‘No man’s above the law’ video confronts Obama’s lawless abuse of power

An abuse of power committed by a lawless administration — this is the greatest danger facing the American people, according to TedCruz.org. If left unchecked, it would ultimately destroy our republic.

And while House Republicans and the American people continue to push back, the abuse of power only increases.

“I’ve got a pen, and I’ve got a phone,” the president announced recently. But the people have the Constitution.

Watch the video via TedCruz.org, then check out “Valerie Jarrett: You, the American people, ‘are hungry’ for Obama’s executive actions.”


  • Bob Gray

    to quote ” the shining ” i think he should be dealt with in the most severe manner ?

    • Bingo

      “Yawn” you right wingers need to win an election then talk.

      • Bob Gray

        how can we when dead people are voting , black panthers intimidating , people at the polls , the thug state we live in , needs to be dealt with

      • Abunchofbullshit

        So Bingo, are you saying that you approve of ONE person in our government being able to change laws??? Don’t tell me about how many executive orders others have done, we are talking about what the orders have actually were and have done. Can you share with us EO’s that Bush or Clinton have done that actually changed existing laws passed by Congress?? Of course you can’t. I may be a ‘right winger’, and you a ‘left winger’ but it is “our” country together and it is time to take what is happening a little more seriously than ‘party lines’ and do your homework on the ‘state of the union’, or it will soon be gone.

  • Paul Eno

    he needs a vacation ! lets send him to some where it hot ,, real hot ….for al of enternity sounds good to me

  • G21

    While liberty’s resulting prosperity has stoked the competitive fires of some, it has also freed charlatans and quacks to conjure up the anti-liberty superstitions of collectivism.

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