Chris Christie’s firefight against mainstream media bias

The American public was subjected to more stories in one day about New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s “situation” than on the IRS-targeting-conservatives scandal over a 15-day span. One is left to wonder why there were no similar stories concerning Benghazi and the apparent invisibility of the U.S. president. This is the same president who has been Teflon-coated by a mainstream media focusing on the Christie controversy to take Obama off the front page and aid and abet his escape from the heated critique he is receiving from former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.

Like flies to honey, the liberal media is rushing to destroy Christie, whose “I didn’t know any of this was happening” defense is identical to the standard excuses of media-darling Obama when he comments on his own administration’s scandals. Most likely, Obama is taking notes so he can use some of Christie’s defenses, which sound truer than Obama’s hollow excuses.

And now the White House is thumping the table, clamoring for Christie to fire more people on his staff. There’s no mention, of course, of Obama’s failure to fire anyone for the catastrophic bunglings and disgraces of his own regime. Think NSA, IRS scandal, Kathleen Sebelious, the Obamacare rollout, Fast & Furious, Afghanistan, Obama’s struggling economy, Benghazi and the budget sequestration of 2013. The only people Obama likes to fire are experienced military officers who disagree with him. Add the other 19 Democrat scandals that were under-reported.

Whatever happens with the lane closure on the New Jersey bridge, it cannot be compared to the wholesale callousness of the Internal Revenue Service toward conservatives who were merely trying to make their voices heard in elections. And lane closures are also a distant second fiddle to Obama putting American armed forces in harm’s way to achieve his political ambitions in Afghanistan and Iraq. That’s one of the points Gates made in his new book, and it’s why the liberal media is focusing on Christie so they can whisk Gates’ portrayals to the back pages.

Because Christie is a Republican and likely opponent of Hillary Clinton in the next presidential election, the mainstream media will develop multiple ways to roast him. If Christie was a Democrat, Obama and the liberal media would be heaping praise on him, rejoicing in how tough he is against political opponents, how forthright he is and how quickly he took action.

It’s hard to disagree with Rush Limbaugh’s conclusion on the Christie controversy that Obama has promoted a culture that shows an “utter disregard” for truth. Our government has cultivated a Beltway Political Class that targets people who make this country work. It ignores laws it doesn’t like, fines businesses billions of dollars to fund its political agenda, creates new laws by executive order that bypass Congress and the U.S. Constitution, and feeds a ravenous beast of a government to grow tentacles that are far too powerful and widespread.

But what may be worse is a press corps that likes to preach about how “balanced” its reporters are and how “objective and factual” its editorialists are. Too many in the mainstream media aid and abet the elitists of the liberal political class. Such elitists freely lie to the American public, and they forget that their job is to serve the people, not be their nanny-state masters. We deserve better from our federal officials and most of the media that covers them.

John R. Smith

John R. Smith is chairman of BIZPAC, the Business Political Action Committee of Palm Beach County, and owner of a financial services company.


  • FirstAmendment

    I say throw liberal Christie out of office. He’s a piece of crap traitor that helped Obama get re-elected by standing as one with him. After he is thrown out on the street for a petty lane closure on a bridge, time to go after Obama 100% and force the same deserved result… Does anyone even realize how petty, ‘lane closure’ sounds next to lying about Benghazi before a major re-election? The American people have power to make these liberal left wing Media terrorists to report truth, but they are not being held accountable!

    • Donna Baccaro

      FirstA, this is the best post by far but I hate to say that the Reps are too weak to fight anyone! The Dems get away with MURDER and still…nothing!! Christy put himself right where the Dems wanted him, he never saw it comin’ so in my eyes, he deserves everything he gets! I’m so sick of hearing about all the “scandals” and no one does anything!! I wish they would put up or shut up!

      • FirstAmendment

        I agree 100% , the establishment Republicans are useless. John McCain, Chris Christie, and Lindsey Graham should be kicked out first followed by those corrupt, lying, democrats… I don’t know who is worse, the House/Senate or this president…

        • dad83

          dumb ass President, of course. By the way, I consider Christie a brave person
          who stood up against a do nothing President. All this BS about a lane blockage.
          How about the BENGHAZI scandal, the IRS
          scandal, the 17 Trillion debt scandal, the
          irresponsible vacations our Liar-In-Thief takes when
          anything of importance arises. Where the frig is the President when we need
          someone to lead. Oh…he’s on vacation

          • FirstAmendment

            Agreed, the liars in congress are just following their “supreme dictator’s” lead. I probably should have added Eric Holder in here somewhere. The lies, cover-up, and corruption is wide and deep.

          • Vance 4: 26

            I see you’re lost. The president had nothing to do with the IRS scandal or Benghazi. You far right-heads are just trying to destroy this man’s legacy as president. In about 50 years this man will be honored with an offical federal holiday. #WESUPPORTOURPOTUS

    • Vance 4: 26

      Someone needs to throw you stupid behind out on the street for that ridiculous comment. Im convienced this site breeds morons like you.

      • FirstAmendment

        Ohh poor baby… did I offend your liar of a president??? You’re obviously a sheep that bows down to their Obama messiah…

      • Donna Baccaro

        Vance, You’re just another libtard that can’t defend your argument based on merit. This site sure does breed “morons”… you barely can put a sentence together!! Now go play somewhere else.

      • rob6065

        Your STUPID b/c you can’t spell. Have you ever heard of spell check SIR?

    • linedancer2


  • monacall

    This is not the person the true “republicans” want on the ticket…. his a liar (aren’t they all though) a fat slob….. anyone with that much weight is lazy…. pure lazy.
    Get out Christie while you can……

    • FirstAmendment

      He wouldn’t last long if he ever was elected president… I’m sure he’s one beat away from a heart attack…

  • StanSki

    The Dems want to dispose of Christie any way they can before the election because he is just there enough to sway Dem voters to his side, at least over Hellary (the Bytch of Bengazi). I wouldn’t be surprised.

    • Doug

      There’s some Hitler criticism in previous story you’d better get over there quick.

  • Julie A

    I don’t really care what happens to Christie. But there’s such a double standard here. During the government shutdown the Democrats closed lanes for no reason that led to Mt. Rushmore.

    Did the media forget this over reach of Obama:

    “The National Park Service placed cones along highway viewing areas outside Mount Rushmore this week, barring visitors from pulling over and taking pictures of the famed monument.

    Obama shut down hundreds of parks that cost nothing to run. Where’s the media on that? Yet they are demonizing Christie for the very same behavior they displayed during the shut down.

    • Doug

      He’s unquestionably innocent and the media just wants to crush this Conservative darling.

      • quercus454

        Conservative, Ha ha!

      • Donna Baccaro

        Doug, if he’s innocent he better be smart enough to prove it! If he’s not smart enough, I don’t want him!! Simple…Personally I hope he is innocent and smart enough. He tried to rub elbows with the Dems and it backfired.

  • Sharpshooter

    From my stand point Christie is just another RINO and needs to be removed from office and definitely not allowed to run for President! That would just be a continuation of the head Muslim!

  • Doug

    This is terrible because everyone on this website loves Chris and wants him to be our standard bearer in 2016.

    • Jim

      I think the republicans are nuts. But I agree Christie would be a good president. But the right will turn on him. He is much too likely to work with moderates rather than the extremist Tea Party wackos.

  • Independence_R_US

    The hypocrisy is so thick you could cut it with a knife. Liberals clamoring for things & making things up. I for one think that if Christie is guilty he should be punished. However, Obama should have been thrown out of office years ago becasue he was found guilty. This continual excuses that Obama wasn’t culpable, didn’t know, etc wears thin.

  • Sam

    Our nation has become a sad place when we let our ideologies rule our sense of what’s right and wrong. Politics has become nothing more than “anything goes” to control the levers of power. Unfortunately, we the people turn our heads when the party we most align with loses its moral compass. How will we ever correct this behavior if we let these types of issues pass? Sadly, everything we think we stand for is open for viewing to the rest of the world. Who do we think we’re kidding when we throw stones at other countries’ cultures only to live in the proverbial glass house. Who will finally tell the King he has no clothes?

  • Jim

    Great article except for the fact the IRS targeting hurt leftist groups worse that conservative groups. Oh well this is a right wing site. Why would anyone expect accuracy in reporting.

    • meg

      Wrong. Every single one who was checked for more scrutiny was eventually. Even if a liber group was denied it still would not be the same because they could appeal. Over 90 percent of the conservative groups were given no answer so they were stuck in limbo years later.

  • quercus454

    The fat man was either incompetent by hiring people he couldn’t trust or he is corrupt and had a hand in it. Either way if he can’t handle the Gov’s office, why would anyone want him in the WH?
    Besides he is left of GW and almost as bad as Obama when it comes to illegal immigration.
    The entrenched GOP leadership wants another McCain or Romney as a candidate.Sadly they can’t see the writing on the wall. The GOP is going the way of the Whigs. They are no longer representing the people who have traditionally supported them.

    • Doug

      The fat man is running far ahead of other GOP candidates. Why can’t they overtake him?

    • linedancer2

      “the fat man” that is cruel….Christie thought they were his friends, when you work for someone you are paid for that work, your confidence, trustworthyness, etc. How do you know if she or whomever didn’t get bribed? Money is King to some people….they will do anything to pay their bills…. He has handled the Gov’s office well, isn’t it strange this suddenly came about (bridge) when he is entertaining the thought of Presidency???….there will always be people that will try to smear you because of their hate or jealousy…there are some things I also disagree with Christie, but I’m investigating all possibilities before I make any decision!

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