Valerie Jarrett: You, the American people, ‘are hungry’ for Obama’s executive actions

Did you know that, according to President Obama’s best friend and senior advisor Valerie Jarrett, you, the American people, are “hungry” for more executive action and executive orders from the president?

Jarrett appeared Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” to give a preview of Obama’s State of the Union address, touting how the president is “prepared to take action on his own,” without Congress, to push through his agenda, and that we will be enthusiastic after hearing his “very optimistic speech” Tuesday evening.

Because you, the American people, are “hungry” for that “action:”

Jarrett rambled:

People around our country are hungry for action, and what you’ll hear from the president tonight is going to be all about action — creating opportunity — and it’s going to be a very optimistic speech.

We will continue to call on Congress – both sides of the aisle – to come up with new and fresh ideas for how we can grow our economy…but we aren’t going to stop at that.

We’re going to do what we can, within the president’s own executive power, and working throughout the country with those who want to move our country forward. And there is a lot of potential there. And I think the optimism that the president has comes from that grit and determination of the American people, of our businesses, many of who are bringing jobs back to America, so we have some momentum going, and we just need to call on everybody to work together, and that’s what the president will do this evening.

Watch the segment here via MSNBC: 

Janeen Capizola

"And though she be but little, she is fierce." And fun! This conservative-minded political junkie, mom of three, dancer and one-time NFL cheerleader holds a bachelor of arts degree in political science. Twitter: @JaneenBPR


  • SusieQ

    I am starting to believe the movie ” Invasion of the Body Snatchers” is real. Geez….

    • Glatik

      SusieQ, great posting. I would like to borrow this from you.

      • SusieQ

        Go for it!

    • VNON

      That’s why presidents have SECRET SERVICE PROTECTION. So people can’t get close enough to see the back of their necks.

    • Johnny

      SusieQ…You are right and it’s getting very scary.

  • Greg

    I’m hungry all right, hungry for you and the rest of your ‘posse’ to get up and out of the WH!

    • Mamzer_FEMA_REGION_IV

      Hungry for the jobs the Demonrats took from American citizens and gave to foreign nationals and illegals. They claim we are not willing to do those jobs….which is B…S..

      • CARY

        Exactly and well said.

    • Art Hock

      Greg. Jarrett is an evil bit## and is totally delusional. She should return to her home in Iran and take O back to Kenya.

    • Doug

      Made me hungry for a fried egg sandwich.

      • heroay

        Doung?? How about TWO eggs and a hot dougie doung? Now, just open your big useless mouth….

        • Doug

          Missed you. You can always be counted on to take the discussion to the lowest strand.

          • heroay

            Doung?? The lowliest of the lowest is the dougie’s doung at the bottom of the latrine. THAT’s where WE find YA. Doung?

          • CARY

            Jsrrett’s an Iranian plant, everyone knows it. She runs our country. I Obamam does not have the brains to run a lemonade stand.

          • heroay

            You are sick. She was chosen to stir DUMB sheeple against Iran. CHEAP stunt. israHell is number one enemy of the U.S. and its People. And Obongo is marionette supreme of the RAT-a-childs at The City, in London. Your paymasters?

      • Aaron Barnes

        sorry that not healthy for u cant eat that here is some carrots

  • NormaJane

    Lady, you and Micah are living in a dream world. The best thing Obama and the rest of his posse can do for the American people, is to get out of Washington and allow this country to get back up on its feet.

    • Tristan Chris Heiss

      just look at the likes on the conservative side of this post compared to the delusional idiots, once they actually matched.. now I see almost zero delusional idiots. Thats a good sign. I believe its time for a coup and a tribunal and to punish these traitors or espionage agents who are illegally in power. its time to remove these people with extreme prejudice for their lies deceit and that includes these non-media puppets who have destroy the freedom of coherent speech in our country. we see the people rising up around the world,Egypt, Venezuela Taiwan,the Ukraine, against their tyrant leaders. We used to be the leaders in freedom, now we need to follow the examples of third world nations? screw that crap, we need to act NOW!

  • Loweezy Smith

    We’re hungry for you all to vacate the White House – the sooner the better.

    • antiliberalcryptonite

      Agreed. However, they will not go willingly, even when his ‘term’ of destruction is up, it will take a forced eviction. Most likely when they push too far before then and start a revolution. They will find this puppet-master swinging musolini-style from a tree on the White House lawn. Better get back to Iran, Valerie, while the gettin’s still good.

      • pen44

        antiliberalcriptonite, I’ve been thinking along those lines also…he’s setting up for a takeover. And, with his “pen & phone”, and some executive orders, he could very well do it. He’s armed the IRS, Homeland Security…Holder’s Justice Dept will do his bidding. In a matter of 2 more years, we will become what Russia & Eastern Europe just threw off….a Communist dictatorship. The Liberal Loonatics NEVER learn, just the SS/DD. Equal misery & persecution. How the bloody hell did we get to this point in just 6 years?!?!?

        • MissDiane47

          This took a whole lot longer than 6 yrs to get to this point. Progressives were hiding in the shadows long before we were born. During the days of Joseph McCarthy, they were known as Communist sympathizers – which he knew were infiltrating our government; we all know how that turned out, don’t we!?

          It has only been in the past decade or two that they have been more “transparent” about their agenda.

          • pen44

            Very true, MissDiane, and they have planted themselves in our schools, and taught PCism to poison impressionable young minds. They’ve been “progressing” for some time, destroying families, numbing women to the mental, psychological & spiritual erosion of abortion, creating the inner city plantations that have robbed children of their futures, carefully stealing & misusing our funds, taxes, and abusing our military.

            But, what boggles my mind is that this man came out of nowhere, was a 1st term Senator, was a paper pusher in everything he’s ever done..including “community organizing”, has locked up everything about his early life, but the Liberal Loonatics lost their collective minds over him

          • MissDiane47

            “Came out of nowhere” is exactly right from the point of view that not everybody saw this coming.

            However, it is no coincidence that the truth of his background have been deemed “irrelevant.” There are unnamed sources behind the scenes who know exactly what is going on, and they have been slowly & methodically releasing information. Check out Hagmann & Hagmann for more very interesting details:


          • MissDiane47

            Tell me about it, penn44 …

            Check out Hagmann & Hagmann for some interesting info from unnamed sources at DHS. It will blow your mind.


          • heroay

            Missy, sorry, but if you recall, hagmann and hagman (if the same trolls), father and son, are zionist disinfo leftards, just like imitated Alexstein Jonestein… Catch the clue? That’s actually very old and debunked junk from these two… er, three.

          • heroay

            Why don’t you ask ALL the dual-passport, dual-citizenship, dual-loyalty, israHell-first Zionist subversives in the DC Latrine, and Soros, and their daddies of them all, the RAT-a-childs at The City in London, WHY Obongo the illegal alien from Kenya happens to be the Resident at the Tarnished House? But i though you and everybody already knew WHY, HOW, and FOR WHOM.

          • Cdreeder

            I believe it was his first act of president, January 9th(?)2008, the first Executive Order: To SEAL his records. And from when I first read this was when I became a “TRUTHER”,

          • heroay

            OK, Mr. Truther, speaking of, you NEED to be aware of this stuff for YOUR protection and YOUR family and friends…

            The criminal bolsheviks were caught trying to murder 10%+ of the US population in winter of 2009, by means of the ‘Swine Flu-my-foot’ ‘vaccine-my-foot’, the 4 in 1 WMD which patent of the VIRUS (!), NOT the vaccine, belongs to Novartis (criminal pharma). But one obscure heroine from Austria, Jane Burguermeister, denounced them all on the Internet: The UN’s WHO, the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Novartis, Baxter, Glaxo-Smith-Kline, Obongo, and others, and stopped them. Hope she is still alive.

            Now, on account of the Swine Flu, some site in LA (already hijacked) published the remedy or prevention for the Black Plague of the Middle Ages, which ‘our’ dear friends were disseminating back then by dumping infected rats in streams and water wells (history). Five thieves were caught in France, and made to spill their ‘secret’, why they were thieving dying, dead infected persons, and not dying themselves. “Thieves Oil”.

            5 Essential Oils plus a base (Almond Oil), rubbed on arms, legs, abdomen, feet, forehead, and those oils will stop replication of the RNA of the MULTIPLE virus concoction (by Novartis, he-he), but containing also a retrieved Black Plague virus (also called ‘Spanish Flu-my-foot’) found on a human carcass in Alaska ice, about 2005 or so.

            Search the net for ‘Thieves Oil’. If not satisfied, or can’t get the formula to make it, drop a line. Also, check for “MMS”, Jim Humble’s ‘Miracle Mineral Supplement’. Kit sells for $14 in Texas. Prepare yourself, and DO NOT VACCINATE, unless you don’t have a gun in your hand to defend yourself. Really.

          • SusieQ

            I am a firm believer he was groomed for this, by who I don’t know but have my suspictions. The unusual family background, the secrets, the people surrounding him (Jarrett etc.)

          • heroay

            Obongo, the Manchurian Candidate (as there must be MANY more like him). His mother (allegedly still alive and in hiding in NY, working for Ford Foundation – with ashkenazi owners today), an ashkenazi woman, not white; CIA agent, same as O’barry, and ‘poppa’ Soetoro. His real father, Frank Marshall Davis, pervert, knocked Annie when she was 17, then she bore Obbie at 18, but in Kenya (a flop by Destiny), but ALL, a CIA, Zionist concoction, to install a NON natural born, and destroy one more protection by the Constitution. As for “jarret”, “muslims”, “Iran”, and any “nazi” connotation, is PURE Vanilla Bull to distract away from the Zionist Occupation Government at DC.

          • heroay

            Obongo’s ‘hidden’ past is all over the Net. It just needs his footprint to make it ‘legal’. Subversive for ZION, CIA asset, as his mother, installed by dual-passport dual-loyalty israHell-first bolshevik ashkenazis in the US, with rigged voting machines. History already.

          • heroay

            It took, historically, not subversively, since 1913, when traitor ashkenazi mole Woody Wilson allowed the Rapine FED and Rapine Income Tax on Labor. The rest is a chain of subversion, treachery, lies, and distracting wars, to reach to ‘this’ point.

            HOWEVER, never at any time, anywhere in the world, would the angry and knowledgeable citizenry ever got to hold in their hands 326 Million guns, by 146 Million VERY pixxed Americans. Either by the Law or by the Bullet, but these rapine animals will stop their rapine and usurpation of the Republic. So Be IT!

          • MissDiane47

            heroay, do you even hear what you’re saying?? I’ve also known that Woodrow Wilson was in on this scheme long before you were born, sonny-boy! And as for Hagmann & Hagmann, back off of them you numbskull – you don’t know what you’re talking about! Buzz off!!

          • heroay

            SORRY, sweet missy, BUT, YES, these two disinfo CLOWNS have been busted for a good while already, unless there is another ‘pair’ like these two very UGLY monkees.

            JUST think, sweet INNOCENT child, HOW could any DHS agent expose the scum inside without getting shot immediately?? With all the spying around, who would stand a chance? ONLY paid trolls to disinform AND SCARE the Sheeple. You sheeple? NOT me! Disinfo pair of ashkenazi moles like Alexstein Jonestein.

          • MissDiane47

            You speak like someone who loves the idea of a dictatorship in the making. That is why you rant and rave, name-calling on those who dare to speak the truth. For your information, there are others on the airwaves whom I listen to. They also have DHS insider information. These whistleblowers put their “lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor” on the line to expose the truth of what is really going on!

            Am I afraid?? You’re darn right, I am afraid – for my country and for my child’s future! But I don’t live my life in fear, because I know that no man on earth has ultimate control over my eternal soul. If I live thru this, fine … if not, at least I can pass away knowing that I did my best for my family.

            I have nothing but pity for you – the fool!

          • heroay

            Miss Drool, you can BELIEVE anything the ashkenazi subversives bark. The First Amendment protects you. But so does to every patriotic American who KNOWS the truth of the devious scaremongers online.

            If there were ‘those’ in these COMPARTMENTALIZED Letter Soup Agencies, they would know SQUAT from the next department. It’s HISTORY. Keep eating GMO noodles. Just don’t pretend every one of us does.

          • Cdreeder

            You are not understanding Heroay if you believe that! Just read again and you will see how really cleaver he writes. If the truth offends, then just move on.

          • heroay

            Actually, many of the these ‘funny’ posters do KNOW the story, but want to disinform the newbies, the gullible, and the sheeple. Paid trolls. You find them all over the net.

          • Tristan Chris Heiss

            we shouldf have never stopped the McCarthy trails anymore than the catholic church should have stopped the Crusades. Valirie Jackass the voice behind the telepromter is proof of both .she is a communist islamist, and just why in the F’ is the daughter of an Iranian finance minister even in the white house?

          • MissDiane47

            Tristan … you tell it like it is! She is definitely a Communist.

            Unfortunately for McCarthy, this was done all by design when the Communist party disguised its official format, infiltrated the government and totally destroyed his reputation in the Senate by calling his hearings a “witch-hunt.”

        • CARY

          The uninformed voters, plus voter fraud, that is how. He sold all the less thinkers in the country on his crap.

          • heroay

            NOT really. DieBold rigged machines, ultimately owned by the RAT-a-childs in London, Mossad tallying the ‘votes’ from one candidate to the other, plus the ZIONIST Mess Media, that’s WHO got this animal in the DC Latrine.

        • heroay

          “2 more years…we will become” sounds like a lot of people, but does not include ME, nor all the people that i know. Amongst, 146 Million armed Americans. The ashkenazi bolsheviks fought peasants with pitch forks; they will, instead, be massacred here in the US if they dare try their Russian Christian genocide on our land. Come and GET IT, monkees!

  • Arden Hale

    We’re not hungry for a dictatorship.

    • Poodleguy

      I believe we are witnessing & experiencing the formation of a dictatorship at this very moment!!! Study the rise of Hitler’s reign & compare it with the methods being used by the obamaliar & his henchmen…………

      • Rosemary Ross

        why do you think chavez gave our president a copy of his book , because it is a playbook of dictatorship.

    • D Scott Horton

      I didn’t vote for him and I don’t believe the things he says. Having said that, where are the death camps? Where are the Storm Troopers? The Obama Youth? It is very different than Nazi Germany. You better hope it doesn’t become like the Soviet Union under Stalin.

      • Arden Hale

        This isn’t Germany or The Soviet Union. Attempting to establish death camps would mean a civil war. The storm troopers? You mean like the EPA, FBI and IRS engaging in highly questionable of not illegal activities. Or the ATF, have you forgotten what they did to the Branch Davidians? And can anyone give a real reason why they tried to storm the complex in the first place? The young democrats would certainly fit the description of the Obama youth. You do however need to google internment camps in Missouri.

        • D Scott Horton

          I guess my point is that a lot of people on here sound like paranoid third graders with their imaginations working overtime.

          • Arden Hale

            Well that would be true if there weren’t actual incidents of liberal presidents using federal agencies in ways that are abusive or illegal. You do understand how violent liberal democrats are? Surely you don’t believe all the murders in Chicago are being committed by republicans?

          • D Scott Horton

            I don’t believe gangs in Chicago are killing each other over any political affiliation. For the record, I am a conservative, but many of the people commenting on the anti-Obama side sound like dunces and they diminish the credibility of intelligent conservatives.

          • Arden Hale

            lol. If you mean they aren’t killing each other because they are democrats then no. They are however a large group of liberals who undoubtedly voted for Obama with a blatant disregard for human life and a thirst for violence. Not everyone is good at articulating themselves. However many of them are speaking of actual instances of government abuse. That doesn’t make their opinion less valid somehow. And tyranny often thrives on the fact citizens don’t take it seriously until its firmly in place.

          • D Scott Horton

            I myself, take it very seriously but find it difficult to trust any politician regardless of party affiliation.

          • Arden Hale

            We do have the problem of not having a leader.

          • D Scott Horton

            The Democrat congressman in my district is retiring, so there is hope. The Republicans need to focus on the midterm elections and wait for the current suit to leave the presidency.

  • Brandon Johns

    We didn’t elect a king, Valerie. Stop telling us what we want.

    • Myrtle Linder

      HE and his kind, as in Valerie, think he is KING but more like dictator, wonderful dictator material. wanting to be “world wide dictator,” or “president of the One World Union!” Watch him as time goes on!!!!!

  • Al1337

    And we’re going to continue to give you want we know you want, even if you don’t vote for it…

  • Richard Lawler

    Why would the American public want to give that power to someone who can’t even tell the truth.

    • Kirk Billingsley

      Well, America did!

  • joe cartwright

    Let’s see, Obama has had 5 years to do something but what has he done?? NOTHING but to created a fiasco called Obamacare. He created Obamacare for the 30 or 40 million uninsured American’s. So why has only 3 million sign up so far??

    • Jacqueline Gilmore Estrella

      You forgot, he made a lot of people in Washington D.C. Wall Street, and overseas, millionaires. Shep Smith reported today that the press were served $40 dollar a bottle wine for a lunch meeting, along with gourmet food. Look at your dinner tonight and remind yourself that YOU are also footing the bill for a bunch of “swells” in Washington, to live the high life.

      • Julia Brown

        and still blames someone else, instead of accepting responsibility…

    • Bill

      He spent 4 of those 5 years blaming everything on President Bush!

      • Julia Brown

        and still blames someone else instead of taking responsibility for his own actions, or lack of action.

      • Julia Brown

        and still blames anyone else, rather than taking responsibility for his own actions…

      • curmudgeon

        When did he quit?

        I know he has taken to blaming the Republicans in Congress,Fox News and Rush Limbaugh for his failure rather than his own ineptness.


        • pen44

          And, Valerie Jarrett’s head also!!

  • Eric

    This biotch needs to shut her azz and shut it NOW. Contrary to what she thinks, Barack Obama is NOT god.

    • Steve Dillamore

      She’s an Iranian born communist who is our Pos POTUS’s senior advisor. Need anymore proof who is pulling Obama’s marionette strings?

      • heroay

        ‘proof’? Valerian is a distraction, like the Moose-limb Bros are. IT’s the Zionist ashkenazis, Steve! The dual-passport, dual-citizenship, israHell-first subversives in the DC Latrine. Related to… Soros, Netan-Yahoo!, and the RAT-a-childs at The City. THOSE are the wans pulling the Marionette’s strings. BTW, Iranians are NOT commies, but ashkenazis INVENTED it.

        • D Scott Horton

          The Israelis are the only ally we have in the middle east. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. If you are anti Israel you are pro Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Egypt, Syria and Libya too.

          • heroay

            You are nauseating: “ally”? israHell did 9-11; assassinated JFK over Dimona, the FED, and Vietnam; tried WW3 by attacking the USS Liberty; did the USS Cole; Beirut Barracks; is behind every terrorist attack in the world; steals Billions of tax-robbed dollars every year from Americans; has one million Sayanim in the U.S. according to tel aviv. The kizzer of my enemy is my enemy. Traitor, or subversive for Zion. Pick your diaper.

          • Cdreeder

            Yes it was the Israel jets that shot up the Liberty! I did read that! “stay close to friends, and be closer to the enemy!”

          • heroay

            Yup. Also read “Final Judgment” – Piper; “Real Case Against Jews” – Ravage, Century Magazine, 1928; “The Hidden Hand” – Spiridovich; “Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution” – Sutton; “Who Brought the Slaves to America”; “Zionists, Communists, Enemies of Humanity”; “Kill the Best Gentiles”; “Jewish Ritual Murder”; “Blood Passover”; “The Plot to Seize the White House” – Butler, 1933; Proof of Conspiracy Against Religions and Governments of Europe” – 1798… Enough?

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