Watch big mouth Piers Morgan get pelted by 90 MPH cricket balls

Some videos you watch (and share) just for fun.

Piers Morgan kept the trash talk coming and the Australian cricket team’s “pitcher” kept the balls firing.

Best news bloopers of 2013

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  • whatashameforall

    Were the Australians calling Piers an a-hole if that is what they were saying I think it is great LMAO

  • Al1337

    So I’m not the only one who hates this sissified, limey SOB?

    • francoamerian

      I agree that he is an a-hole. He comes over here sticking his limey nose where it don’t belong.

  • Julie Forrest

    Most Americans hate this jerk. Got thrown out of his own country and can’t go back. Need to be removed from America too.

    • floramae


  • artinthewild

    Piers M is the proverbial “Village Idiot” but I have to give him credit for this video. He didn’t quit….

  • Steve

    Way too funny. Piers looks like a little wind was knocked out of his fruity sails.

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  • MrBobDiaz

    Piers Morgan has a future carrier as a Pinata.

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    Patriots: Arm yourself with liberty’s longbow and pierce the illusions of today’s liberals and progressives:

  • Random_acct

    Piers, next time take your face protection off so he can hit you in your big mouth. We’d all cheer that.

  • J. C. Smith

    Oh, this got me in a good mood! Thanks. Seeing him get his unsportsmanlike loser butt whipped like that just cheers me up!