Obama’s ‘war on vets’ ramps up as he adds red tape to benefits

Former Congressman Allen West claimed that recent cuts and changes the Obama administration has made to veterans benefits have been based on politics — not to save money.

West appeared on “Fox & Friends” Saturday and told Fox News host Tucker Carlson that new rules are making it tougher for veterans to apply for benefits. At the same time, the administration is making it easier to apply for welfare benefits and foods stamps.

It’s all political, he said, and as an example, he noted that “this week, 189 Tricare service centers will be closed as of 1 April,” at a claimed annual savings of $50 million. But at the same time, it spent $52 million on celebrity Obamacare ads.

“Our priorities are upside-down when it comes to taking care of our veterans,” he said.

He added that this has a lot to do with the fact that the majority of welfare recipients voted for Obama in the last two elections, whereas veterans generally vote more conservatively.

“I also believe this is an attempt to somewhat take down the military health care system and force more of our veterans to go into the Obamacare exchanges.

Watch the Fox News interview, then check out Gun owners beware: Man pulled over, harassed for having permit but no gun.


  • SusieQ

    Obama said he appreciates our veterans and their past and present efforts protecting this country then he said, PERIOD! You know there were a lot of ballots our military tried to cast from overseas that never made it. I found it frustrating to hear these stories and no one that I know of in D.C. ever bothered to really expedite those ballots. You would hear the stories and then it would just go away. This next election needs to be followed to see this does not happen again.

    • Randy Tellez

      He knows who did not support his elections. He is getting back at everyone. FKN PUNK!!

  • R.Young

    Just the Regime showing that Veterans are nothing more than second class subjects!

  • Diane Badget

    What do we expect? This Commander in Chief sometimes salutes the service members standing at attention when he gets off Air Force One, and sometimes he doesn’t. And just a few months after his first election, he looked right into the beady eyes of the television cameras and said that he thought one way to cut the deficit would be to have our wounded military help pay for the costs of treating their injuries, since they volunteered and knew the risks. I watched him say it and my husband, a disabled vet, and I just stared at each other in shock.

  • Jan C White

    Look at what our government did the the World War One vets. Called the Bonus act look it up

    • Redbullisyummy

      What are your thoughts on the bonus act?

  • Jan C White

    Here is the PBS movie on the Bonus Army http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSC1lbfXfRQ

    • mike88

      The vets in the BEF should have brought their
      own personal weapons with them, if that happened, the House and the Senate would have overwhelmingly approved the Bonus Act immediately because they would have had something to fear from the vets called their own lives.
      As long as a large group of protestors come to Washington D.C. to voice their complaints against the government unarmed, they will lose because the politicians only fear one thing that is the loss of their own lives, and of course their own re-election, they could care less about the loss of lives of the protestors.

      • Jan C White

        You are so correct and what makes the American people it won’t happen again.

  • Pamela K. Cahoon Laub

    BHO is a very vindictive man. He attacks and punishes all who don’t agree with him.

    • Redbullisyummy

      Exactly, people like Osama bin laden and Somali pirates know first hand exactly how vindictive this president can be.

  • guy r west

    ime not a vet. wasn’t able to pass the physical but i do have friends and family who were and are serving in our military and though its just my opinion i think these brave men and women are being treated disgracefully . they kept and are keeping their promises to serve and defend our country but our government doesn’t believe in keeping its promises to them or any one else but then that’s nothing new these people deserve what they were promised and more. want to cut spending try getting rid of some of those pork barrel spending projects put limits on the government agency’s and stop sending money over seas to our enemies who have sworn to destroy us . that alone makes no sense too me . oh and put God back in our schools and government . as far as ime concerned this is still a christian nation Not a Muslim one and if they dont like it they can go back home

    • Redbullisyummy

      Church and state are separate guy.

      • Ken Swickard

        A liberal judge may have said that, but the Constitution says that Congress shall pass no law that establishes a religion. Nothing about believing in a Creator or God. It was concerned about the British rule of law established by the Church of England, not of the belief of a Creator in general. One must not only read the laws, but they must understand them too.

  • dixie williams

    he used them then abandon’s them, their usefulness is over, glad when his time is up , but not nearly soon enough.

    • Ole Man

      Excuse me? Obama used them? It was Bush/Cheney who started the unnecessary war.

  • Jan C White

    Please take time to watch the PBS Movie on the Bonus Army
    To my fellow Americans this again is happening before our eyes lets vote them all out of office.

  • Redbullisyummy

    Obama loves the troops. So much in fact that he ended the war in Iraq. Many soldiers are alive today because that war finally ended. Even though those WMDs never showed up, the important thing is that it’s over.

    • Ken Swickard

      Now I know that you are disillusional. He loves the troops like he loves 2nd amendment rights.

    • Aaron Barnes

      and look what happening now over there the city of Fallujah is now under terrorist control for the thrid time, the Kurds and Sunnis are about to go to war with each other

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