep. Renee Ellmers, R-N.C., and talk radio host Laura Ingraham goes to show how adamant many GOP lawmakers are about passing immigration reform.

Ellmers was a guest Thursday on the “Laura Ingraham Show,” and slammed the host for taking an “ignorant position” of opposing immigration reform. Ingraham appeared to have gotten under Ellmers’ skin by repeatedly accusing her of spouting liberal talking points.

“I’m not going to take an ignorant position on this as you have on this issue,” Ellmers said after explaining that farmers in North Carolina support reform.

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“So it’s ignorant to follow the rule of law, to believe in an orderly process of immigration and to follow our sovereignty not our emotions?” Ingraham countered.

Ellmers responded by telling Ingraham to get her “facts straight.”

“I have my facts straight, Congresswoman, believe me,” she fired back. “I’ve been working on this issue for about 10 years, and the American people are not with you. La Raza and Chuck Schumer are with you.”

The contentious 10-minute interview is a good sign of just how critical some Republicans see the issue and that passage of immigration reform cannot be ruled out in 2014, despite repeated assertions from leadership that it will not happen this year.

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Tom Tillison

Tom Tillison

Tom is a grassroots activist who distinguished himself as one of the top conservative bloggers in Florida before joining BizPac Review.
Tom Tillison


  • Abunchofbullshit

    This x-Tea Party Rep is pulling a Rubio and forgot who put her in office and the people she represents!! Next…….

  • Joe Misuraca

    Another one corrupted by D.C.

  • Bob Haze

    Ingraham gets a lot wrong, but on this, she was right.
    I wish she would take on MORE reps on more issues.

    • Eric

      I will show her respect and call her Ms. Ingraham. I can tell you are a democrat.

      • Bob Haze

        Call her what you want. I call ’em as I see ’em. Eric, and she is WEAK. She’s weak on most issues and most guests – GOP and those who ARE KNOWN to be Democrats. Why the heck don’t you listen and find out for yourself?
        As to my party, I live somewhere out there near Levin, a few miles right of Limbaugh. Name your issue, Eric.

  • Liberty Lover

    Love Laura. Seems like we have another RINO in Renee Ellmers to either set straight or vote out!!

    • Bob Haze

      I wish people like Laura would find this out BEFORE the RINOs win two elections. And I wish Laura, and others, were BEATING on Grahamnesty now. He needs to lose.

  • Anita

    Only the very rich and powerful want this immigration reform. Did any of you take the time to figure it out yet? If they can flood the job market with these low wage individuals then the rich can save a lot of money by paying lower wages. Facts are facts. You load the job market with laborers and workers and the salary and benefits drop. Job market doesn’t have an overload of workers, salaries go up. So for the life of me I can not understand why any American would support this immigration reform unless you are filthy rich and need people who will work for low wages.

  • Anita

    Why is it that only America is a criminal for trying to protect her borders? This is not applied to Mexico, China, Russia, or any other country that I can think of. Hell, Mexico is building a fence on the other side of her country to keep illegal aliens out. Why isn’t Mexico racist?

    • Richard McGrath

      Mexico has it’s military southern border, why is our military all over the world but not on OUR southern border?

  • Eric

    Ellmer your last name fits you to a T. Your first name should be Elmer.

  • Eric

    These idiot RINOS think the only way Republicans can win elections is to allow these lawbreakers to remain in the United States. Boy, are they WRONG!

  • Hoppyman50

    I wonder who paid her off and bought her vote?

  • Hoppyman50

    Wow the arrogance was evident at the end of the interview.

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