Jimmy Kimmel roasts Obamacare; hilarious parody ad included

ABC late night comic Jimmy Kimmel had a good laugh at Obamacare on several fronts Tuesday – making fun of the train wreck’s inability to get young people to sign up, then making fun of the young people who voted for Obama and his disastrous program in the first place – and don’t forget the penis pumps.

jimmykimmelad0116Since Obamacare needs plenty of young, healthy sheep to shear to pay for health insurance they don’t need to subsidize older people’s care, the program made a bad mistake in letting young adults stay on their parents’ health insurance until they’re 26, Kimmel said.

“What kid is going to say, no thanks, Mom and Dad, I’ve got the premiums covered?”

Kimmel then unveiled an ad featuring an older couple planning to retire to Boca soon, thanking young Americans for paying for their blood pressure and osteoporosis medicines, as well as the erectile dysfunction drug Levitra so Alex can keep Martha smiling.

And speaking of erectile dysfunction, you’ve got to see the penis pump part to believe it.

Check out the video we found on the Free Beacon. If you don’t laugh, you’re a not just a lib, you’re a lost cause.


  • lildebrarae

    The message here? Obamacare is a Joke, and the joke is on ‘us’.

  • Doug

    Kimmel spares no one. Equal opportunity comedian. See his spoof of OctoMom’s birthing procedure on you tube.

    • Mlm46

      I saw that when it came out and couldn’t stop laughing! It was a hoot!

  • Tj Daniels

    Great parody. Too bad it’s all true. I still shake my head how the America public can be so naive, or apathetic to not stand up to this Tyrant and his flunkies in Congress. When are we going to demand better from our elected officials? We have no one to blame but ourselves for this trainwreck in Congress. Stop electing these self-serving, egotistical buffoons and elect folks who GENUINELY care about those they represent and not themselves. TERM LIMITS FOLKS !!!

    • curmudgeon

      The liberal teachers unions, the NEA and NFT deserve much of the credit considering their success in the dumbing down of America under the auspices of the federal Department of Education.

      • http://www.thefreedomtrainusa.com/ FreedomTrainUSA

        The Indoctrination in the Public Indoctrination Camps….Is turning out a good supply of DISPOSABLE USEFUL IDIOTS…To carry out the DISASTEROUS LIBERAL AGENDA..

  • curmudgeon

    One things liberals can’t abide is ridicule that they so richly deserve considering their pompous self righteousness.

  • Eric Goodman

    So nice to see the current administration taking some licks on the “major” networks.

  • A_Government_of_Traitors

    Kimmel is just another part of the propaganda. His job is to poke fun at it, making it appear as a joke rather than the tyrannical disaster it is, and desensitize the general populace.

    You all know what needs to be done. Are you organizing defense units in your area?

    • Wild_Bird

      He’s a comedian. He did a good job of ridiculing this disastrous law.

    • Jim

      defense units? rofl….must be a full moon..the crazies are out

      • http://www.thefreedomtrainusa.com/ FreedomTrainUSA


        • Jim

          You pussys talk big with your guns. Then wet your panties when the big boys come.

          • http://www.thefreedomtrainusa.com/ FreedomTrainUSA


  • RetiredTrainman

    I didn’t read the article but at a store this morning I seen one of those papers next to a check out that said Michelle is tired of having no love. Well I just thought what do you expect from a male homo? He and the rest of the mail homo’s from his church were in a club called “down low”. that (so called pastor) would find some homely ugly women in the church that had no way in hell of ever finding a husband to marry one of the mail homo’s. I believe she had found out that the socialist party had plans for odumbo so she married him for money and to be the first lady, the lady word I use very loosely for her..

    • Jim

      “i “seen” one of those papers” another illiterate takes to the chat waves

      • http://www.thefreedomtrainusa.com/ FreedomTrainUSA


  • Fiji’s Best

    If Obama will lie about your healthcare and about his Uncle Omar, is there anything he won’t lie about?

  • Viva la Revolucion

    Video no longer available – how convenient.

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