Meet Mohammad Gulab, the Afghan ‘brother’ who saved Marcus Luttrell

Anyone who has seen “Lone Survivor” can’t help but be captivated by the honor displayed by Mohammad Gulab, the Afghan tribal leader who became close friends with Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell.

In a “60 Minutes” interview recorded in December, Luttrell told Anderson Cooper that Gulab “saved him, protected him from the Taliban and helped him get rescued,” according to

The movie tells the story of the reconnaissance operation gone horribly wrong, with Luttrell finding himself alone and badly injured in the mountains of Afghanistan. After finding Luttrell, Gulab took him into his village under a tribal code of honor called “Pashtunwali.”

“Mohammad Gulab not only put his own life at risk, he put the lives of his entire village at risk,” Cooper said on “60 Minutes Overtime.” “According to Gulab, the Taliban came to him, first offered him money, offered him all sorts of things if he would give up Marcus Luttrell, and he refused.”

As retribution for his heroics, Gulab’s home was burned down, his cousin was killed, and he had to take his family into hiding. Luttrell flew Gulab to Texas twice and has been trying to help him get a green card so he can relocate to the United States, at least temporarily.

Watch the touching story of the two friends via CBS:

Watch Cooper’s entire “60 Minutes” segment with Luttrell via CBS:

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Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek has been a political consultant handling public affairs, political campaigns and PAC management for nearly 20 years.


  • LastBestHope

    Mohammad Gulab has been refused asylum because he’s refused to take the now standard U.S. immigration oath promising to vote for Democrats in all future elections.

    He is being pressured by AG Holder’s Justice Dept. to accept their terms or else…but it seems Mohammad Gulab does not surrender to pressure from thugs.

    • rappini pasta

      Hey LBH, direct me to the part of the Immigration Oath that says applicant must vote for a Democrat. I just read it and I couldn’t find it?

      • Backslap_Bob


        You’re realize it sooner or later.

      • greg

        That’s because it’s not there but something made up by others. Let’s keep to the fact’s people not rumor’s and urban legends.

        • rappini pasta

          Greg, I’m sure that who wrote that should have ended it with/sarc.

    • Cynthia J. McCoy

      Are you kidding me?? Does it really say that you have to promise to vote Democrats to all future elections??? How could the GOP let that go and how can they get away with that. What kinda’ freedom is that???? That sound like a dictator!!!! The idea of freedom is to be FREE to do whatever you want to. This whole world is turned upside down. GOD help us all. I pray that Marcus has a full healing of body, mind and soul.

      • Doug

        Cynthia I own a bridge you might be interested in buying….

      • Cris Bessette

        Well it’s gotta be true, right you read it on the internet, and you can’t put stuff on the internet unless it’s true,right? ;0)

      • greg

        Ask him to show you where it’s written? He won’t find it either for it’s not true.

    • SicSemperTyrannis

      Can you imagine pressed jeans and militant holder trying to intimidate a guy who stood up to the taliban? I would pay money to see that clown show.

    • DAN BAD

      ay fck you for making a polarized political statement as the first comment on this article. left or right this is a great story and there’s no need for you to say any of that

  • antranchers

    LastBestHope; is there really a standard U.S. Immigration oath as you mentioned? Can you please verify this. This is the first I have heard this and am very interested to know if it is true. If it is, this is outrageous!!!

    • Claude AndPam Parish

      LBH was using sarcasm to make a political point. No such order exists. Sorry you had to be told the punch line.

      • rappini pasta

        Then LBH should have used the Sarc sign.

      • antranchers

        I thought maybe it was sarcasm, but then stranger things have happened. True anyway!

    • Doug

      I might be able to find two bridges.

  • CynthiaSpeaks

    This really warmed my heart. So often we view our enemy-the Taliban-as a concept; a huge entity, and often we are not wrong. But because we don’t know enough about the different tribes, and because of our internal fears, we stereotype and are not willing to engage in people different from our own culture, especially those from the Middle East.

    I love seeing tales like this that bust down my own stereotypes; that give me a peek into the shining lights of humanity.

    • Ian

      Give him and his family Green Cards and all he needs to relocate, we installed Scumbama and Holder in nice homes, Scumbama never got a green card and neither he or Holder helped our hero’s. They were too busy playing around in gay clubs in Shitown , sorry Chitown!

    • MMinCC

      Yaknow, I really don’t think Tapper was being disrespectful-I’ve watched that segment a couple times and I believe he was trying to elicit an opinion about the war rather than dissing Lattrell’s individual mission.

      He did write a pretty good book about the war so I’m gonna give him the benefit of the doubt here

      • CynthiaSpeaks

        I can see your point. I wrote on another page about a lesson I learned from Veterans about how they feel when we use words such as “senseless,” so I won’t repeat here. But, suffice it to say no matter how well meaning someone is, our warriors see it differently (you may be one, I don’t know). And those of us that haven’t ever fought battles as they have, shouldn’t be making comments like Tapper did.

        I don’t think Tapper meant to insult Latrell; but it was an unfortunate comment to make. I doubt he’ll do it again. LOL.

  • rappini pasta

    Blessing to Markus and Gulab.

  • gmhunt4

    Obama will never help this man, because he helped a “true” American Hero…..

  • Thomas Pyke

    Obama wants illegals here but not a person who helped save and American Hero. Please write your congress person and demand they let him and his family stay here.

  • Cynthia J. McCoy

    I wish Marcus all the best. I pray that God will help him to see his way. That God will make some things clear to him and let him rest in the love and peace of Jesus Christ.

  • JHorvathJr

    Let’s not change subject on this one. Gulab is a man of honor, a hero, Gulab is what moslems are supposed to be. If he had entered the US illegally Obama would make him a citizen by now. This is a man I could easily befriend. This again shows Obm as a traitor to American values.

    • Doug

      Get him a membership at Augusta.

    • CapeConservative

      Or if he was a relative of the president, such as the aunt or uncle living in Boston who have disobeyed the deportation laws REPEATEDLY, he would have been welcomed with open arms and a ‘get out of jail free’ card!

  • Sniper’s Blade – S.L. Rachford

    This is the way a true America should and has worked the past. Boy does the country need a great house cleaning party. Hope Mr. Gulab and his family can come here. Bless him.

    • CapeConservative

      Let’s all call our congressional members tomorrow and urge them to get this man AND HIS FAMILY here! Perhaps if all who are making the movie such a big hit would do the same, our elected officials just might hear our united voices!!!

  • Mary Brown

    It is criminal the way we treat the people and their families who have helped American soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. Instead of protecting them and fast tracking their immigration status we abandon them to be murdered. Obama could wave his magic pen and fix it, that is actually in his power to have INS speed up getting someone into the country, he did it for the scum that bombed Boston!

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