Libs rejoice: Long lines, frustration mark Connecticut gun registration

Gun owners in deep blue Connecticut are getting a taste of what the rest of the country would look like if Democrats had their way.

With a deadline of Jan. 1 to register high-capacity magazines and any gun that qualifies as an “assault weapon,” gun owners are facing long lines to comply with a law that will make them felons after Wednesday.

onnlines1227“I understand why they’re doing it, but I don’t think it’s constitutional,” gun owner Scott Boccio told WFSB-TV 3.

It’s also probably pointless to achieve the law’s alleged aim of keeping guns out of the hands of criminals, since criminals, by definition, don’t comply with laws.

“If people are going to do things illegally, they’re not going to be here registering their gun,” said gun owner Jared Krajewski, who is clearly not a member of the state’s General Assembly, where Democrats hold a near two-thirds majority in both houses.

Democrats also hold the govenor’s office in the person of Dannel Malloy, a buddy of soon-to-be-former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and vocal advocate of national gun registrations and other infringements of the right to bear arms.

Connecticut’s law was passed after last December’s massacre of 20 children at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the attack by a lunatic that sparked a cynical effort by gun-grabbers in Washington, D.C., to impose new restrictions on gun ownership nationwide.

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Why the DMV-class lines in the Nutmeg State?

Because gun owners apparently aren’t filling out the forms to the bureaucrats’ satisfaction.

“People don’t realize the entire form must be filled out completely,” a state police lieutenant told WFSB. “And if it requires a notary, it should be notarized before coming here. That’s what’s causing the massive line.”

Actually, what’s causing the massive line is the law itself. No one even pretends to believe that Connecticut’s gun-registration law would have stopped Adam Lanza’s madness from turning into murder.

But what the law does is provide the information – identifying civilian arms and ammunition – that will make it one step easier for the government to disarm its populace if it chooses.

That this is happening under Democrats isn’t a surprise. That it’s in New England, where the first battles of the Revolution were fought to prevent a tyrannical government’s attempt to confiscate caches of arms, is a disgrace.

WFSB 3 Connecticut

H/T: The Blaze


  • atsocld

    you wanted the liberals to govern you , that is what you got Connecticut gun owners you wanted hope and change well you got it,,

    • Leemer85

      Don’t talk about CT’s citizens like were all the same, no one i know likes Malloy or Obama and us Republicans are just along for the ride so we dont become felons. Maybe you should shut your mouth before you try to generalize a whole state.

      • atsocld

        the whole state is generalized you got what you wanted, nobody you know likes them well they will not admit they voted for them

        • Leemer85

          Wow youre not even worth talking to. I own an ar 15 and just had to go through all this b.s. and I got what I wanted? And all my friends and family must have voted for Obama and Malloy behind my back. No one is this state that is a responsible gun owner supports any of this.

          • atsocld

            well I feel for you, now what will you do when they say you have to turn in your weapon? how many sportsman in your state? and how many of them voted that is the question

          • Leemer85

            Yeah I hear ya, at that point i’ll be burying them in my yard or moving out of state.
            Lots of hunters, not sure of the votes though. They’ve already trashed our constitutional rights so I guess theres no limit.

          • lawmanjed

            So why comply with a clearly unconstitutional law?

      • Redbullisyummy

        You should be a patriot and defy the Feds. Let them know that you have rights and that you are tired of being pushed around! We conservatives gotta stick together on this.

    • Leemer85

      I apologize for being short with you, just fed up with all the bull. Me and my brothers just enjoy to shoot and our constitutional rights. Just live in the wrong state i guess… my apologies

      • atsocld

        no problem we all have to stick together

        • Leemer85

          I agree… have a good New Year

    • Redbullisyummy

      I agree! Next they’ll want to go after women and their right to decide wether or not they can terminate a pregnancy. When will it end with this administration?

  • Pamela K. Cahoon Laub

    History shows registration can lead to confiscation then persecution when you are unarmed.

  • Joe Egolf

    We Moved from Ct to Florida 2 years ago- Great decision

  • Joseph Friday

    To see how effective this law really is, every liberal non gun owner should be proud to display their status with a sign on their lawn or home stating no guns on premises! Then see where the criminals break in and murder rape and rob! No guts, no balls, no glory! Give a hoot, don’t shoot home invaders, they may be your sister!

  • BeezFolliez

    The liberals love to say that registration will not lead to confiscation. Firearms owners in California and D.C. will prove the liberals are lying

  • Julie Forrest

    Men of America what’s it going to take before you stop this madness? The libs are out of control and this is only going to get worse. Why are you registering any of your guns. They will be at your front door to take the guns you just God what’s it gonna take? This is an infringement on our rights and the Government is breaking the law. They work for us. I will never ever register a single one of my firearms and I’m a of america where are your nuts? In some squirrels jaws or buried?come on men before it’s to late!!!

  • Comic Con Boo Boo

    make a stand stop allowing the govt to run your life.

  • TotallyCrazy

    I wouldnt comply with that law and there is nothing anyone could do about it.

  • lawmanjed

    So glad we moved from CT to a southern state where the people embrace their G-d given right to self-defense and take their Constitutionally-asserted right to keep and bear arms seriously. Too many CT residents are obviously willing to put up with this clearly unconstitutional registration law. Perhaps most gun owners will not comply! This is a huge test for CT and for liberty. It should be very interesting to see what happens to those who do not “comply” as 2014 wears on.

  • lawmanjed

    Both the CT and US Constitutions assert that the right to bear arms “shall not be infringed”. There is no more fundamental constitutional right. Yet how is it that we do not hear a “peep” from the legal profession, eg. the ABA, the CT Bar Association, the American or CT Trial Lawyers Assocations, local bar associations, or any but a pitifully small number of individual lawyers or judges, speaking out against this unconstitutional travesty. What part of “shall not be infringed” do CT and other lawyers and judges not understand? Every single lawyer and judge has sworn an oath to support and defend the US and their state Constitutions. Ignorance of these documents is certainly no excuse. Violation of these oaths is grounds for disbarment and IMHO treasonous. Frankly, as an attorney, I am ashamed of and disgusted with the legal profession.

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