Colorado Dems blamed for $80M punch to gut with Magpul pulling up stakes


Photo Credit: The Washington Times

Thanks to the gun control blitzkrieg led by Democratic lawmakers last year, Colorado is about to take a hit in the wallet in the midst of an already anemic economy, and lose hundreds of private-sector jobs at a time when they can least afford it.

You can’t say no one was warned. Popular gun accessory manufacturer Magpul Industries told the legislature they’d be pulling up stakes if the lawmaker went through with their gun control scheme. And it wasn’t bluffing. Operations will now be divided between Wyoming and Texas.

But what that means for the state is an annual $80 million punch to the gut and 200 jobs moved out-of-state, according to The Washington Times.

The Times reported:

A year ago, the rapidly expanding firm was preparing to build a state-of-the-art facility in Broomfield, but pivoted after the gun-control bills gained steam. Magpul was founded in 1999 by CEO Richard Fitzpatrick in the basement of his home in Longmont, Colo.

“I am saddened to see this completely partisan law, widely considered unenforceable by sheriffs across Colorado, cause Magpul to leave our state,” Rep. Lori Saine said on the Colorado House GOP website.

The bill deeply divided lawmakers along party lines.

“The magazine ban did not garner one Republican vote in the House or Senate, and now as a result of this one-sided, Democrat sponsored law, more than 200 people will lose their jobs and their ability to provide for their families. Additionally, the move will cost the state of Colorado over $80 million dollars a year in revenue,” Saine said on the same site.

Following the vote, two Democratic state senators lost their seats in recall elections held in September — Senate President John Morse and Sen. Angela Giron. Smelling blood after the success of that effort, another recall effort was aimed squarely at Sen. Evie Hudak. She resigned, however, a week before recall petitions were planned to be submitted.

“Democrats got what they wished for yesterday when Magpul Industries announced it would be leaving Colorado and taking over 200 jobs with them,” Senate Minority Leader Bill Cadman said in a statement Friday. “It’s unfortunate that Democrats willingly chased a quality business like Magpul Industries out of Colorado for no reason other than petty politics. It’s even more unfortunate for the over 200 Coloradans who will be losing their jobs and falling behind on their bills as a direct result of irresponsible legislation from Democrats in Denver.”

One Republican lawmaker couldn’t help but remark on Magpul’s change in plans for the Centennial State in just 12 months.

“2013 began with Magpul planning expansion in Colorado. Now 2014 begins with the announcement that Magpul will move 92 percent of its operation to Wyoming and Texas,” Sen. Greg Brophy said in a statement according to The Times.

“Be careful what you ask for — you might get it,” is an oft-heard statement reminding us that every wish carries with it unforeseen consequences.

In this case Colorado Democrats knew what the consequences would be, but they went ahead anyway.

Magpul Industries leaving anti-gun Colorado for Texas, Wyoming

Michael Dorstewitz

Michael Dorstewitz

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Michael Dorstewitz


  • charlestonvoice

    Magpul Industries leaving anti-gun Colorado for Texas, Wyoming

  • Maus

    Come on down to Texas, where a helluva lot of your satisfied customers live. Heck, me an’ some ‘a the boys will get our 4x4s and come up help y’all move!

  • aliswell

    Thanks to Dem “leadership,” Colorado is well on its way to becoming the next state-version of Detroit or Chicago. An in-the-red wasteland of joblessness, abandoned homes, crime and hopelessness.

    • orrineldredii

      Actually I believe they are now becoming more like Califonia in many ways. Also you are correct, Detroit or Chicago, run by Democrats all these years are the cesspools of liberalism. Old Hickey ain’t much better.

      • Herman Vogel

        More “Like” California,,,heck, most of the people running the state are Cal. transplants. And like Illegals they bring all the crap culture with them and Replant it here….

      • FreedomTrainUSA

        Any place that Liberal has control of is or will become and ECONOMIC OUT HOUSE…..And the Stench will be OVER POWERING….

      • Ken Gibson

        And why shouldn’t CO be the next CA. The Liberals ruined CA and then fled to CO. I grew up in Longmont, but would never consider moving back to CO now. The CA Libtards ruined their state, now they are ruining CO as well.

        • BlueViolets

          It’s off the subject somewhat but my nephew moved to Longmont a few years ago. He came back for a visit over the holidays (to a suburb of Chicago) and said he won’t move back here for anything. I guess he won’t have to since it’s all moving out to him now. I can see the attraction in CO because of the marvelous scenery but I still wouldn’t move there.

  • Beckery49

    Well, at least we have a chance of buying something NOT built by a Colorado stoner.

    • Estella Bunny Howe

      Yeah, they are so worried about guns. But will let some stoned a-hole get behind the wheel of a car. Wonder how many will be killed by them? Think they will ban cars? How about “banning driving while stoned”??? What a joke. And, these people are running our Country (in the ground!!!)?????

      • FreedomTrainUSA

        The New Colorado Motto……TRADE IN YOUR GUNS FOR SOME WEED….

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    Colorado; it’s like California only different…er, sumthin’. Perhaps if enough other companies and citizens put their boot in the arse of the legislators, they’ll get some more idiots out of office.

    • tom2

      “Boot in the arse” works pretty well but with so many nuts controlling the liberal states, another common, quicker solution is being used, sometimes consciously. Detroit now is smaller than Austin, Texas. Millions have moved from New York. Californians have been exiting in large numbers for several years. Chicago is expected soon to follow Detroit’s lead. Anyone know where all these millions are going? Clearly, they aren’t going to Detroit, New York, California or Chicago. Perhaps they’re moving to states less oppressive.

      • badbadlibs

        And the ironic thing about all those moves is they take their leftist idiocy with them and ruin those states.

        • FreedomTrainUSA

          Liberals do not believe in REALITY…..But eventually REALITY….Comes back to BITE them in the A$$…..

        • tom2

          I trust that most of the lefties will stay with their socialist leaders, e.g., Cuomo & Moonbeam while most conservatives will join like forces in less oppressive states.

  • kenny

    It’s all a big game to the government. …..

  • theissuesnow

    Democracts only want to ruin America!

  • rhodes autry

    just keep the tyrants out and free enterprise will win

  • Butch

    Don’t worry they got pot taxes.

  • fished

    the dimirats this what they do best, F- -U P EVERYTHING

    • FreedomTrainUSA


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