Sean Hannity says he may move to Florida; Cuomo can keep liberal NY


Photo credit: Breitbart News

Conservative talk show host and long time New Yorker Sean Hannity has had it with the Empire State, and he told his listeners Monday that he’s getting ready to trade his galoshes in for flip-flops. That’s right, he set his eyes on Florida.

The tipping point came for him Friday when Gov. Andrew Cuomo told listeners on an Albany radio station that if you’re a conservative, New York isn’t the place for you.

“Right-to-life, pro-assault weapons, anti-gay — if that’s who they are, they have no place in the state of New York because that’s not who New Yorkers are,” Cuomo said.

“Now I want to tell you something – I was born and raised in New York. I want you to know that and I can’t wait to get out of here — I really can’t,” Hannity said before getting to specifics. I don’t want to pay their 10-percent state tax anymore. I live in the second-highest property taxed county in the entire country in Nassau County. I can’t wait to sell my house to somebody who wants it.”

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But where would he go? Here was his answer.

“I can’t wait to pay no state income tax down in Florida or Texas. I haven’t decided yet, but I’m leaning Florida because I like the water and I like to fish.”

He followed up with this personal message to Cuomo:

“Gov. Cuomo, I’m going to leave and I’m taking all of my money with me – every single solitary penny,” he said. “And by the way governor, because I work here – there’s a whole bunch of people that work for me and benefit because I do two shows. And I guess maybe some of them will be out of work, governor. I’m sure you’ll take care of them.”

Hannity reiterated his intention to move out of New York on his Fox News TV show Monday night — and he was still talking Florida sunshine.

Listen to Hannity’s message here. H/T Breitbart News.

Gov. Cuomo to conservatives: Get out of New York !


  • Kim Pickelheimer

    I am wondering. What took you so long to decide this? I would love to move to Florida as well. But, the bf doesn’t like the heat down there even though that weather is easier on my migraines.

    • John S

      Dump the bf, the weather is worth it.

      • Kim Pickelheimer

        lol, I hear ya John.

      • Doug

        Florida is paradise. I’ve been here 25 years.

        • MisterAK47

          Paradise ??? This Florida Native LEFT Florida after Beaches frequently CLOSED due to Fecal Contamination SO BAD – the County Health Dept.s ISSUE WARNINGS to STAY Out of the Cesspool Water & NOW Deadly Viruses that’ll KILL YOU in 48 hours = No Thank You !!!

          • Doug


          • MisterAK47

            So DYING in 48 hours from the vibrio vulnificus VIRUS off Florida’s shores = Paradise, Doug ???

          • Miami Girl

            You must have been in the wrong end of FL. North FL beaches rule.

          • MisterAK47

            Palm Coast, Florida – MAN DIES in 48 hours after EXPOSURE to Florida’s DEADLY vibrio vulnificus virus !!! zzz

          • PTripp

            That was a local problem. It’s not the whole state. I lived in Hollywood, between FtL. & Miami for 28 years, until 5 years ago, and the only time any beaches were closed was due to hurricanes. People were still out surfing though….

          • MisterAK47

            WRONG, the WARM WATER Virus has KILLED 10 people ALL OVER Florida & to men in Alabama were hospitalized with it & one DIED !!!–

          • MisterAK47

            Also PTripp, I was BORN in Florida in 1955 & SWAM in the beaches ALL OVER Florida until I left there in 2008 – with the Broward, Dade & Palm Beach Health Dept.’s frequently having to CLOSE the beaches DUE to FECAL Contamination = TIME for me to LEAVE !

    • John A.

      Try north Florida then. I am in central on the gulf and we have had 30s in the morning and 60-70’s during the day.

      • Lynn

        Me too! N. Florida is the best! The Gulf of Mexico is soooo close and rivers & natural springs are abundant!

        • Zoltanne

          (So are the hurricanes…)

          • psychosally

            I believe the last hurricane hit your area in New York,lol

          • Zoltanne

            A psycho should never try to guess a poster’s state. Wanna go for 3-strikes-you’re-out?

          • psychosally

            then why are you so worried about hurricanes-yeah Im going for strike 4 zzz

          • Zoltanne

            Where do my words even come close to sounding as though I am “worried”? I was commenting to Lynn about Floridian weather and the frequency of hurricanes. Your comments are beyond lacking. Take your meds, psycho.

          • linreis

            why did you have a bring your crap to this post? you immediately rant your pessimism and then you get your panties in a wad and start your insults . people were simply making comments about FL, which, It seems, they enjoy and you turn it into a battle …go away.

          • Zoltanne

            Rant on, libtard.

          • PTripp

            No hurricanes this year, and it was predicted to be ‘extremely active’. None hit the US at all. Only one formed, and there were only a few tropical storms big enough to be named.

          • Kim Pickelheimer

            Yeah, it was called Cuomo.

          • SusieQ

            It’s workable!

          • Zoltanne

            Let’s see….Prog politicians vs hurricanes….Yup….it’s workable.

          • Doug

            None this year.

          • PTripp

            S. FL has the strictest building codes in the country, since Andrew hit. They know how to prepare for them. When I lived there (28 years) Katrina hit us as a Cat 3-4 before going over the Gulf to hit New Orleans where they still insist on building below sea level…. We survived Katrina just fine. In the 2 days before it hit N.O. you didn’t see us in the news, just another hurricane.

            We were hit by Wilma a few weeks later and living 1 block from Dixie Highway and 1 block from Pembroke Rd. I had no power for over 13 days. My neighbors and I cleared the streets with our chain saws before the city came by to survey damage. We had neighborhood cookouts every night.

            With hurricanes you have days to prepare.

        • Boobie_The_Rocket_Dog

          Don’t be telling the whole world! The rest of New York City will move down here and file for welfare.

          • Doug

            Collateral damage.

      • 19greg45

        I’ve knocked around Florida quite a bit over the years, and still have snowbird relatives that have a place near Orlando. If somebody held a gun on me and told me I had to move to Florida, but I got to pick where, I’d pick the northern panhandle. Great beaches, great rivers, great fishing, and it’s just an extension of south Georgia and south Alabama, Good Ol’ Boy country, IOW.

        • PTripp

          I’m in NC now but lived in S.FL 28 years. If I move back it’ll be the panhandle. Central FL is nice too, if you stay away from the Orlando area. I’m done with cities!

      • pat ange

        Great guy. wish him the best. North Fl. absolutely best.

      • Kim Pickelheimer

        The Bf’s mom lived in Naples and we would go down numberous times a year for visits. I loved every minute of it. No matter how hot it got, I would get up 7:00 a.m. and be out on the lani all day.

  • Mamatex

    Gun control advocate gov. Coulomb just shot himself in the foot! Tourism board can’t be too pleased with him either.

  • twmon9816

    The gov is an idiot. Great einstein, run conservatives off and all you will have left is libs mooching off the system. Great game plan moron!

    • linreis

      maybe he liked how Detroit has turned out and decided to model NY after it. First, he has to get rid of all those tax payers…

      • SusieQ

        You seriously need to listen to his comments again, I swear the tone sounds like someone deranged, it’s spooky. His ideology is so out there it’s hard to believe.

      • Javelina Ben

        Don’t limit yourselves to occupy Wall ST. Occupy the whole city. See how that works out.

  • texasranger

    Maybe someone should point out to the pointy headed Gov that many of us in the flyover parts of the US think he and his liberal state don’t belong in our country. I have a house and 30 acres just waiting for Sean in Texas. (Not a big city but also not big taxes, big traffic, big mouths. Also, no Cuomo, de Blasio, nor Weiner.

  • Merry Morris

    Paleeeeeeeeeeeeze NOT

  • Trav Magee

    Sean, perhaps you should stay in that over taxed cesspool. We need someone up there to stand their ground.

  • Nikki Oldaker

    Good – we need more Conservatives! :)

  • hankfromthebank

    c’mon down..we always have room for one per centers my neighbor..

  • Jay Hanig

    I am no fan of Cuomo but his complaints that his comments were taken out of context are valid. His reference was to candidates; not citizens as the coverage leads you to believe. I heard the entire statement and the meaning is very different than that presented in the conservative press the last couple of days.

    All that does is verify for liberals that Fox News is biased. It reduces their credibility and I think it’s a huge mistake. I’m used to the liberals getting things wrong but you would have thought that we could do better ourselves.

    When I’m arguing gun rights, I use FBI numbers; not NRA numbers because I assume a liberal will just ignore the NRA numbers as manufactured, just as I do when somebody quotes the Huffington Post or the Brady campaign. It’s harder to ignore when the numbers come from the FBI. The one thing I do is make very sure I don’t misquote or make statements I can’t back up. Get caught in one misrepresentation and any later message is just thrown in the trash. Fox ought to know that.

    • Boots

      I disagree with the taken out of context thing. What is your interpretation of the entire statement? I saw the whole thing and he is pretty specific about pro-life, pro second amendment, pro-marriage not being welcome in New York. You can parse it any way you want but he was pretty clear. If you look at his “moderate” Republican statement he is clear that as long as he gets his way you’re welcome in his state. We left California because of taxes and the business climate and New York wasn’t on our list of where to move a business.

    • Rabelrouser

      “From the heart, the mouth speaks”
      “Out of context” which is speak for backtracking.
      Blame Fox News = deflect the story
      Change subject in middle of story = no valid argument here.
      Even if it was about “candidates” that would mean that the comment was intent on the same meaning. “we just want those tolerant, intollerant liberals here.
      Well, I guess that why I see numerious commericals for the Tax Free Business zones in NY, they need the businesses because they are running out the people who are tired of their liberal /socialist/ anti capitalist ideaology.
      They realize without those businesses they can not afford to keep giving away to those who are their base, the takers.

    • psychosally

      who is he to tell new yorkers who to vote for-without conservatives new york will be a welfare state in a decade

    • Darlene King

      The FBI works for whom? The NRA doesn’t.
      Which government agency can you believe to tell the truth?

      • Jay Hanig

        I am heavily involved in gun rights and argue them on a daily basis. When Piers Morgan and others of his ilk refer to 250 shootings of Americans a day, I refer to table 20 of the FBI’s “Crime in the United States – 2012″ to show that Alabama had one gun homicide the entire year. Piers had to include every accidental shooting and even suicides to come up with his number. I just had to refer to table 20. Would you assume the FBI is biased in favor of guns?

        If I’d gotten the same figure from the NRA’s website, people would have assumed it was just made up. It’s tougher to blow off the FBI so easily. That’s my point.

        If you want to make claims, you have to make sure they’re ultra accurate… not twisted and massaged to fit your agenda. That’s what the left does every day and all it says to me is they have no argument and they know they can’t win any other way. We can do better than that.

        Oh, and table 20: You’ll find Alabama’s gun murder total right at the top of the table.

      • JHorvathJr

        Poor Cuomo, his words were taken out of context. That is a underhanded way of saying “he said it; what does it matter”. He can be a running mate for the Chicagoan from Arkansas, Hilarity Clinton (D-NY),

    • SusieQ

      Didn’t sound like that to me, watched the whole thing several times. Every time a liberal gets caught with their foot in their big mouth they cry “foul I didn’t mean it that way”. Well, they should follow Obama’s lead as he says over and over,”let me make myself clear” that’s a laugh too. No liberal in Gov. is ever clear, just lies and backtracking.

    • Eric Goodman

      If Cuomo was referring to just candidates (and I will grant you that for the sake of my point), then he is still referring to the people. Citizens (hopefully JUST citizens) vote for representation so their voices can be heard in government, and trust their elected officials to do what the people want, right? So conservative candidates are speaking for conservatives, and therefore Cuomo was talking about them. If my logic is flawed, then the elected liberals are not representing their liberal constituents (as they say they do) and selling out their own, so when they say they represent the people, they are liars.

      • Jay Hanig

        The audio clips that I keep on hearing all start at “Who are they?”. They very carefully leave out the previous sentences which change the meaning somewhat to support what I said in my original post.

        “… You’re seeing that play out in New York. … The Republican Party
        candidates are running against the SAFE Act — it was voted for by
        moderate Republicans who run the Senate! Their problem is not me and the
        Democrats; their problem is themselves. Who are they? Are they these
        extreme conservatives who are right-to-life, pro-assault-weapon,
        anti-gay? Is that who they are? Because if that’s who they are and
        they’re the extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of
        New York, because that’s not who New Yorkers are.” – Andrew Cuomo

        You can listen for yourself to the original interview in its entirety to verify the accuracy of the transcript offered by here. If you’d prefer to cut to the chase, the pertinent part starts at about the 9:00 mark.

        • Eric Goodman

          Again, I am not disputing that Gov. Cuomo was referring to political candidates and elected officials. You have avoided my point about representation of the constituents.

          • Jay Hanig

            I have no doubt in my mind that Cuomo would love to see every conservative in NY leave. He ignores his constituency outside NYC as an inconvenience.

            That being said, I still feel like his words were taken out of context, even if his feelings were exactly as accused, and I don’t think it improves our credibility when we do such things.

            NY celebrates diversity in all things, with the exception of thought.

          • Eric Goodman

            Jay, again you avoid my point. How many times do I have to say I agree Cuomo’s comments were taken out of context? You second response shows you are hanging on to a single flaw with this story, but either unable or unwilling to move beyond a simple talking point that I’ve heard numerous times. I’m trying to remain impartial and just pose a legitimate question, but if you don’t want to address it, please save us both the time and don’t bother with a response. You either agree or disagree with me, and I would like to know why, that’s all.

          • Jay Hanig

            I agree up to a point. Certainly the liberal politicians represent their liberal constituency, as do the conservative politicians (if there are any in NY) but to say they represent “the people” isn’t accurate. They are supposed to represent all of their constituents, which means they need to give here to get there. Neither side gets all they want. What I see in NY is only one side gets what they want…and so the interests of the other group are not being represented. “The people” aren’t all liberals, though NY acts as if they were. There is a large number of folks in upstate who are being ignored.

          • Eric Goodman

            Thank you for your clarification.

    • linreis

      I think you are stretching the issues here to try to soften the meaning of Cuomo’s entire agenda…what difference if the intent was for candidates or citizens…candidates are citizens, and the ones voting for the candidates are citizens…Fox news presents when no other news media even bothers to report…

      • Jay Hanig

        I’m not trying to soften anything. I despise the man’s politics. I’m just saying that the media (and us) ought to avoid grabbing the things that are easiest to refute and remember the bigger picture. I am well aware of Fox News covering what MSM ignores… I have it on pretty much all day long… and I think they water down their message when they play such games. They don’t need to do it with “gotcha” sound bites. The left has more basic defects that we should remain focused upon, rather than just the low hanging fruit.

        Gotcha sound bites? That’s what I expect from MSNBC. When they pull that crap, does it ever change your mind? When we pull that crap, do we change anybody else’s minds? I think not…we should be better than they are.

    • Claire Garcia

      Candidates, huh? So what did he mean when he said “That’s not who New Yorkers are?” (Meaning people with conservative beliefs.)

    • Claire Garcia

      You’re kidding about the veracity of the FBI, right? Is this the same FBI that said their investigation found that the IRS did nothing wrong in withholding 501(c)4 status for the tea party applicants?

  • Richard F

    Hannity is not welcome in Florida either. In case he’s not aware, Florida voted Democratic twice in the last two presidential elections.

    Plus Rick Scott can see the boot coming down on him as the election nears. Scott has one of the lowest ratings amongst governors on a national scale.

    • psychosally

      hes more than welcome in texas

      • Doug

        Too far from NY.

    • cmjay

      Scott , has lowered unemployment in FL. – lower than National average – with less regulations and no State tax Democ rats won due to ILLEGALS voting and Voter fraud.

      • JHorvathJr

        I recall th 2008 complaint from libs that blacks weren’t allowed to vote. When Obm’s people investigated, they found that HISPANICS were not allowed to vote in “black” voting booth precincts! Especially Cuban Americans who fled Fidel’s paradise.

      • Doug

        Talk to Herman. He;s going to clean up all that.

    • Eric Goodman

      Florida and New York both suffer from the curse of the big city. In NY, once you get north of the city and Long Island, there is much more support for republican ideals than democrat. In Florida, once you get north of Palm Beach County, Scott is much more popular. Of course there are pockets within each area that disagree, but what has happened is the large cities (which almost always lean left when voting) are calling the shots for the state and the country.

      • JHorvathJr

        Yes, it’s why Des and Liberals want to end the electoral college in favr of “popular vote” It’s so Dems will never need to campain outside the big cities where it is easier to set up fraudulent elections. In Bosnia, only sseven cities were Muslim with amost all the countryside Christian.; theMuslems called Bosnia aN Islamic republic based on those city populations. After that, you know what happened.

        • Eric Goodman

          Thank you. I find it interesting that Democrats will always point to who wins the popular vote on any issue, unless it doesn’t suit them. Perfect example: their mantra about health care is since Obama was reelected by receiving more popular votes than Romney, then the country must support Obamacare. But conveniently, when the residents of California (I purposely do not say citizens, because we all know there are those who vote who are not citizens) vote against gay marriage, then suddenly it’s ok for the courts to overrule the popular vote.
          Keep in mind the name of the two parties. Democrat from democracy, Republican from republic. We are not a democracy, we are a republic, which is a system created to prevent the majority from repeatedly imposing its will on the minority.
          *note to Elise and her minions-I do not personally oppose gay marriage, so please save your time by going to the bigot card.

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