MSNBC host feels backlash for celebrity-style apology to Romney family

Two days after MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry and her guests mocked Mitt Romney’s adopted black grandchild, the cable TV host issued an apology on Twitter. But both its manner and substance cast doubt on its sincerity.

On Sunday, Harris-Perry displayed a Romney family portrait in which he’s holding young Kieran Romney on his lap. The Melissa Harris-Perry Show host and her guests found the photo hilarious, and one panelist even implied that Kieran was the Romneys’ token black.

The backlash was swift, prompting Harris-Perry to tweet this apology Tuesday morning:


Who apologizes on Twitter? Isn’t that kind of like breaking up with a girlfriend on Facebook? Then Harris-Perry felt the need to add that cute little hashtag, #MHPapology, which wasn’t lost on anyone. No one was buying it.

ABC News anchor Mike Conneen tweeted:

Another follower noted the hashtag, and replied to Harris-Perry directly:

The apology’s lack of substance didn’t escape notice, either. A Twitter user only identified as S.M. tweeted:

But the real zinger came from actor Adam Baldwin, who tweeted:

Read more backlash tweets at Twitchy.

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  • SusieQ

    These people cannot get it through their thick head this fact, they are the ones spreading racial hatred! The only way they get attention is to state these horrible, mean spirited slurs, then sit back and laugh like they are so very clever. Horrid behavior.

  • jimbjimb

    best way for you to apologize is to resign and get the hell out of the country you skanky liberal witch.

    • matism

      But she is tailor-made for MSNBC. Given a little practice, she will qualify to lead ABCNNBCBS “News”.

    • rfrichey

      Did you mean to put a b instead of a w on your last word?

      • jimbjimb

        both w and b work fine.

  • dad666

    this cow should be fired as sould the executives that had anything to do with her being hired. They all were guilty of malicious slander.

  • Annegelinas

    Demote or fire I say. Liberals like her are causing the great divide in America. They say they are for when they are truthfully against unless it just happens to be them . get it

    • pFeather

      I say no to firing this stupid liberal or any other liberal, except of course Obama. Let them spew their hatred and bile so people can see what liberals are really about and maybe Americans will finally wake up and reject the entire premise of the liberal agenda.

      • Ralph Sampson

        It’s not gonna happen.

      • pen44

        Dream on, pFeather!!! But, yeah, in a better world it might happen…..but this is Liberal Marxist collaborator world…….

  • Timothy53

    Yeah, I noticed that her first tweet was “I apologize to all … who feel i degraded their … choices.”

    That is a classic “I am sorry you feel that way.” non-apology.

    She even claims in a later tweet that she was brought up to not apologize in that manner: I work by the guiding principle that those who offend do not have the right to tell those they hurt that they r wrong for hurting.”

    And yet that is *exactly* what she did!

    How about ” I am so sorry that I degraded your choices.”

    Or “I am sorry for my thoughtless, racist words and actions.”

    But never ever what she said.

    What a Twit!

    • matism

      “A”. Not “I”…

      • Timothy53

        I try not to sink to her level.

        • matism

          Which is one of the reasons they continually win the argument.

    • jayleigh

      That idiotic “feeling” language came into common usage in the mid-1970s. People are afraid to say, ‘I think,” or “i believe” – “i feel” is considered a more sensitive way to express yourself and leaves room for others’ “feelings.” Yuk! What stupidity. Feeling often has little to do with reality. But, “I THINK” means you’ve made a commitment to a particular idea, while “i FEEL” is wishy-washy and it is intended to keep other people from responding honestly because they might “hurt your precious feelings.” What a mess PC is!

    • NoCrud

      A better way would be for her to call the Romneys, tell them she is is sorry and have the “news” leak out later by the Romneys. But I cannot see her dialing up the Romneys for any reason.

  • Donald N. Mei

    Another “progressive” racist at MSNBC. Al and Chris must be so proud!

  • tess3126

    This is a slap in the face to anyone who adopts a biracial child of any ethnicity. To imply that there is slavery motivation , “Token black.” is preposterous. Children in mixed families have a difficult time as it is.Why would anyone make it worse for a child? And by the way , I am no big fan of Romney…..

  • Herman Vogel

    Why is she still employed? If she worked at Fox the media would be calling for her head.

    • sleeper48

      It is the infamous liberal “Double Standard” at work.

    • kimberkid

      She is still employed because she is black and works for a company who believes, like SHE does, that she is OWED something.

      • Herman Vogel

        Well put…..Owed Something.

      • Doug

        Hit it right on the blackhead.

  • Aeffesstoo

    Why would Romney be ridiculed for having a black grandchild? He didn’t adopt a grandchild, his son or daughter did. This just seems to show her mean spirited effort to make anything an issue for those she is politically different from.

    • jayleigh

      Did she comment on Angelina Jolie’s adoption of non-anglo-white children? What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, so to speak. It’s easy to see that only the motives of Conservatives are questioned in these circumstances, but Libs can do the same thing and be praised for their great kindness and generosity! Preposterous and idiotic disparity!

      • Doug

        That Angelina Pitt makes me so mad. Everyone knows they adopt those babies for their public image then chain them up in the cellar! Her and that liberal husband always running off to Louisiana. Stay in Hollyweird!

        • badbadlibs

          What an idiotic comment. That’s all the attention I’m going to give you, now go get dressed and go out and play!

          • Doug

            I’m putting on my shoes now. If only someone will tie them.

        • An American

          Doug,,,you are some kind of special stupid, aren’t you?

        • NoCrud

          Angelina Joli is a spokesperson for children who are in need of adoption.

          • kimberkid

            The Pitts adopt these kids because it keeps their names in the news and makes them feel relevant.

      • JHorvathJr

        If every liberal were to adopt a child in danger of living in poverty or worse, there would be neither welfare nor ghettoes. Lowlife Low info Lowcare (Liberals) cannot practice what they preach. So they call names (like the children they are) threathen violence (from drive by to red line in Syria) to cover their own stupidity and self-hatred.

  • RE Hafner

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