Doctor’s ‘I will not comply’ Obamacare break-up letter getting incredible praise from her peers

A Texas ophthalmologist and co-founder of AmericanDoctors4Truth tore down the curtain on Obamacare last week, describing President Obama’s “signature” legislative achievement for the con game of forced labor that it really is.

When she wrote to the Aetna insurance company canceling her participation in its offerings, Dr. Kristin Held of San Antonio was informed she is contractually bound to care for the company’s patients for another year — as though Obamacare not only re-configured the American health care system, it repealed the 13th Amendment at the same time.

In her letter dated Jan. 30, the long-time and vocal opponent of Obamacare wrote that the “law of the land” Obamacare is made up of “politically-expedient mandates, rewards, penalties, rules and regulations with which I cannot rationally or morally treat my patients and run a practice, much less interpret, implement or comply.”

In the letter, Held describes a strange form of care in which a doctor’s services are sold without the doctor’s knowledge or consent.

“So here we are,” Held wrote, “you are getting new business offering health insurance plans featuring my services without my consent under terms which are unacceptable to me …

“It saddens me to think of the decreased access to care from actual physicians and the shockingly increased costs Aetna patients will now experience because of your choice to collude with big government rather than collaborate with patients and physicians.”

The full text of the letter is available here.

Here’s Held’s original Twitter posting:

Now, with some compliments to, check out some of the reactions from fellow health professionals ….


And from the public ….  

And Aetna’s reaction? Held posted her letter again, with the information that Aetna had informed her she is “contractually bound” to serve its patients for another year.

Obamacare opponents, and Held’s supporters, don’t buy it.

And if a doctor can be forced against her will to treat patients under conditions she finds unacceptable, what quality of care is likely to result?

Of course, the Dems and their trial lawyer financiers will have their own answer to that: Doctors better do as they’re told, or else.

That’s Obamacare medicine taken to its logical, socialized extreme: making good on Obama’s promise that you can the health care you prefer – by making doctors provide it.

Joe Saunders

Joe Saunders, a 25-year newspaper veteran, is a staff writer and editor for BizPac Review who lives in Tallahassee and covers capital and Florida politics. Email Joe at


  • SusieQ

    So now you everyone is bound to this insane legislation written by those who will never have to use it themselves. We the taxpayers pay for their A-1 care. Now they dictate to doctors how they will administer care to the peons of the country. How anyone democrat, republican or what ever party affiliation could think this is good is beyond me.

    • jafl4me

      Couldn’t have said it ant better, this is ridiculousness written by a power hungry mad man!!

    • jafl4me

      Couldn’t have said it any better, sounds like it was written by a power hungry mad man!!

    • Art Collins

      It’s a SCAM… the “insurance” is not dependent on anyone being able to get or afford the “care”. Deductibles have gone up to the point where no one will be able to afford any emergency situation without forking over $1,000+ (I’ve seen up to $10,000 annual deductibles) and they will see fees for even the most routine of appointments until they meet their annual out of pocket costs. The insurance is priced higher, covers less and is nothing more than a Government regulated Ponzi Scheme to force middle class and above to pay for free healthcare for others. It’s ridiculous and needs to be REPEALED in it’s entirety.

      • enigmaticaluna

        No, they place those deductions, knowing that people will not be able to paid for it, they use the IRS as the one in control, because most Americans file taxes, the IRS have info of all your assets, what is not being tell, is that if you can’t paid their price, they will seize your property and what you own, that is the bottom line of BAMACARE, total control of everything, including your property… DO NOT SIGN IN BAMACARE…AND FIGHT WE MUST AND WE WILL.

    • RepublicAnne

      The only party participating in its design and implementation is the Democrat Party. How they can face voters and keep up the BS is a mystery to me…

      • adnawsr


      • auntielib

        Their voters are the 49% who don’t even pay federal income tax, which is why the Democrat Party keeps up their BS.
        And those 49% don’t even say thanks to the rest of us who are having our savings redistributed to those Democrat voters.

      • bendecido

        RepublicanAnne, another thing, how can those people keep voting for Demoncrats is beyond me. They must be blind to see what this bozo is doing to our once great nation. I won’t be surprised if someone comes back with: “I am a racist” because I am picking on the Dems. That’s the only line they can can come back with.

      • SusieQ

        I believe the worm will will be turning before long, The CBO put out a new report on this legislation today that is really not good at all. Watch the demos start running for the hills.

    • auntielib

      Uh, don’t look now SusieQ, but no Republicans were involved in passing the ACA.
      The Democrats own it.

      • atlas007

        Auntielib it is true that no Republican voted for Obamacare, but Republicans could have defunded the bill and didn’t as they gave a hard time to Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and other Conservatives who did all they could to defund it. Have to rid ourselves of Dems and Rinos.

        • auntielib

          But one doesn’t “get rid of Dems and Rinos” by voting for the candidate with the “D” next to his or her name, you see.
          See, here’s how it works: get active in your local GOP primary. Vote for the GOP candidate who most exhibits “Tea Party” characteristics. Then in the November midterms, vote for the GOP candidate, WHOEVER that candidate happens to be.

          We’ve already put a LOT of Tea Party-type politicians in the House, and we need to put more there. Following the simple process I just outlined above is how we do it. It’s hardly rocket science, except perhaps to stupid Libertarians, who often can’t tell their a@@ from their elbow during election time.

          • mogul264

            BUT, beware of candidates endorsed by the RNC and/or the GOP “leadership”! These are just recycled same old same old, the incumbents or the “old boy” network. All they REALLY intend is to maintain their power,and to HE|_|_ with everyone else. They they will retire and REALLY not care what happens to us.

            Please do NOT donate ANY money to the RNC! Instead, should you favor a candidate, donate to him/her DIRECTLY. The quicker we starve out the RNC and rid ourselves of the ancient, hide-bound, mossy-back “professional” politicians, the better we will ALL be! TEA Party!

      • SusieQ

        I realize that but every person regardless of party needs to say I don’t want this. Just going along because it’s law is not what keeps those out of bounds held responsible for what is done, they (Demos) need to pay for this travesty in Nov. You are right that party owns it lock, stock and barrel. This was done for political purposes. They do not care about healthcare.

    • Myrtle Linder

      Dumbing down the entire country, just another Iran and her laws, laws that those who make them do not have to follow. Think of the little babies being born into this, is heart breaking. I am so sick, because I am looking for my first great grand daughter. What on earth is she coming into. If JESUS does back as I believe HE will, we as Christians will have, “hell on earth” as we struggle to live by the Kenyan and his minions rules and as they live it up as the Kings and queens in their castles. I think only the very highest in their kingdom will get to enjoy the rest will …………. ? I just hope this will not be deleted.

  • Leave it to Glover

    It’s the Chicago Way, but it’s not the American way.
    Good for you.

    • Jeff Roland

      And look at Chicago, does anyone pay attention? Any major city in the US run by Democrats is in financial trouble, What else does the American public need.The Representatives that run this country are no different that the people that run these cities,,just better at lying and spending.

  • motownmutt

    “everyone is bound to this insane legislation written by those who will never have to use it themselves.” – right on, SusieQ.

    “The legislative power is always arbitrary, and not to be trusted in the hands of any who are not bound to obey the laws they make.” III:45:455.- Algernon Sidney

  • Thad Puckett

    That’s the scary thing about health insurance: it’s a contract, but one that leaves you the patient holding all the losing cards. Doesn’t matter if the government is involved or not, but it becomes far far worse when the government gets involved. Just ask a physician how much they “make” off of any medicare patient.

    • Irina Saveliev

      That’s right Thad. I used to work for one Family Practice. The Medicare reimbursement was almost close to $0.00. The government was always great at discovering and telling a doctor a reason why they won’t cover a procedure. In a lot of cases doctors had to write off the charges.

      • celticnanaof3

        When we turn 65, no matter what our income is, we must sign up for Medicare. I am embarrassed to present my Medicare card to a doctor’s office knowing how little the gov’t will pay for my care. But, lest people think we Medicare patients are a drag on taxpayers…we pay premiums for Medicare and, out of a $400 bill I received, Medicare had paid $15 of it. I paid the balance.

        • Irina Saveliev

          Totally agree. Feel bad that older folks have to feel this way because they don’t deserve this.

        • Doug

          I’ve been on Medicare for three years. Go to a GP, cardiologist, had one surgery. Carry AARP Supplemental. Have not paid one dime to a doctor in the three years.

          • celticnanaof3

            Doug, you are very lucky. Since I’m on my husand’s BC/BS policy through his employment that has a high deductible we rarely ever reach within the year, BC/BS pays very little. Medicare pays a very small amount. We pay premiums for his BC/BS and on my Medicare insurance and still have to pay the medical expenses we incur for an office visit and minor tests.

          • obamathemarxist

            Supplemental insurance is prohibitively expensive for a lot of us lower income retiree’s.

  • mark abrams

    “how are you patient . I am being forced against my will to treat you under threat of legal action by your insurance company . You are certainly welcome to continue our appointment but I feel I should inform you of the following. First you must pay for the entire appointment in advance since your new high Obamacare deductible will require you to do so eventually anyway. Secondly I am not feeling well myself and may well have some form of walking pneumonia and so for your protection we will conduct your examination through an intermediary, or perhaps from separate rooms over the phone. Lastly due to new Obamacare regulations you must fill out this 16 page questionnaire listing all your sexual partners and their, as well as your, sexual practices and preferences.

    • Art Collins

      Right on!

  • Andy Jorgensen

    Shut her practice down and re open it under a different name and different umbrella. They can not force her to work when she no longer practices!!!!!

    • Doug

      I’d like to see a full-length X-Ray of her. She looks pretty hot.

    • matism

      Don’t bet on that any more.

  • Brandon Johns

    Good for her.

  • Irina Saveliev

    I talked to many of my friends who were thinking of becoming doctors/nurses but now reconsidering their choices due to high risk and low reward. It takes a lot of studying, money, and effort to become a doctor/nurse and the last thing they want is to be controlled by the government. I understand.

  • JoeThePimpernel

    When Aetna/Ubama changed the terms of the contract, they broke the contract.

    End of story.

    • Art Collins

      Indeed they did and without a signature from the Doctor agreeing to the NEW TERMS, the contract is NULL and VOID effective immediately.

      • matism

        Not in what this country’s “Legal” system has become. As enforced by its “finest” “Law Enforcement” officers…

  • Josh

    The American Revolutionary War was fought over less oppression than we face today.

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