Michelle Obama, her mom and kids thank you for their upcoming China vacation

Washington must have been getting boring already.

Not content with already setting a record for travels on the taxpayers’ credit card in 2013, Michelle Obama will be heading to the Far East for spring break with her two daughters and a boatload of Secret Service agents, aides and other publicly paid employees, The Associated Press reports.

While President Obama heads in the other direction of the globe with a trip to Europe and Saudi Arabia, the first lady will travel March 19-26 to the Chinese capital of Beijing as well as Xian in central China and Chengdu in the southwest, according to AP.

The spring break trip is being billed as partially diplomatic, with Obama scheduled to meet with Chinese first lady Peng Liyuan, the wife of Chinese President Xi Jinping, but there’s no doubt going to be a fair amount of sight-seeing for the first lady, who’s probably felt cooped up in the White House ever since returning from that Hawaiian vacation all the way back in January.

In addition to her daughters, Michelle will be accompanied by her mother, Marian Robinson, according to a White House statement.

The Chinese junket continues a pattern Mrs. Obama has followed since her husband’s election, with extravagant trips abroad or expensive vacations within the U.S. – like the girls’ spring break last year in Sun Valley, Idaho.

And all of this at a time when the president’s party is trying to make raising the minimum wage its rallying cry against supposed Republican heartlessness.

Thanks to Barack Obama’s success in politics (his authorial skills are as wildly overrated as they are self-indulgent), the Obamas are millionaires many times over. No real conservative would begrudge a couple spending money they earned any way they chose – including extravagant vacations to wherever the spirit moved them.

But the first lady’s trips grate for two reasons: no possible realistic good is being returned to the taxpayers for the millions the trips cost in travel expenses, salaries or security (Michelle being on a first-name basis with the first lady of China doesn’t do much for the unemployment rate in Chicago); and they keep feeding an unavoidable sense that the Obamas’ really do think they’re royalty, traveling the world in luxury while preaching the gospel of “income inequality” at home. (Taking mom along to China’s a nice touch, too.)

Back during World War II, to emphasize the importance of rationing and restricting all available resources to the war effort, the government popularized the slogan, “Was this trip really necessary?”

Americans could be forgiven if Michelle Obama’s answer to that is always “yes.” But it’s doubtful the question ever even comes up.


  • totalyFedup

    Why comment? Everyone knows what’s going on here….

    • Eric

      Why did you?

      • totalyFedup

        Think for a moment, to make a point, do you not understand how she continues to spend your tax dollars!?!?!?!?!??!?!? Don’t you wish you could take a vacation across the pond and spend, spend, spend on some one else’s dime/billion?

        • Myrtle Linder

          True, she is America’s greatest shame in “The First Lady Of America.” Enough to cause Christian Conservatives to look earnestly, for the return of JESUS CHRIST, to take HIS people out of this horrendous mess. She can not seem able to just keep our shame at home, not show it off, it everywhere

          • Doug

            Help me on this. Evangelicals have told me the Pope is the AntiChrist. Now you say Obama. What’s a body to do?

          • twmon9816

            STFU, that’s what you can do.

          • Cris Bessette

            I see a new dogma coming: Anti-Christ the father, Anti-Christ the son, and anti-ghost!

          • pat ange

            Obama is inadequate even to be THE AntiChrist. He is only a vile little precessor to The AntiChrist. He is only a puppet, & a puppet can’t handel that job. The AntiChrist won’t need anybody to load a teleprompter for him.

          • disqus_q0fJBDaGHm

            My vote for antiChrist is Dick Cheney and Netanyahu.

          • Trig Trigger

            Ezekiel 38 and 39

          • Bruce Wyner

            Discus you liberal yahoo,this is all you bring to the table of mindless thought,I hope you know every time you make a drug deal the NSA has your transaction from the texts u send.If your not.selling dope your definitely smoking massive quantities of it.The liberal dumbing down of U.S citizens is going better than even Harry Reid could have expected.Anyone that voted twice for Obama is mentally unstable.It,s comical you liberals call your self the party of tolerance,your only tolerant of people that agree with,But I would like to congratulate all you liberals for your success of smear campaigns,you can all get together and pat yourselves on the back for the destruction of the US constitution,so get those out and party on

          • Trig Trigger

            The Anti-Christ is probably Maitreya.
            Maitreya will be-tray-a.

          • adnawsr


        • mac12sam12

          He doesn’t care because he doesn’t pay taxes.

          • EliseR

            Of course the President pays taxes. He releases his tax return every year.

          • MsSgt3

            You mean the same way a body releases $#!t ?

        • pat ange

          Don’t forget; the MAJORITY on obama supporters pay o, no, nata taxes at all.

      • Tony G.

        because it is Bullsh*t . . . that is why !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • jafl4me

          Please Explain? Looking at all those explanation marks you must be awfully intelligent or just heavy on your keys!

          • Guest

            Explanation marks? What kind of liberal Common Core education did you get?

          • jafl4me

            The Exclamation Mark is used
            thus (!) at the end of an emphatic declaration, it is used to close
            questions that are meant to convey extreme emotion. It can be inserted within
            parentheses to emphasize a word within a sentence. There is no space between
            the last letter of the word so emphasized and the parentheses. This device
            should be used rarely, if ever, in formal text. What do you not understand?

          • Josef Roesler

            It wasn’t about him not understanding, it’s about him reverting to spell correction because he has nothing important to say.

          • Don’t Even Try It!

            Try proof reading: “Please Explain? Looking at all those explanation marks…”

          • Jean Allen

            Go back and read your 1st reply. There in black on white background it plainly says ‘explanation’ mark. What so YOU not understand?

          • pat ange

            Can’t see the forrest for the trees! or (!) or whatever. Some people need to get a life. Understanding is really hard for some liberal people, there is truth & facts and all that hard stuff.

          • john haggle

            Too funny (ha ha !!!)!!!!!!!!!!
            … But I still don’t understand ???? (I don’t ?????!!!!!!!!!!) !!!

          • DublinIreland

            You misspelled exclamation as explanation.

          • LittleRoot_48

            Somebody slept in school. My kindergarteners used EXCLAMATION marks when learning to write.

          • Elldee

            They’re called exclamation points, not explanation marks!!!

          • CEDUPZ

            Please EXPLAIN how you got marks in EXPLANATION!

    • Col. Phillip Marstellar

      I agree . why bother they’re destroying our country right before oureyes . iit’d be nice if congress would throw these idiots out of Washington DC. But it’ll never happen. Cowards

    • C Breeze

      “Although the she-monkey may dress herself in silk finery, she remains a monkey.”
      (An old Third World adage)

      • curmudgeon


  • 7loubro_4

    Maybe she is going to migrate there and just stay. They need her help over there in the school lunches and Subway breads and things.

    • totalyFedup


    • StuckInCali2Long

      She will see how little they eat and it will make her belief in Communism much stronger.

      • LittleRoot_48

        They will look at her caboose and thank their lucky stars that they don’t eat as much as she does.

    • Brian Robinson

      Don’t think that’s going to happen. We were wishing that on the Africa trip.

    • pat ange

      Don’t forget the shinning example of mother, wife, & 1st lady………Gag a maggot!!!

  • Paul Alvarez

    She just can’t stop spending America’s money and rubbing it in their faces.

    • Tony G.

      one word . . . for Michelle . . . bitc*

      • GoldenRudy

        There is a type of “rich” she and her husband embodies.

        • Tony G.

          yes as long as it is not their money they are spending

          • totalyFedup

            That reminds me… Remember when she and O told everyone to eat first before coming to her birthday party?

  • Dana Lind

    Must be nice to be able to take a vacation when ever you want and not have to worry about paying for it. I would like to take a vacation but I can’t because I’m paying for Their Vacations.

  • Abunchofbullshit

    What a knucklehead!

  • Laura Sharpton Cummings
  • Cheryl LeFebvre

    She is so disgusting…I mean I really dislike this lady. Who does she think she is spending our tax dollars on her vacations. She needs to stay home and do something for the our country (oops I forgot she does not like America. I wish she would just go away. Him too.

    • StuckInCali2Long

      Maybe Congress should grow a pair and say something about it. The president is not the King yet he is treated like one.

    • 4dees

      You call her a “lady”. I don’t think so!

    • pat ange

      Just look at her! She has no personality, has a job which she is totally unqualified for uncultured for, ugly, crude, a total hate monger, has no real friends. every thing she tries to push off on schools & children totally fails.They have to hide her at times because of her uncontrolled mouth. (He never takes her to a muslim country) Laura Bush was a perfect 1ST Lady, Beautiful, cultured. kind, polite, had tons of friends.wonderful personality, loved and respected by all the world.She did many,many awsome wonderful things for children & schools all over the world. Look what they did to controll Aids. Don’t forget our troops & veterans. So m,any of these projects they continue to support out of their own pocket……..Mooshell hates everything about Laura Bush, because she is a total opposite.She is a disrespected Failure. She is married to obama!!! One UNHAPPY person. Selfish, Laura Bush is a happy lady, she does good and it comes from her heart. Mooshell will never know that joy. At least I know she gets no pleasure from these trips. Total Phoney spends too much time hateing.

      • Johnwayne2U

        Miss-hell has to carry the fact that she is a beard. And is trying to reap what she has sown from her desire to marry a male (have a groomed “man” wealthy), to be a ‘wife’ with the purpose of destroying the America that she grew up to hate. She is after all -while growing up – the best friend of the daughter of Jessie Jackson and spent large amounts of time at their house.

      • MsSgt3

        Comparisons are an insult to both… so stop. Firstly, in order to ‘buy’ into this farce of a marriage, she had to be accepting of certain things. Guess spending like she does was probably one of the perks offered. Being married to that obnoxious swish can’t possibly be comfortable.
        As for dragging her mother around…cut her some slack… she sold her soul and I’m sure her moms the only ‘friend’ she has!
        Don’t misunderstand me, please… she disgusts me… just ‘s’plainin’.
        One of these days I expect someone will tell us where those two ‘sarcastic-faced’ girls came from (did you notice too?) I really don’t buy that the Obummers are ‘mom&dad’…

        • pat ange

          Gurantee to get only TRUE DNA TEST RESULTS , the DNA test would have to be done without obama & democratic knowledge.

    • pat ange

      Look at them, have you ever see a more unhappy pair. Our money is ALL that they have. You can’t buy happiness!

  • Carol Lightfoot

    Obummer and Flotus going in different directions again??? I can only speculate.

    • EliseR

      Did you speculate when Laura bush and her daughters went to Europe, Africa, panama, etc without the president?

      • Richard McGrath

        Look a Bush comment.

      • pat ange

        And look what Laura Bush acomplished, undeniable facts. Spending US into bankrupsy is mooshell’s only reason for her trips, she had not done 1 valuable thing in 5 years.

  • StuckInCali2Long

    Dem’s live like King’s. Must be going to take notes on Communism to bring back to hubby.

  • manliter

    They are nothing but parasites sucking the blood from all America. We have no one to thank for this but the low information voters. Takers leaches, mooches, freeloaders. take your pick!

    • MsSgt3

      Sorry…you have no one to thank but yourself, and millions just like you, … for not paying attention sooner. How did I know as a kid in 1944 that the vote was controlled and YOU didn’t??? You just didn’t bother to do your homework, that’s all…

    • Lee Lee


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