MSNBC host annoyed with conservatives who mock global warming during cold weather

icebreaker crew

Photo credit: Washington Examiner

An MSNBC host has had it with conservatives mocking global-warming alarmists every time it gets unseasonably cold or a snowstorm hits.

With a huge winter storm bearing down on the Northeast Thursday night, Chris Hayes griped about what he called the “strange, bizarre underworld of climate trolls” who enjoy pointing out the irony of global warming with each cold spell.

He referred to such skeptics as people “who delight being on the wrong side of history,” according to the Washington Examiner.

“Of course, no one ever said that climate change meant it wouldn’t ever be cold,” Hayes squawked.

Most people recognize the difference between weather and climate, but tweaking the nose of global-warming fanatics during cold snaps is still great fun. And Hayes admitted that conservative commentator Matt Drudge has become adept at this particular brand of ridicule.

“I mean, Drudge has been incredibly powerful, I think, in this,” Hayes grumbled. “Drudge has a thing about climate hoaxism, and he has been leading the charge.”

But even Hayes has to admit that this has been a particularly brutal couple of weeks to sell any idea of global warming. Just about every part of the country — with the exception of Florida — was hard hit with winter storms throughout the holidays.

But the real lollapalooza came when a Russian icebreaker carrying global-warming scientists became stranded in thick, heavy ice off Antarctica — in the middle of the Southern Hemisphere’s summer.

“The right wing had a field day, pointing and laughing at the global-warming believers, who — just to be clear — are only a group of scientists risking their lives for no monetary gain and little glory in order to help save the planet,” Hayes groused.

Global-warming skeptics don’t rely solely on weather-related events to make their case. They’ve also repeatedly noted that the Earth’s temperature hasn’t risen in over a decade, and satellite imagery has shown that the polar ice cap has actually grown by an astounding 29 percent in the last 12 months.

Some people — like Hayes — just can’t admit they could be wrong. But in the meantime, baby it’s cold outside.


  • OneCitizenOfTheRepublic

    A COLD DAY IN HELL and the Progressive/Liberals/Global Warming nuts still don’t get it…

    • lovinspoonful

      Does he believe anyone cares what he thinks?

    • Eric

      They get it more than you realize.

  • golftilidrop

    Give Al Gore credit, he did not really create the internet but he did invent global warming. P. T. Barnum would be proud.

    • Mike McCurley

      So would Bernie Madoff.

  • Mamatex

    Personally, I have had it with the continued ignorance shown by the progressives on MSNBC.

  • JOEL714


  • Bob

    Is MSNBC still on the air? I thought they’d be LONG gone by now.

    • Mike McCurley

      Not with Microsoft footing the bill…

  • C Ken Davis Sr

    In 1975, Newsweek published spread on the new ice age. Anyone who is with MSNBC has no basis of intelligence and are nothing more than idiots spouting trash from stupid mouths. Hayes needs to find a life that means something besides being a fool.

  • Will Seay

    One can not resist pointing out idiocy, whether it is the Prog/LIBS or just another news troll… I mean really, do they really think because the pretend to believe something, that we the “thinking” public should take it as gospel? Ya that’d be a cold day in… or rather a hot day in the Antarctic…

  • John A Warren

    This GW alarmist had obviously not been paying attention. Even the Scientists are saying that the planet has been on a cooling trend the past 20 years.

    • Mike McCurley

      That’s why Al and the gang switched from global warming to climate change.

  • Mike Hobgood

    Its not just Conservatives Chrissy.It everyone with common sense.Its like going to see why the creek is dry and then drowning in it…

  • Mike Hobgood

    PMSNBC:The home of racists,heterophobe,illegal loving groupies

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