Affordable Care Act Scam named Better Business Bureau’s 2013 ‘Scam of the Year’


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The Better Business Bureau announced its “Top 10 Scams of 2013.” Leading the pack, believe it or not, was the Affordable Care Act Scam, which most would refer to as the Obamacare scam.

As much as he may want to differ, CBS late night host David Letterman didn’t invent the idea of a “top 10 list” — it’s been around for a long time, and that includes the 102 year-old Better Business Bureau, which has published a top 10 scam report for years.

“Scammers used the uncertainty of Obamacare to trick Americans into sharing personal information. They call victims and offer new insurance or Medicare cards if they provide personal information,” according to its website.

The remaining nine are, as Houston ABC-13 News reported this week:

Medical Alert Scam – This scam targeted seniors and caretakers with the promise of a free medical alert system. Scammers told victims their family members had already paid for it and they would just need to provide their bank account or credit information for verification.

Auction Reseller Scam – Scammers used Ebay and PayPal to lure in their victims. They figured out a way to have sellers mail the goods without receiving payment. The sellers receive an email that looks like it is from PayPal, but it was really just a fake. The BBB says always confirm payments in your Ebay and PayPal accounts before shipping goods, especially overseas.

Arrest Warrant Scam – These scams take advantage of the fact that you can change what shows up on caller IDs when you call someone. Scammers change their name to resemble a law enforcement agency and call people to tell them they have an outstanding warrant for their arrest. They tell victims they can pay to avoid criminal charges.

Invisible Home Improvements – Scammers simply knock at your door and offer a great deal for home repairs that you can’t see, such as crawl spaces, air ducts, chimneys, and roofs. You can check out home contractors at before hiring them.

Casting Call Scam – Scammers pose as casting agents for hit television shows. They either offer acting lessons or photography sessions to help the aspiring actor or charge fees for fake applications and casting calls.

Foreign Currency Scam – Scammers target their victims and tell them they can make great investments by purchasing foreign currency. You are told you can sell and cash in when governments revalue the currency, but this is very unlikely to happen and the currency will be difficult to sell.

Scam Texts – These texts look like an alert from your bank asking you to confirm information with a fake link. Sometimes the link will download malicious software that gives scammers access to everything on your phone.

Do Not Call Scams – Scammers call and offer to add your name to the National Do Not Call Registry. They ask for personal information and sometimes charge a fee to join.
Fake Friend Scam – On Facebook, people are creating fake profles to be used in a variety of ways. Some will download malware or use your account to prey on your friends.

Garbage collector’s patriotic gesture brings resident to tears

This is proof positive that although Obamacare is losing its luster among American citizens, it’s number one on the list of scammers and con artists and swindlers.


  • Abunchofbullshit

    Congrats Ovomit, quite a legacy you are leaving!! Would love to write more but have to go watch the Magic Johnson propaganda ad for your sick healthcare you have forced on us…..we feel the love!

    • Linda Nay Wille

      Magic Johnson …” I have attained the AIDS virus”…Obama’s spokesperson.

  • Jerry

    Good thing they got that out before Obamas agents were able to monitor it.

  • Teri Peters

    Trying to find the original link (not that I doubt this) but was this just the Houston area BBB or the National Chamber ?

  • Doug

    Read this carefully. The ACA is one of the multitude of scams used to defraud seniors along with medical alert systems, your grandson is in jail, and E-Bay send me immediately. As usual, Michael Dorstewitz can be counted on for the most misleading headlines. Perhaps he should be renamed Distortewitz.

  • Cheryl Newcomb

    Liar of the year, meet scam of the year. Quite an accomplishment Obama!

  • Cold War Vet

    What’s the difference between a “scam” and a “sham?”

    • A_Government_of_Traitors

      What’s the difference between the Democrat party and the Republican party? Neither party serves it’s constituents.

      • Charles Wesley

        What’s the difference between Bozo and A_GOVERNMENT_OF_TRAITORS? Bozo knows when to use an apostrophe on “IT.”

        And really… it’s not “DEMOCRAT” party, but supposedly “Democratic” party. More accurately, it is the “Democratic-socialist” party of America, or Amerikka, as you prefer. :) Both sides call it wrong; I’m just clearing it up.

    • Ducky 111

      The spelling….

  • tom2

    The law itself is the biggest scam.

    • adnawsr


  • Keet Hensley

    Anyone can see it is a Government Sponsored Protection Racket, Chicago Style.

  • Jim

    Irrelevant to affordable care act which was deemed constitutional . Nice try right wing nut cases

    • Brian Kennedy

      Jim, i believe it was ruled constitutional if it wasnt a tax, but it is a tax, therefore it is unconstitutional.

      • Jim

        Well then what’s stopping you ?

      • A_Government_of_Traitors

        No, it was ruled “a tax”. Therefore, according to the Supreme Court, it is legal because Congress has the Constitutional authority to levy taxes.

        • Sunshine Kid

          “Congress” does not have the authority to levy taxes; the House of Representatives have that authority under the Constitution. Each branch of government were given specific duties to ensure that any other branch could correct errors. Unfortunately, the liberals have infiltrated all branches to the point that the check and balance set up by the founding fathers failed. Otherwise, social programs like welfare, food stamps, minimum wages, unemployment, SS and ACA would never have been passed by the government.

    • Charles Wesley

      Since it involves a “tax”, according to Roberts, this is the only way it could be considered constitutional. HOWEVER, the ACA originated in the SENATE, Not the House, and the Constitution specifies that all TAX BILLS MUST ORIGINATE IN THE HOUSE.

      Therefore, the penalty (TAX) for those who are not paying…is NOT CONSTITUTIONAL.

      • Jim

        Why are you telling me ? Tell the American traitors

  • Charles Wesley

    The headline is very poorly worded. It is not the ACA that is being called a scam, but the scam that is using the ACA as its M.O.

    The fact that the ACA is a poor law, a way into the pockets of the American Citizens, is immaterial… It is the identity thieves that are causing the trouble.

    While the ACA is given the billing…because of its use…it is not the law which they are calling the scam. It is an unfortunate situation that it has become associated with a scam.

    • Today22011

      It was the administration’s insistence on the flawed AKA website, under penalty for not signing , its flawed design , and deliberate “mis-spoke(s)” making it a scam.

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