Panel shuts down Juan Williams’ lame defense of Lois Lerner

Things got tense when conservative columnists Charles Krauthammer and George Will once again had to school Democratic apologist Juan Williams on the seriousness of the IRS targeting scandal.

Fox News “Special Report” guest anchor Chris Wallace asked Will if the controversy was a “legitimate concern,” given that the Justice Department investigation is headed by a large donor to both of Obama’s presidential campaigns.

“Sure,” he said. “There are six ongoing investigations, not one of them finished yet: two in the House, two in the Senate, one in Treasury and one in Justice. Subtract the two from the administration because it can’t be trusted to investigate itself — still, not one of them has come to a conclusion.”

Heated Trey Gowdy makes mincemeat of Obama’s no ‘smidgen of corruption’ statement

Wallace asked Williams if he was concerned that disgraced former IRS supervisor Lois Lerner is now being touted as an “expert” on a government committee seeking to tighten rules on tax-exempt organizations.

“Doesn’t that taint anything the IRS may do with these regulations?” Wallace asked.

“No, she’s an expert,” he responded.

When Wallace pointed out that Lerner exercised her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination to avoid testifying, Williams said the only reason she did so was “to not be exposed to a browbeating” and “not get involved with this political frenzy on Capitol Hill.”

Krauthammer found Lerner’s “expert” designation humorous.

“An expert on this, I love that,” he told Williams. “You bring her in as an expert on stuff that she was involved in. I don’t want to draw other analogies, but Al Capone was an expert on a lot of stuff. I wouldn’t have had him on a commission on law enforcement, although he had a lot of expertise on that. Of course, I’m not comparing the two.”


  • SusieQ

    This guy could not be for real! I watched that interview. No one could be that lame brained. I just have to question if he just plays liberal. Every time I listen to his rhetoric I’m dismayed. If he is for real then liberalism is a true mental problem.

    • curmudgeon

      He can and does as does Alan Colmes. You wonder how people so devoid of any rational judgement and common sense live past puberty.

      • SusieQ

        Alan Colmes! If you would show him a picture or video of Obama committing the most horrendous crime and no way to dispute it he would still find a way to justify the act. He and Juan are unbelievable!

        • curmudgeon

          You nailed it. Hard to believe that they were able to live as long as they have being unable to think for themselves. They are parrots for the DNC daily talking points.

  • curmudgeon

    Juan is all about emotion and race. He can find something racial in discussing raisons or jello. He abuses the privilege of being ignorant the majority of the time. I think Fox uses him for comedic effect.

    • electricjack

      We have Shaun Hannity to thank for this liar…he should have let him fade away..

  • Eric

    With Whine Williams its all about RACE.

  • MoBetter2

    Juan is not the sharpest butter knife in the drawer. Juan sees everything through the prism of race. He is a full-blown Democrap apologist. He is a paid foil; when placed on a panel with George Will and Charles Krauthammer he serves as the 2 1/2 watt refrigerator bulb between two klieg lights. He is the master of the ‘confused libtard’ face when his fellow panelists are easily tearing his position to pieces. For all this he is exceptionally well compensated. In fact, he is paid so far above his abilities he should wake up every morning and kiss the ground in thanks for having been born in this great country, where even a dullard can be paid as a millionaire…..

  • catdog8

    republicans know what they can do legally to get to the bottom of this but lets face it dem/rep two sides of the same coin

  • Don Sebold

    If CNN got rid of him….that says enough they are full of liberal quacks….I cant for the life of me see any rational reason why fox hired him….now they got the idiot Carvelle….Clinton’s yes man….who cares about fair and balanced ….just state the facts be truthful,and people can add 1+1.. ….most of us anyway….


    Juan Williams is an ASS and a HYPOCRITE!

    • The Bob

      Juan is better than the average liberal. He is being paid to present the other side of the argument.

      • curmudgeon

        Unfortunately he is a true believer of the crap he spews.

  • Hal49

    Williams comes on, channel gets changed.

  • Hal49

    Shut up, Williams…

  • sharinite

    Fox needs to get rid of Juan Williams…he is the most mentally challenged sycophant on the planet…any progressive aka democrat nee marxist trending stalinst could defecate in his mouth and he would admire the act!!

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