Man stands in front of Walmart with awesome sign hanging from his neck

After a Salvation Army kettle was stolen from an Oshkosh, Wisc., Walmart, a mysterious man wearing a sign around his neck arrived to help save the day in a most unusual manner.

The man was offering $5 to anyone who needed help, according to Sofia Way, a local resident who wrote about the gift-giver on her Facebook page.

Man at Oshkosh Walmart

“Are you kidding me….” Way wrote. “This man is AWESOME in front of the Oshkosh Walmart in the falling snow Merry Christmas all!”

The sign said:

I have a job.

I have a car.

I have a roof over my head.

Do you need $5?

Merry Christmas

Police have released surveillance video of the suspected kettle thief and are asking for information from anyone who may have seen him, according to The Northwestern.

The mystery man with the sign has not been identified, either, but he appears to have reinvigorated the Christmas spirit for some.

H/T: The Blaze

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Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek has been a political consultant handling public affairs, political campaigns and PAC management for nearly 20 years.


  • Sally Roach

    I love this! Thank you, mystery man! In dark times a light will shine.

    • bobjonestwo

      Stop this man, arrest him! Doesn’t he know only the government is allowed to help needy people.

      • Big Nasty Webmaster

        That made me laugh!

  • Susan Daniels

    What a wonderful lesson he taught his children.

  • Elaine Eckart

    I like that….give $5.00 to someone, and ask them to pass it on. If they can give even a nickel or dime to someone, it shows the generosity of America.

  • Mamatex

    Awesome! What an inspiration!

  • Tampa Bri

    Just a really kind and sharing individual. GOD will bless him.

    • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

      You should feel the same way for everyone who has a income and is paying their taxes because large portions of their tax dollars are going to the over 80+ welfare programs and foreign aid to help the purported “needy”.

      • Pamela K. Cahoon Laub

        The difference is that this was voluntary action on his part. It was generous decision. What the government takes from us and how they use it is out of our control.

        • Raymond Tower

          That stems t is what is part the problem today. We do have say and if more people would use their voice and votes we could enact change and take OUR government back.

          • Pamela K. Cahoon Laub

            There are very few elected representatives who truly represent their constituents. What we’re told when they are running isn’t necessarily what they’ll do once elected. It’s a sad truth.


            So go bury your head in the sand once more.

        • scragsma

          Yes. Charity/welfare via taxes is NOT the way to combat poverty, since it removes any sense that we are personally responsible for our neighbors. Only a return to all-voluntary giving will restore our society to being truly civilized.

        • Jmpr143

          It’s NOT out of our control…vote out the spenders and let them know we aren’t going to let them continue to tear this country down.

  • InklingBooks

    What a great lesson for a father to be teaching those two shy little girls who are apparently his daughters.

    –Michael W. Perry, My Nights with Leukemia: Caring for Children with Cancer

  • King Umbarrii

    That was nice.

  • princesssong

    Awesome, that is way cool..

  • woofpacker75

    Whatta GUY!!! And he’s leading by example!!!

    And the kids will never forget the reactions of people Dad helps.

  • seazen

    Now, if that spirit would just carry over into sustained personal and public efforts to support those in the greatest need we will have finally begun to create a society that we can all be part of. It is interesting, however, that this is a story because it actually flies in the face of most of what is going on today.

    • June Maulfair

      Gee, maybe if the government wasn’t already taking about 50% of our household income in taxes (federal, state, local, sales, etc.), we could afford to be more generous!

      • seazen

        Our taxes are the lowest they have been in decades. And, no matter, it did not stop this one guy everyone is praising, now, did it? And if our wonderful employers would start paying their employers a decent wage instead of feeding the CEOs and investors, we all might have a little more to give. But then again, it is just so much simpler to just blame “government”.

        • car333

          I bet you are happy in your own little world. Lowest taxes in decades, NOT.

          • seazen

            My “little world” includes actually doing the very simple bit of research that it takes to examine US tax rates over time so I know for a fact that they are extremely low compared to other times when the economy was actually doing far better. I don’t know what world you are living in to suggest that this is not true.

          • car333

            I’m living in reality.
            Now sit back and enjoy your Kool-Aid.

          • Pamela K. Cahoon Laub

            A huge change in circumstances is that thanks to Obamacare fewer people have full time jobs. Most will be paying more for insurance, deductibles and copays. Many are struggling to pay their bills and feed their families.


            You didn’t do the research and if you did you did it on a liberal koolaid drinking site.

          • seazen

            I know, all those places that simply report facts, data, and information must be “liberal”. Don’t pay any attention to these. It is far more fun to simply repeat whatever one-liner feels like it is a powerful attack on this evil force called “liberals’, or “progressives”, or “Democrats” or “Obamabots”. Besides, doing a little research is difficult and critical thinking requires effort.

          • FreedomTrainUSA

            Every Great Article….gets invaded by a LIBERAL(S)…..Who ONLY want to DISTORT A GOOD MESSAGE….With all of their Lies…Distortions and BS….

          • roblimo

            Actually, yes — except in loonieland, where any tax is too much.

        • JHLIII

          If there were no investors, many of the companies that exist now to serve the public now and provide employment to many wouldn’t exist. The reality is if you had any “skin in the game” like these folks that risk their capital you would expect a return on your investment, so your statement is ‘moot’.

          Your archaic, ignorant view of how business successfully works in this country (and most everywhere else) is disturbing…

          • seazen

            I know, the only thing that matters is money. “Investing” is really the contribution of capital to an enterprise based on expectations that prudent use of that capital over the long term will generate a reasonable return. Realizing that return is dependent on all the other factors associated with generating a successful product or service from research to management to actual day-day work and customer service. Investing is a long term proposition not a quarterly gamble or flash trading or betting on currency swing or playing games with derivatives. Those are casino games and that is all we seem to revere as we watch the economy, jobs, and the health of the larger economy deteriorate.
            My “archaic” view, by the way, is based on real world success in creating and running businesses that have, in fact, have successful investors.

          • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

            Another example that could be used is a little closer to home being the Social security program which the government has managed to bankrupt. They blame the baby boomers will break the system, but the fact of the matter is, the government has been robbing peter to pay paul when it comes to SS funds. Over the years they have made excuses as to why they should be able to dip into the SS funds to pay other government expenses with promises to replace the money back into SS but as usually never held up to their word.

        • Patti_Mi

          Another liberal Obama lover.

          • seazen

            What in the world is that supposed to mean and how does it relate to the topic?

          • FreedomTrainUSA

            All that these Liberal BOTS come on Conservative sites for…..Is to DISRUPT AND DISTORT EVERYTHING….We just need to not directly reply to them…

        • Guest


        • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

          You obviously don’t make a income to which you see your tax contributions taken away from you on a weekly basis and watch your take home pay shrinking. Anyone who has worked steady over the last few decades and have saved their weekly or by weekly paystubs or have saved their 1040 booklets can see that every year their tax burden increases whether they are filing single or married. Only people who make less than 14K or so after deductions and exemptions can say they pay less tax than ever before because they don’t pay any tax if they can conjure up enough in deductions from their pets and dead relatives and so on to get their AGI below that 14K threshold.

          • seazen

            Why don’t you simply look at the concise history of income tax levels (with charts) on Wikipedia. It only takes a minute or two. You might also check to see how the US economy was doing and what employment rates were when the tax rates were close to double what they are now and look at what the rates for the top income earners have done. This is not a political statement – it is just facts.

          • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

            First off, using wikipedia as your source for purported “facts” is a nonstarter as wikipedia is a well known liberal run website by which they add whatever the writers chose to write and call it fact. I have my 1040 tax booklets all the way back to 1984 when I started saving them for reference. Dont confuse tax rates with interest rates. To make the claim that tax rates were almost double would mean that tax payers were paying 56 – 86% of their income if their tax rates doubled because currently most peoples tax rates fall between the 28 – 43% area.
            Employment rates are the worse or the lowest they have been since wwII regards what your government tries to tell you in hopes you only use the MSM as your source of information and fact finding.
            In 2008 we had approx. 29 million on welfare. Today 5 years later we have nearly 50 million on welfare. In 5 short years we have nearly doubled our numbers of those on some sort of assistance program.

            Top income earners of course are making more money, but that is largely due to the government inflating the economy with the persuasion of lobbyist and special interest groups and “super PACS” funding their agendas and motives. Just one of hundreds of examples are the fact that government pays people “NOT” to grow things such as corn because it will off set the supply and demand structure causing the price to go down if their is more supply. Yet they insist we use more ethanol than ever before but harvest less corn than ever before. Oil is the same way, when the supply gets to a point of that greater than the demand at that point in time, they shut pumps down and slow the process so as to make sure the price of a barrel doesn’t go to low due to a higher supply and lower demand. There are other factors that play into it, but what it boils down to is the top earners are controlling the lower earners and economy by intentionally inflating prices and creating a greater demand and less supply. There are hundreds of examples of this occuring, I just gave 2 examples.
            Why do you suppose the government pays people to not work or use their land to be productive? Do you think it is to make the rest of our lifes better and more affordable?

          • seazen

            1. You are correct in that we are all getting played by those in the top 1%. All of us – including elected officials. That is directly the result of bizarre Ayn Randian nit wits who turned a lousy novel into some sort of economics bible.
            2. Wikipedia is not a “liberal” site. If you don’t like their numbers go to any other place that simply lists historic tax levels for the data.
            3. The real mess actually started in the 1980’s – and again you can look at historic data for tax levels, employment figures, GNP growth, productivity and share of national wealth by income class. The rich got wildly richer and corporate profits went up while the rest of us had our wages stay essentially flat.
            4. The reason we have so many more people on some form of support than in 2008 is because the bankers nearly flatlined the economy and it is taking a very long time to recover. Again, those at the top and the bankers came out clean while million lost their jobs, homes, and savings.

          • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

            On this post, I can agree with most everything you said. However I would venture back a little further than just the 1980’s as to when and where the problems began. I would venture to say that our real problems started in 1913 and the forming of the IRS and the Federal Reserve which though it uses the word Federal has nothing to do with being Federally owned. Then another mess was the SS and then to make it worse they started robbing funds from it to allocate other funds. Reaganomics was not the most popular policy, but I do remember interest rates on mortgages in the late 70’s and early 80’s being 8-9% and in some cases higher.

            I agree on your statement about average wages. any and all raises were and are not a raise at all, they are merely a inflation adjustment to were in most cases the average person is slowly getting poorer as inflation raises approx. 4.2% annually and the average wage increase is 2-3% which doesn’t even match the rate of inflation much less call it a raise or some sort of an advancement for your hard work and services rendered.

            But if inflation is averaging say 4.2% and you get a 2% wage increase, you are not even maintaining the same level of lifestyle you are actually becoming poorer. What chaps my arse is hearing these CEO’s and such specifically from the auto companies and banks and other big business that got “bailed out” immediately turned around and gave thousands and even millions of dollar bonuses to these CEO’s while everyone else got 2% increase.

          • seazen

            Now you are getting to the essence of this mess and, again, it has everything to do with a powerful class of plutocrats. The “government” is not the source of these problems but is increasing being used as a tool by this tiny group of people and corporations to secure their wealth at the expense of the rest of us.
            If we all would set our sights on the real causes of our problems – as complex as it might seem – we wouldn’t waste so much time diddling with the “politics” that are just a distraction.

          • NotRepubOrDem

            There you go again, genius. While not a lover of some of those at the top of the banking industry, I’ll go another round with you on this one. The bankers were FORCED by the government to make housing loans to people that simply could not even reasonably have been expected to pay them back. Wheeee! Whole bunches of folks “bought” homes (at least their names were on them) – until they couldn’t make the payments. Housing boom ↑ … housing bust ↓ . Thank you Barney and friends!


            Obama bots don’t like facts…they rather believe in fairy dust.

          • Katherine Noel Mumford

            by CLINTON and BARNEY FRANK….even TIME magazine puts clinton more to blame for the crash than BUSH.

          • seazen

            You really have no understanding of the whole process that led to the housing collapse. If you did, you would focus your attention on the real causes which had nothing to do with the original effort to assure lower income people had access to housing and everything to do with a banking and mortgage industry that created “liars loans”, a whole set of casino chips called derivatives which they packaged and sold as highly rated debt instruments and then immediately bet against them.

          • NotRepubOrDem

            Answer #1: I have no understanding of the whole process, huh? And you know that much about my knowledge to draw such a definitive conclusion!? My hat is off to you, and I therefore salute and declare you the winner! Happy?

            — or —

            Answer #2: Let’s see here. On quick observation, because I don’t consider this worth a whole lot of time and effort (explained below), I can at least identify the following Rules from King Saul in your response: #3 (or so you thought), #5, #8 and 10, and a somewhat weak #13, for starters.

            Personally, I don’t like playing one game, only to find out the rules change (or maybe even the game itself). So at this point, I think I’ll recycle back to answer #1. Though I do have one parting question, since you sidestepped my historical facts about Barny & Co. shoving the sub-primes down bankers’ throats. I know when the bulk of the foreclosures came – that’s been ongoing for the past several years. But when was it that the derivatives nuclear explosion occurred, thereby causing all this financial disaster we’re already experiencing (and likely to see far more of)? I guess I just totally forgot to read the newspaper or watch TV the day the derivative super-Ponzi pyramid came crashing down. Since you brought it up and identified it as the real focus factor, when was it that that happened again? Here I’ve just been stupidly waiting for it, and trying to prepare as best I can, only to be informed by you that the derivatives have already come crashing down. Please teach me, oh Wise One.

          • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

            Another example of government and top earners controlling our economy through various scams and scandals. Look at the housing industry and how everyones value of their homes have fallen anywhere from 25% – more than 60% depreciation due to the actions of government and their bankster bailouts of the “too big to fail” scandals. Supply and demand. There are so many homes available on the market and far less people looking to purchase a new home or to move or even have the finances to buy a home even if they wanted too. This causes the price of homes to be driven down. Remember if we had 29Mil on welfare in 2008 and now have nearly 50 million on Welfare, do you think we have more people in a position to buy a home or less? However, not to worry, our government is working to remedy that by giving more and more subsidies to these nonworkers and welfare recips through “housing vouchers” and so on, part of that “redistribution of wealth” program that takes from the middle class and gives to the poor and those who are lazy.

            It is easier to hold a hand out palm up to beg for money than to hold a hand out palm down to scan it at a time clock.

          • Amonite

            Wikipedia is not a source. You can find find some sources on Wikipedia if you hunt among the footnotes, but in general its better to do your own research.

          • NotRepubOrDem

            seazen, there are so many holes in your arguments it’s almost hilarious – except it’s so serious. Oh, our income tax rates today may be considerably lower than they have been at many other points in history, but that’s just for starters. Let’s start with the new postal rates next month. Do you realize that 8 years ago a 1st class postage stamp was more than 20% lower than when it hits 49¢ in just a few weeks?

            But I won’t belabor that piddling little postal rate increase – what’s 20% among friends? What about:

            Accounts Receivable Tax
            Accumulated Earnings Tax
            Ad Valorem Tax
            Alternative Minimum Tax
            Aviation Fuel Tax
            Capital Gains Tax
            Cement/Gypsum Producers License Tax
            Cigarette Tax
            Coal Severance Tax
            Coal Gross Proceeds Tax
            Consumer Counsel Tax
            Consumption Tax
            Corporate Income Tax
            Corporation License Tax
            Court Fines
            Customs Duty
            Dog License Tax
            Electrical Energy Producers Tax
            Estate Tax, Inheritance
            Federal Unemployment Tax
            Fishing License Tax
            Food Service License Tax
            Fuel Permit License Tax
            Gas Guzzler Tax
            Gasoline Tax
            Generation-skipping Transfer Tax
            Gift Tax
            Gross Production Tax
            Hospital Facility Utilization Fee Tax
            Hunting License Fee Tax
            Inventory Tax
            IRS Interest Charges
            IRS Penalties Tax
            Kiddie Tax
            Land Value Tax
            Liquor License Tax
            Liquor Tax
            Local Tax
            Lodging Facility Use Tax
            Luxury Tax
            Marriage License Tax
            Medicare Tax
            Metal Mines Gross Proceeds Tax
            Metal & Mineral Mines License Taxes
            Miscellaneous Mines Net Proceeds Tax
            Nursing Facility Bed Tax
            Oil and Natural Gas Production Tax
            Parking Meter Tax
            Payroll Tax
            Professional PrivilegeTax
            Property Tax
            Proxy Tax
            Public Contractor’s Gross Receipts Tax
            Public Service Commission Tax
            Public Utility Tax
            Real Estate Tax
            Real Estate Transfer Tax
            Rental Vehicle Sales Tax
            Resort Tax
            Resource Indemnity and Groundwater
            Assessment Tax
            Retail Telecommunications Excise Tax
            Sales Tax
            School Tax
            Self-Employment Tax
            Septic Permit Tax
            Severance Tax
            Social Security Tax
            State Income Tax
            State Unemployment Tax
            Statewide Emergency Telephone 911
            System Fee Tax
            Surtax Tax – Extra tax.
            Tariffs – A tax on imports (passed to us)
            Telephone Federal Excise Tax
            Telephone Federal Universal Service
            Fee Tax
            Telephone Minimum Usage Surcharge
            TDD Telecommunications Service Fee
            Tobacco Products Tax (Not Cigarettes)
            Toll Road Fee Tax
            Toll Bridge Fee Tax
            Toll Tunnel Fee Tax
            Tonnage Tax
            Traffic Fines
            Trailer Registration Fee Tax
            Use Tax
            Vehicle Registration and License Tax
            Vehicle Sales Tax
            Watercraft Registration Tax
            Well Permit Tax
            Wholesale Energy Transaction Tax
            Workers Compensation Tax

            By the way – there are still people living today that were born before there ever even WAS a federal income tax. 1913 was a VERY bad year: creation of the Federal Reserve, creation of the federal income tax, and changing how senators are selected, despite what the Constitution originally both said and intended. Your turn, genius. Or did Karl and Saul not provide you with a satisfactory answer to all that?

          • Katherine Noel Mumford

            wikipedia? hahahahahahaha nice try.

          • seazen

            It is no surprise that you would dismiss Wikipedia with a giggle. There is far too much information and data there. It is easier just to ignore it and issue statements based on thin air.

          • NotRepubOrDem

            There you go again, seazen. You take one thing, target it, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it (Rule #13 for those uninitiated), then turn it around with a made-up claim (“issue statements based on thin air”) as if that’s not only what’s going on, but that it’s the only alternative to your own story line.

            Wikipedia is indeed far from the whole truth – even when it is substantially factual as far as it goes. And as a result, it often presents an entirely different picture than what one would find with ALL the relevant material included. It certainly should never be relied on as a substantiating source document. Take just one single example. If you look up Frank Marshall Davis on Wikipedia, you’ll find a substantially truthful entry – sort of. But what you won’t find is even remotely a complete entry. And what you therefore get is an entirely different idea of who the man was, and what his influence and relevance are to current events. In fact, just reading the article in Wikipedia, one might scratch one’s head and wonder why he’s even IN Wikipedia. I too dismiss Wikipedia as a primary source! I know better. But if that’s where you get your information, suddenly much of what you write makes sense.

          • seazen

            Anecdote about a single person. I was rearing to the solid summary information that Wikipedia assemble based on data, for example, from the Census Department, the IRS, and other analytic groups. The references are there at the bottom for further research.

          • Know Really

            That first two groups of words which end with a period — are those supposed to be sentences, and if yes, did you intend for them to mean something?

          • seazen

            Oh, gee. Was that confusing for you. Follow the thread for clues as to what I meant. This is not a grammar or punctuation forum, by the way.

          • NotRepubOrDem

            LIke I said: “Take just one single example.” That’s one of many, of course. But you fail to address the issue. You want to use Wikipedia as your source and feel good about your authoritative source, when in fact your source is anything BUT authoritative. I frequently go to Wikipedia – as a STARTING point only. I’d never do what you did – before you got blasted – and cite it as my source. I posted a very typical example of what can be found on/in Wikipedia. Anyone can post there, anyone can modify something to their own slant, and it may or may not be corrected (or even “corrected” correctly).

            Just for fun, why don’t you come back with a defense of the Frank Marshall Davis entry in Wikipedia? Either you’re too poorly informed to even know his significance, or you wouldn’t touch that topic with a 10 foot pole (or longer), because of how it would reflect on your Dear Leader.

            So again – yes, I am entirely comfortable using Wikipedia. And most often I read what it says, then go to the hard references at the bottom – if they’re credible. But then I’ve got enough personal pride to cite the hard sources. That way I don’t look stooopid by not knowing enough to not cite Wikipedia as my “source.”

          • seazen

            That is a really, really long-winded effort to somehow refute the data I was referring to because it is available with a simple look at Wikipedia or to defend your use of a single anecdote to declare that Wikipedia should never be cited as a reference point/source.
            There are literally millions of articles within Wikipedia and some, of course, are far more thorough than others. Now, if the majority of them are incorrect or misleading then there is an issue and if people never check the references they are not really serious anyway.
            And heaven forbid that you should ever do anything that would make you look stooopid, like carrying on about an entry about Frank Marshall Davis.

          • NotRepubOrDem

            No, I refuted your data (the tax data) long ago with an extensive list of taxes that go far beyond your income tax rate claims. You never even addressed that refutation.

            And I challenged (not “refuted”) your use of Wikipedia as a decent source by using just one example (of which there are countless) of the inadequate, sometimes almost worthless information found in Wikipedia. You complain about “long-winded,” yet criticize the use of just one representative example in order to AVOID “long-windedness.” This ain’t Burger King, and you can’t always have it your way.

            What the heck that last sentence is about, I have no idea, except perhaps to avoid even dealing with who your Dear Leader really is. You won’t touch that one for anything! (Because you don’t dare.)

          • seazen

            This did start with a discussion about Federal Income Tax rates, you know. I simply wanted to point out that it was quite simple to determine the historic facts about that rate. Adding a list of other taxes, relevant or not, was a distraction and only has value if then compared to similar lists for other periods.
            The Wikipedia nonsense is also irrelevant since it does, as you note, post references that can be referred to for credibility, completeness, etc. This is even true for the really major issue of its extensive set of references for Mr. Davis.
            I gather you are looking for some “reference” that pillories both Mr. Davis and President Obama to your liking.

          • seazen

            I am sure that you checked all the references, sources, and external links that accompany the article since you were dissatisfied with the write summary. Seems like there is a ton of information available for anyone who wants to follow-up.

          • NotRepubOrDem

            Which article are you even talking about? Your Wikipedia entry that I refuted, or the Davis entry that I used as an example of why Wikipedia does not qualify as a credible source?

            If it’s the tax article, you didn’t bother even addressing the extensive come-back I gave you with line after line after line of additional taxes. Don’t EVEN talk to me about checking references if you want to compare your Wikipedia “source” with what you won’t even address when shot down in flames.

            If it’s the Frank Marshall Davis entry, you can BET I’ve done extensive research, well beyond the references contained in the Wikipedia entry. You, on the other hand, bypass my suggestion that you do exactly the same thing. What’s the matter? Do you already know the answers and won’t address them, or are you afraid of what you might find?

            Oh – and what’s a “write summary?”

            As for the “ton of information available for anyone who wants to follow-up [sic],” footnotes are used to substantiate what people write in less detail. Wikipedia writes in significantly less detail in many (most?) cases. But they put their references there for people to look at if they want to check the veracity of the Wikipedia article. You, on the other hand, made an off-the-wall statement about taxes, then used Wikipedia as your “source.” That’s not research, and that’s not a decent “source” for your non-research. If you’d really looked beyond just the Wikipedia article, and had any sense of pride in what you present to others, you’d have used THEIR primary sources, not the article itself. Accusing others of using “thin air” is your typical way of avoiding dealing with your own shortcomings when pointed out. Classic Saul doctrine – if you even know what I mean.

            Go do some real homework as several here have suggested, instead of acting like a 1st grader, trying to create a false issue about the other person that pointed out your shortcomings, and turning that into “the” issue.

          • seazen

            I think your ego is getting in the way of your debating skills. To declare having shot someone down and to declare they are acting like a first grader is sandbox taunting. The Wikipedia presentation of summaries of both the Federal Income Tax history and Mr. Davis include all the reference material that is needed to get added detail and check the “written” summary. It is simply a service that provides a starting point for further investigation. If you don’t think their handling of either of these topics is correct, you need to provide evidence that it is not rather than enter into a name-calling contest. Unless, of course, that is really what you want to do.

          • NotRepubOrDem

            One more time: you stated tax rates were lower than whatever time period you originally stated. Multiple others stated that’s a fraction of the overall situation, and therefore of limited relevance at best. You also used, as a “source,” something that any decent researcher would never cite as their “source.” Now you sound like your Dear Leader with his back-tracking on “You can keep your insurance, and you can keep your doctor.” Suddenly he’s trying to say that he said something different than what he originally said, rather than owning it, taking responsibility for unwise statements, and moving on. And like him, you’re turning it around and trying to make the issue some irrelevant point made by the other person, in order to avoid personal responsibility for what you originally wrote.

            By the way – now knowing exactly which article you were citing as your “source,” I don’t know what their references were. But I can assure you that your statement about the article on “Mr. Davis includ[ing] all the reference material that is needed to get added detail and check the ‘written’ summary,” ain’t even close.

            But you know what? You win. Enjoy your life.

        • Frank Nicolosi

          The only way your taxes are the lowest in decades is if you aren’t making any money. Talk about mouthing the party line. Regarding CEO making so much money, Obama can eliminate income inequality on his staff as a good start. Next Obama can quit his sumptuous living at our expense and give the savings to the toiling masses.

          • seazen

            I am not the one “mouthing” a party line. The tax levels in the US can be seen by anyone willing to take 10 minutes to look them up. And why these discussions always morph into some nonsense about Obama is beyond me. Check Obama’s salary compared to that of Hedge Fund managers and the rest of the Wall Street vampires. It is a pittance and his job, whether you like him or not, if infinitely more difficult, more stressful, and more important than folks playing games with other people’s money and getting rich whether their clients do or not.

          • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

            Unbelievable – “Check Obama’s salary” Better yet, Check Obama’s net worth not his presidential Salary. How do you think a person who has had his entire life funded by other people such as ayers and soro’s and never held any job for any significant period of time aside from being a “community organizer” yet he is worth millions and that has just happened since he has been in politics Starting as a Senator. How do you explain his sudden increase of millions of dollars on a Senators and Presidents salary alone?

            Then look at the money he is spending for his flights all over the place for vacations for him and his wife/ kids and friends. Add up all the flights and secret service and resources spent so Obama can go on his golfing outtings. Millions upon millions spent for him to fly to places such as Hawaii not for business but for pleasure. Who is paying for those pleasure vacations? His salary or the tax payers? Name one person you know that takes personal vacations and their company pays them for their personal travels and expenses that are in excess of millions upon millions of dollars outside of government employees. When government spends money, whos money do you think they are spending? their money or our money?

          • seazen

            You do know he is President of the United States, right? It really doesn’t matter if yo like him or not he is doing nothing that all Presidents before him have done. And whether you choose to believe it or not he was born in Hawaii. Some were born in Texas on ranches where their father is an ex-President and their family is in the oil business and traveled there – a lot. I gather you thing being the son of a rich oil man/President is a greater experience than being of far, far less wealth and privilege and of mixed race and becoming a community organizer.

          • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

            No where in the constitution or any other law does it say that a President, any President has the right to spend millions upon millions of tax payers dollars for pleasure. Obama and his wife has far out spent any of the other Presidents when it comes to personal vacations and outtings. Bush did it yes, so did Clinton and Bush Sr and even Reagan took some personal time as did Ford and Carter and Nixon and so on. However, never under any those Presidents did we owe 17 trillion dollars and so broke that we cannot afford to keep the White house (The people’s house) open for tours for the people of this nation nor were we ever so broke that we had to close open air national parks and memorials and spend more on law enforcement to keep people from seeing and taking pictures than it costs to keep it open. But we have millions of dollars to spare for a President to take vacations in which cost in excess of millions of dollars for just a few days due to all the secret service duty and plane flights carrying all the materials such as vehicles and servants. Speaking of Servants, never has any President had so many Czars on the payroll and never has any other “First Lady ” needed some 24 servants for herself alone on the tax payers payroll. Especially at a time when we are broke and the closest to Bankruptcy as ever before in our entire History.

            Let me give you a refresher about your messiah and Lord and God Obama. In 2007 during his Presidential campaign he said that Bush run our national debt from 5 trillion to 10 trillion in a 8 year span all on his “lonesome”, That 5 trillion in 8 years. If the previous President is held fully responsible for the added 5 trillion Debt, Why isn’t your messiah responsible for not even one penny of the 7 trillion he has spent all on his lonesome in just a short 5 years. 3 more trillion and will have double the nations debt from all other Presidents COMBINED and do so all in a matter of 8 years.

            Let me also remind you that your messiah said at that same time about Bush spending 5 trillion in 8 years is “Unpatriotic and unamerican”. So what does that make Obama if he has spent 1.5 times more in half the time, does that make him a hero rather than unpatriotic and unamerican. I’ll also remind you that your messiah said that if he cannot reduce our deficit by half in his first term, it will be a one term deal he will not run again, just another example of the lies he spews in which obots like yourself with short term memory tend to like to delete from your memory.

          • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

            you said: “It really doesn’t matter if yo like him or not he is doing nothing that all Presidents before him have done.”

            Name one President that has spent the money he has spent? Both for personal expenses as well as business expenses. Your messiah still to this days goes on campaigning trips on the tax payers dime even though he has no campaign to be campaigning for, especially at a time when we are the closest to bankrupcy that htis Country has ever seen since it was formed.

            Tell me one President that has ever closed the White House tours due to being broke?

            Tell me one President that has closed open air 24/7 national parks and memorials that have no guards using the excuse we are broke and then spends hundreds of thousands to guard them and keep them closed.

            Tell me one President that has stated that the Constitution is a old and outdated document

            Tell me one President who has openly stated that he refuses to enforce certain laws such as DOMA and Immigration laws even though he took and oath to uphold the laws. That means all laws, not cherry pick which laws he chooses to enforce and to whom they are enforced upon.

            Name one President who has said such things as “This is the law of the land and will not be changed as long as he is President”. This being Obamacare, He said it is law of the land and will not be changed or repealed, yet the Constitution which is the highest law of the land is outdated and obsolete and irrelevant and at every turn he has tried to change and repeal and make obsolete every article of the Constitution as well as its Amendments.

            Name one President that has lied as this President has and not been impeached

            Name one President who has entered into wars without congressional approval and not seen consequences for his abuse of power.

            The list goes on and on. for you to say this President does what every other President has done before him shows either your are a fool and ignorant of his actions or you are simply a liar as he is, but the plain and simple fact is not everyone is as ignorant as you and many people have known and are learning everyday that your messiah is what he really is. A bald face liar and the worst President this Country has ever seen.

            Oh and on a closing note, name one President who messed his oath of office up not once but twice and then in private took his oath on a Koran.

            Name one President that has ever stated that America is not a Christian nation.

            Name one President that invites our sworn enemies not only onto our soil but into our White House for parties and celebrations.

          • Amonite

            He is doing things no other president has done. Most presidents take far cheaper vacations at Camp David, for example (the place -set aside- by the taxpayers for presidents to take a break at) and will even continue to work from there. We have never before had a president who treated himself like a prince or celebrity, going on lavish vacations on the taxpayer’s dime.

          • Tony Roberts

            Just remember he has taken more vacations then any other president in our history. He took 17 in one year. He is a an arrogant man who thinks he is above the law. He truly believes he is entitled to spend whatever he wants when he wants on just vacations alone. If you stop and think for just a moment you would see he is setting up America for bank default then will declare marshal law thereby locking himself in as president indefinitely. he believes in redistributing wealth and has said so himself. Yet he spends and spends money. If he wants to take from the rich and give to the poor let him lead by example…

          • NotRepubOrDem

            You’re the one injecting race and social class into this one. Whatcha gonna try to do next – bash someone for simply answering those baited hooks? You’ve obviously got 3 numbers in your IQ – why don’t you learn to use them constructively (and with integrity)?


            You are so deceived…Ask Michelle how she is enjoying her 37 assistants…most first ladies in history only had one…you are drunk on koolaid and you and the obama regime have made America a laughing stock of the world.

          • SpencerChaffin

            You seen to know everything, could you explain one thing that puzzles me. ::::::::::::: : Obumu has a salary of 400,000 dollars, his reported worth when elected was about 1,200,000 dollars. The last report I saw showed his net worth to be over 12,000,000 dollars. He refers to distribution of wealth, how does his increase in wealth reflect his comments of redistribution of the wealth?

          • NotRepubOrDem

            Maybe somebody here criticized Obama’s salary. For the CEO of the nation, I have zero problem with his salary. What was criticized about him, specifically, was the outlandlsh staff salaries for him and his wife – mere servants, mostly – along with his horrible waste of his government-paid salary on the golf course, and multiple long vacations per year – with this current $14 million Hawaii vacation just a typical example. I wouldn’t otherwise leave Bush out, but he’s gone. Obama’s still here, still functioning, and he’s dragging the nation down even further. So yes, he IS relevant to this discussion. Quit trying your “Saul’s Rules” on those of us that already know them.

          • Katherine Noel Mumford

            bush always “vacationed” at his own ranch where he CONTINUED to perform his presidential duties…to compare the two is ludicrous. same with reagan….NO ONE EVER BEFORE IN THIS COUNTRY HAS SO ARROGANTLY SPIT ON THE PUBLIC. bush was at work at around 6 or 7 in the morning. OBAMA shows up around 9:30 or 10:00 for his first meeting…has lunch from 12-2, THEN IS OFF GOLFING AROUND 4:00. typical schedule for the fraudulent president WHO NEVER should have been allowed to run for the office. all his relevant documents were locked at great expense before he ran for the nomination. BTW, islamic “immigration” to this country has quadrupled since he got here…and that’s the legal immigration. i cannot begin to tell you how very very much i loathe EVERYTHING about this man…except for his color.


            $4 million dollar vacations on the tax payer dime…Obama is three times richer now than when he took office…he is the 1%.

          • JOE6PACK

            And the rich are STILL getting richer. Gee, I thought O-Robbing Hood was gonna put an end to that?


          • Katherine Noel Mumford

            he is NOT DOING THE JOB! he deserves NOTHING!

          • JOE6PACK

            Those low taxes are thanks to Bush and his party. The ObamaROIDS have wanted to but fail to “roll back” the Bush Tax Cuts (claiming they were for the rich)….you must be rich.


          • FreedomTrainUSA

            seazen…Is one of those LEACHES that lives off those that work for a living….NO INCOME…NO TAXES PAID….

          • Frank Nicolosi

            No doubt. Or he’s an Obama shill.

        • Steve Fluke

          Our money is being stolen from the government Sir and if you wish to give even more, help yourself!

    • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

      I understand your thought, but in reality it would simply create a more greedy society than what we already have. We claim that we are progressing as a “civilized” society, yet he hold the highest incarceration rate per capita than any other Country. More and more people are looking for ways to secure their homes and business with bars, security systems and camera’s. If we are progressively moving forward and building a more civilized nation, then why are our crime rates and need for added security increasing rather than decreasing?
      People that grew up or where around in the 70’s and earlier can remember when they could go to bed with their doors and windows left open and/or unlocked. Even people in cities such as Detroit, NYC and Chicago only needed one lock. Now you walk through apartment buildings in these cities and you see not just one but up to 5 and 10 different locking devices on their door to keep them safe or at least give them the false sense of security.

      There are growing numbers of “pan handlers” who beg for money claiming they have nothing and then walk across a parking lot and get into a 30+ k car. Some actually need the help but their are a growing number who are using pan handling as a way to scam people for money. People walk around gas station giving sad stories that they are trying to get to another location but have no money for gas. People give them money and they never buy any gas, they pocket the money and instead of pulling up to a pump they head out of the gas station.

      These occurrences are more and more common not less common, even though we have well over 80+ welfare programs that people can utilize for help, they (being many but not all) use those programs and instead of getting a legitimate job, they spend their time standing around pretending they need money and this becomes their job. If they are spending hours sitting around a bus station or subway or street corner pan handling, those are hours being wasted not looking for a legitimate job in which they can make a honest pay and fall into line with all the other tax payers and do their part as citizens.

      • seazen

        You are using anecdotes about some few people who are scamming the system (and they are no different from those like Madoff and others who scam the system on a much larger scale) to condemn all folks who really do need help in this hurting economy and the entire system that actually provides some support. Besides, with the employment situation being what it is finding a legitimate job is extremely difficult for many. Just note the long lines of people who appear when hiring notices are posted.
        And if you want to talk about real, authentic, unbridled greed you need to check how we have twisted the system to reward only those who already have far more than anyone would ever need. And these same people are tossing their money around our electoral system and our forms of mass communication just to protect their own piles of money.

        • Scott Pam

          And which political party do these same folks keep voting in year after year after year?

          The same party that keeps them financially enslaved. Democratic.

        • Amonite

          I’m disabled and poor. -Please- don’t speak for the ‘genuinely needy’. While Obama is liberal with the handouts (I even was mailed $250 when I pay no taxes – attempted bribery for my vote?) – life has actually got a lot more expensive. Because of Obamacare I now have to pay medical copays (which is $20-40 a week) and had to switch doctors. This is just after a former liberal governor in the area (Gregoire) removed many of the health benefits for the disabled in revenge for not getting one of her pet projects funded.

          Plus, I have a computer and a roof over my head and enough food to eat. That makes me pretty rich by the world’s standards.

          It would be a lot easier for many to find jobs (especially the youth and first time workers) if the minimum wage was not so high, and if there were not so many regulations driving red tape and prices up.

    • Amonite

      Many people prefer to willingly give charity over the government as opposed to just raising taxes to ‘help the poor’. Not only do taxes remove the generosity and connection, but the government is far more inefficient and wasteful in its attempts to aid the needy.

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