Barbara Bush reveals close friendship: ‘I love Bill Clinton’

barbara bushSarah Palin is known to say that America is governed by a “permanent political class,” and recent comments by former first lady Barbara Bush about how she views former President Bill Clinton lends credence to that point of view.

Before Bush’s recent health issues, she sat down for an interview with C-SPAN, part of a series of profiles on America’s first ladies, Investor’s Business Daily reported.

In a candid conversation, Mrs. Bush reveals the bond of friendship that has formed between former President George H.W. Bush, herself and Clinton, whom she said visits “every summer.”

Rush Limbaugh’s gatekeeper, ‘Snerdley,’ opens up

While noting that they do not agree politically, Mrs. Bush seems to almost excuse some of Clinton’s more questionable behavior by stressing that his father “was not around.”

“I think that he thinks of George a little bit like the father he didn’t have,” she said. “And he’s very loving to him and I really appreciate that.”

Pointing out that Clinton looked out for her husband when the two traveled to Indonesia as part of the “Bush-Clinton Tsunami Fund,” she added, “I love Bill Clinton. Maybe not his politics, but I love Bill Clinton.”

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Tom Tillison

Tom is a grassroots activist who distinguished himself as one of the top conservative bloggers in Florida before joining BizPac Review.
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About Tom Tillison

Tom is a grassroots activist who distinguished himself as one of the top conservative bloggers in Florida before joining BizPac Review.

  • Aeffesstoo

    How were clinton’s politics different from any of the bushes?

    • gthog61

      They weren’t and that was the problem with both Bushes.

      • 1389AD


        We haven’t had a good president since Ronald Reagan left office, and I fear that we will never have a good president again.

        • tired

          After looking back into history and the state of the country, I do not think we have EVER had a GOOD president. They were and are all out for their own good and wealth!

          • kiriaky

            Sorry you feel that way, but Ronald Reagan was a man looking out for America.

    • burtfisher

      Are you asking about the use of the word “politics” in Barbara Bush’s quote? I believe she was referring to whether or not each president thought it was OK to get blow jobs in the White House and lie about it to the American people, to get impeached by the House, to get disbarred as a lawyer, and to be publicly disgraced by having his power-hungry wife to admit in front of the world that she didn’t know anything about it. One of these presidents did all that, and the other president didn’t do any of those things.

      At least that is what I think she meant. Maybe she was talking about playing the saxophone though. What do you think she meant?

      • Doug

        I think she was just referring to the blowjobs.

  • James Brown

    The Clintons and the Bush’s are part of the same blueblood Ivy League ruling class. I would not expect anything different from any of the Bush’s. Of course her love of Bill Clinton is far different than what she said about Sarah Palin, you know a serf that had the audacity to work her way through college, and a non-Ivy League University at that. Barbara Bush said that Sarah Palin should just go back to Alaska and shut up. This is basically Barbara Bush’s “Let them eat cake” moment. I’ve said it for a very long time, we the people are not the constituency that the leadership class represents.

    • WillardGibbs

      Clinton came from a more humble background than Palin.

      • semus

        He did not, he just came from a broken family. Humbleness had nothing to do with it.

        • WillardGibbs

          Do you know what humble background means? Look it up, Big Guy.

      • James Brown

        Don’t know how you figure that. The Palins weren’t that well off, they were just a solid family. Either way Clinton got an Ivy League education, that’s humble?

        • WillardGibbs

          Clinton was poor growing up, from a single parent family, but still was able to go to Georgetown (not ivy League–that was Yale Law school–but still pretty good).

          • James Brown

            Palin’s parents were teachers who could not afford to send her to college so she had to work her way through. Who paid for Bill Clinton’s education? Certainly not himself. Much like Obama someone else paid his way, Georgetown is very expensive. Either way Clinton is a Blue Blood now, something Palin would never be, nor would she want to be I’m sure. I’ll take Palin’s message of self sufficiency, solid morals, solid family values and her reverence of the Constitution over a philanderer scumbag Progressive like Clinton any day. Also I do not have the reverence for the Ivy League you do, since it’s not so much an education as it is a Progressive indoctrination. I believe Hillsdale provides a much better education, without indoctrination, it just doesn’t provide one with the connections that Ivy League schools do.

          • WillardGibbs

            Look, Champ, the fact remains Clinton came from nothing–that is all I was saying. I don’t know if he got a scholarship or took out loans or had a benefactor or what, and it doesn’t matter. You are bringing up irrelevant stuff now because you were called out and shown not to know what you were talking about. The fact that you were not bright enough to go to an Ivy League is also irrelevant but not surprising.


          • James Brown

            Could not care less where you went to college. Rather than go to college, because I hated every minute of school, having to learn at the pace of the lowest common denominator, I chose to serve the country in the US Navy. As a civilian I lived in Thailand and Indonesia for two years each then Japan for one, I have worked in 40 countries on 5 continents, I like the practical kind of education much more than a structured one based on bookish theories, but to each his own. Either way you exposed nothing but your own Blue Blood Ivy League kind of arrogance. Obviously you are well educated. Although well educated does not always mean smart, champ.

          • WillardGibbs

            But in my case, I am well educated and smart. And, Champ, I was correct and you were not.

          • Beverly Ann Gero

            The truth of the matter is that our once good colleges have turned into brainwashing tools for Socialists and Communists. These colleges have been turned into retirement homes for these Socialists and Communists. It’s not about education anymore it’s about indoctrination. Clinton was a very smart man that became a tool for these people. He marched in anti-American marches when he was a Rhodes scholar in England and is totally indoctrinated, his wife is a Mao lover and a political hack who is not indoctrinated just born bad. BTW my father was a teacher and all this would make him sick if he were alive today.

          • Mama62

            Now we see that good education is communism. Sounds more like sour grapes to me. Whatever you folks from the right don’t like or understand is communism. No surprise here.

          • Pat Boyd

            No surprise either, Mama, that the Lefties who lead and rule the ignorant Sheeple of this country are so filled with arrogance and a stubborn know-it-all attitude. Education is something we all should desire and attempt to achieve, but it needs to be coupled with common sense and an ability to think for oneself. A good teacher is one who encourages students to search and come to their own conclusion, not drill one idealism into impressionable young minds as progressive teachers and professors are doing.

          • WillardGibbs

            Sure, Jerry Falwell University (or whatever it is called) is so open-minded that it would allow the teaching of evolution or a hire a philosophy professor who was an expert on Marxism. By the way, how do you know what goes on in a university? I do know because I teach at one.

          • WillardGibbs

            Not that I should be wasting my time with you, but please give your source that Hillary is a “Mao-lover.” Or was it just what the voices in your head told you?

          • texasranger

            The difference between intelligent and smart is simple. Smart means you can be trained. Intelligent means you can be educated. It is true education that results in the student possibly not giving the “approved” answer but rather thinking for themselves and producing a variant or even a new answer. Most students are still trained to give the approved answer and that is the issue we are all dealing with now. Because those who are the approving authority from grade school to PhD are and have been the loony lefties for several decades.

          • WillardGibbs

            Thanks for such an nuanced analysis! Of course, you are totally wrong–smart does not mean “trainable.” Dogs are trainable, maybe even you are trainable. But smart means intelligent, like I am.

            But thanks for playing!

          • wvweightgs

            You seem to think it is a big deal to go to college, get a degree, and no common sense. Just liberal ideas, that do not work for the most part. O yes, since you are well educated and went to college, that means you must be a much better person then say….Albert Einstein, after all you went to college, now did’t you.

          • WillardGibbs

            First of all, it is “better than,” not “better then.” And Einstein went to college and even got a Ph.D., (so did I), I am willing to admit he was much, much smarter than I am. And he was a major league leftist. So what is your point?

          • JJBuck

            I believe Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar and studied at Cambridge(?) before going to Yale Law.

          • wvweightgs

            Yes a product of yale.;….LAW….school. Wonder what they teach there. Must be the same things as harvard. How to lose you law degree for criminal actions. These schools turn out a lot of these type lawyers.

          • tatoo

            Yeah, like Ted Cruz.

          • Doug

            Ted went to Princeton and Harvard, the two finest universities in the country. No Baylor, SMU, Texas A&M or UT or any other inferior university.

          • Barbaracvm

            Both Bill and Hillary had the law license revoked. Same with the Obama’s.

          • WillardGibbs

            Um, can you cite a source saying Hillary’s and Obama’s law licenses were revoked– you do know what revoked means? And saying you heard it in a dream doesn’t count.

          • WillardGibbs

            Oh my, I cannot think of anything more shameful than graduating from Yale or Harvard Law School. By the way, where did you graduate from? Did you graduate from anywhere?

          • Doug

            Where’d you go one of those yahoo Southern schools?

          • WillardGibbs

            Oh my goodness, no! I went to a real university, a fairly famous one in the Boston area. Hint: It is generally referred to by its three initials.

          • Doug

            That’s a great school. One of the best in the East. Good to see you stayed on the right coast.

          • WillardGibbs


          • tatoo

            Is Hillsdale even accredited?

          • Rebecca

            Wasn’t Clinton’s stepfather a new car dealer? Wasn’t his mother an RN? Since when did new car dealers become poor or humble? RNs are rated at about the same level as teachers.

          • WillardGibbs

            Yes. His biological father died in an automobile crash before he was born. His mother left him in the care of her parents until he was four so she could go to school to become a nurse (which she did). His stepfather a used car salesman, was a gambler and an abusive alcoholic. It was a family life full of violence and there was not a lot of money leftover after the gambling debts were paid. It was certainly far from an idyllic domestic situation that Clinton nevertheless was able to overcome (I doubt I or many others could have done it).


          • Rebecca

            Well, I heard two stories about his step-father. One about the abuse, and one about him owning a car dealership. But, I will look into it more. Someone certainly had a positive influence on his life, or he wouldn’t have gotten where he did. Poor kids or any kids, for that matter, usually don’t even think about all the steps needed to go to an Ivy League college. The adults around them have to start them thinking about it at a fairly young age, and get them to go in that direction.

          • Mama62

            Those who don’t have wealthy parents get into those Schools via hard work and scholarships, it sound like you don’t value hard work. It is sad that you don’t understand how difficult that is. You admire Palin because she had to attend 4 or 5 different schools to get a degree but you don’t admire working class people who excel scholastically and earn scholarships to prestigious universities. See anything wrongbwithbthat

          • wvweightgs

            do you mean like the obamasssss?

          • WillardGibbs

            What law school or college or reformatory did you graduate from?

          • Sam

            Palin went to College? Gee who would have guessed!

          • Gary Honeycutt

            Clinton got his “credentials” by marriage. The Rodhams picked him to be their “face”.

          • disqus_2Vt2rvVJSF

            James Brown<<< I agree with what he just said!!!

        • Mama62

          He worked for it. Why do you look down on educated people? Sorry, Sarah Palin is not well educated. she may have a degree, but she is not well educated. That is obvious every time she speaks. When did you folks on the right become education snobs?

    • Mama62

      What you don’t understand you hate.

    • tatoo

      I never really liked Barbara Bush, but if she really said that about Palin, then I have to look at her in a whole new light.

      • Doug

        How do all you loyal patriots in Texas allow her to say such blasphemous things. Shouldn’t somebody step up and do the right thing?

        • WillardGibbs

          You are all class.

          • Doug

            I read a lot of ridiculous rhetoric from these Texas Yahoos but nothing ever happens.

          • Doug

            If you think I’m bad read some of the later posts.

  • speakez6


  • Brandon Johns

    I didn’t mind Clinton either.,,,Bill that is, not his evil wife Killary.

  • patch247

    I think Bill Clinton is just one of those guys you can like even when you know he’s a complete rascal. You wouldn’t trust him but if he’s around your going to enjoy it.

    • Paul Hoffmann

      Will you continue enjoying that “complete rascal” after he rapes your daughter and wife while biting their lips off?

    • greetingsfromyonkers

      Hear, hear! Certainly I’d rather go out for a beer with Bill than Hillary.

      Maybe I disagree with Bill’s politics, and maybe I wouldn’t introduce him to my daughter without an armed guard present, but I’ll give Bubba his props: the man has awesome people skills.

      Hillary, by comparison, has the people skills of a mosquito.

  • Beawild

    We are human beings first and political people later. Why couldn’t Bill and the Bushes be friends? Don’t we all have friends that have differing political views? The quality of a person is not defined by their party affiliation.

    • Mama62

      The most rational post on here.

      • Beawild

        Thank you!!!

    • greetingsfromyonkers

      I am a conservative with many liberal friends. We’ve agreed to disagree on politics, and steer clear of politica discussions lest they get too hairy.

      • Beawild

        I am the reverse, a liberal who has some conservative friends and family members. That doesn’t make me love them any the less.

      • Doug

        The wisest path.

  • Richard F

    I like the Bush Sr family, this is a story where they can reach across party lines and be friends, but don’t have to agree with political views. Bizpac should take some notes on this as an example to make there reporting more of a cohesive entity, than one that instills division amongst their readers.

    Another situation of how the Bush Sr. family are their own people. Unlike their son that wanted a constitutional amendment to prevent same sex marriage. George & Barbara attended a same sex wedding this past summer for some friends in the North East.

    Ladies & Gentleman that’s what I call being flexible conservative, everything does not have to be cut in stone to be called a conservative.

  • genann59

    I have no problem whatsoever with Mrs. Bush “loving Bill Clinton.” Maybe she and Daddy Bush can instill some class and standards into him that he was not brought up with. She says she doesn’t agree with him politically, what more need she say.

    • A_Government_of_Traitors

      They enjoy their menage a trois when little Billy comes to visit.

  • Dominic De Falco

    Who freaking cares?!

  • jime1

    Just goes to show one of two things. Either she have little or not taste, OR she is an extremely very poor judge of character!