Businesswoman visiting Dubai sentenced to jail for reporting own rape


In yet another case of “Middle East meets West,” a Norwegian woman was summarily tried, convicted and sentenced to 16 months in prison for engaging in illicit sex by a Dubai court — for reporting a rape. When interior designer Marte Deborah Dalelv, 42, arrived in Dubai in early March, she thought it would be […]

Palm Beach County GOP begins building bridges to minorities

Diana Arteaga Mike Barnett

After the March release of the GOP’s “autopsy report” on the 2012 elections, the Republican National Committee pledged to spend $10 million in 2013 alone on minority outreach programs. Now, the local party is getting on board. The RNC commissioned “The Growth and Opportunity Project” to figure out what went wrong in 2012 and identify […]

Top Democrat Waxman agrees with verdict, no evidence race involved

Henry Waxman

In a statement that flies in the face of the political narrative activists have endeavored long and hard to establish, and one he may soon regret, Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., said “it seems unlikely” Attorney General Eric Holder would file civil rights charges against George Zimmerman. Waxman questioned whether race was even involved in the […]

Aussie guy and his dog propose marriage


Here’s a heart warmer called “the most Aussie proposal ever,” featuring a girl and a guy (naturally) and their dog. Although the video was only posted Saturday, it already has over 200,000 views. The clip opens with John McCormack, the prospective groom, instructing his very serious looking Black Lab, Spud, “Whatever you do, don’t eat […]

Obama disapproval ratings higher than George Zimmerman’s


President Obama has a higher disapproval rating than acquitted Sanford, Fla., neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman, Rasmussen polls released this weekend show. According to a Rasmussen poll released Friday, Zimmerman, who vaulted to national opprobrium after shooting 17-year-old Trayvon Martin to death during a confrontation on Feb. 26, 2011, has a disapproval rating of 48 percent. […]

Activists pressure sports icons to leave teams over Fla. boycott

Miami Heat in hoodies

Rallies held across the nation Saturday not only called for “Justice for Trayvon,” but also boycotts for anything connected to Florida. The National Actions Network rally in Las Vegas even appealed to star athletes like LeBron James and Dwyane Wade to quit their teams. Gene Collins, local affiliate president of National Actions Network and long-time […]

Twitter laughs: #ObamaSufferedProfilingWhen

obama prom pic

It wasn’t long after President Obama commented on Trayvon Martin last Friday that the Twitter hashtag #ObamaSufferedProfilingWhen began trending. One good response: Not true, Obama would say. He shared the following experiences he’s had over the years with reporters: There are very few African-American men in this country who haven’t had the experience of being followed […]

‘Screw the DOJ': Author Brad Thor says stop the witch hunt now!

Brad Thor

If you weren’t already a fan of conservative best-selling author Brad Thor, you will be after you watch him passionately defend George Zimmerman, the not guilty verdict and the Second Amendment.  Thor appeared on Chicago’s “Windy City Live” to promote his new political thriller, “Hidden Order” (which is excellent, by the way), but the conversation began […]

Windbag King likes no one but himself for president in 2016

Rep Peter King

U.S. Rep. Peter King’s miserable attitude is becoming tiresome. The New York Republican pretty much likes no one in the party’s chances, except his crotchety own self’s, for the presidential nomination in 2016. In an informal interview with ABC News, King bluntly knocked fellow Republicans Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio out of presidential […]

Fla. woman flooded with threats for having number close to Zimmerman’s


A Florida woman whose phone number is one digit away from acquitted murder defendant George Zimmerman has been getting death threats in the week since Zimmerman’s trial ended. Lori Tankel of Winter Park told the television station WFTV the phone calls started minutes after the July 13 decision was announced. The phone number Zimmerman used […]