Walmart SELLS OUT of ‘Duck Dynasty’ merchandise in mass show of support

The pressure is mounting on Walmart to comment on the “Duck Dynasty” controversy that has sparked national outrage.

But the retail giant is staying silent while it banks millions in sales from the TV clan’s merchandise.

Heated debates on everything from free speech rights to the Christian cleansing in America have dominated the news for days after the show’s patriarch, Phil Robertson, revealed  his personal views of homosexuality in a recent interview with GQ magazine. The popular cast member was suspended from the show by host network A&E for offending the gay and lesbian community.

On Wednesday, Forbes asked, Is Walmart and A&E’s $400 million dollar empire at stake?

The answer may be a resounding ‘no,’ based on screenshots the Daily Mail grabbed of Walmart’s online shopping page as seen below:

Mail Online reported:

Walmarts sells a huge array of Duck Dynasty merchandise- from T-shirts to camo bedding, posters, watches, toy trucks, camo chairs, clothing, jewellery and even bottle openers.

Today, as Phil Robertson’s close-knit family insisted they would not film the hit A&E show without him following his suspension by the network, fans tweeted they were rushing to Walmart.

However, others pointed out that this support merely puts more money into A&E’s pockets as well, with one tweeting: ‘Loving that Tea People are rushing to Walmart to Duck Dynasty swag in protest of A& who OWNS the merchandising.’

Another added: ‘I better rush off to Walmart and buy up all the Phil Robertson merchandise ‘cuz it’s gonna be a collectors item one day.’

Another tweet read: ‘Your stores may look quite vacant when you pull down the Duck Dynasty merch. May want to double down on the Honey Boo Boo.’

DD merch

dd merch 2


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  • Neda Bauer

    buy “duck commander” not “duck dynasty” duck dynasty goes to A&E, while duck commander goes to robertsons.

    • Corey

      Who gets the profits for the new Duck Dynasty Chia Pet I saw I. A commercial the other day?

  • JesusisLove

    A&E wants to make as many millions off of their Duck Dynasty deal with Walmart. They own the brand, not Phil Robertson, and making huge profits off the same people screaming at them must be very satisfying.

    What one earth were these Walmart buyers thinking??

    • John

      Walmart shoppers thinking? I believe I found the problem.

      • JesusisLove

        The problem appears to be endemic among Phils followers. Self-defeating loons.

        • auntielib

          Speaking of “self-defeating loons”, male homosexuals are only about 1% of society yet account for over 70% of all new cases of AIDS in America. Which usually leads to their early death. The life span of the average homosexual is about 20 years less than that of a normal person! Can’t get much more self-defeating than that!

          • Jacques Doucheteau

            You would have a good point if your statistics weren’t total bunk, starting with the fact that you don’t even know the difference between HIV and AIDS.

          • auntielib

            They’re not my statistics; they are those published by the scientists over at the Centers for Disease Control. You’re certainly entitled to imagine that scientific data is “total bunk”, if you wish, but it does make you sound rather ignorant, Jacques. In addition, I do know the “difference” between HIV and AIDS, but it’s a waste of time talking any further to an ignoramus like you, that’s certainly clear.

  • Kimberly Bizzanelli

    I don’t know what those people are doing, but I bought MY stuff from the Duck Commander website—A & E doesn’t have anything to do with that. The profits all go to the Robertsons.

  • Keith Belair

    When you hear the term “low information voter” think about this as an example!! Do you think that these nimrods would be rushing off to Wally Mart to buy Duck Dynasty goods if they knew they were just supporting A & E or, if they had really done some homework and knew that Duck Dynasty was owned by A&E maybe they would just let the merchandise sit on WM’s shelves and mold away. As an individual that has 0 tolerance for stupid people I find this reaction typical of most Americans. They take once ounce of information, misconstrue it and weave an entire story out of it. Really sad state of the union.

  • Deep Space

    A&E gets 90% of the profits. The stupid redneck Wal-mart shoppers really showed them! LOL!

  • Corey

    Walmart shoppers do support anti-American made merchandise, so year, I can see dumb red-necks thinking their doing good by helping shut down more small American businesses by shopping at Walmart, who screw their workers over too

    • Glenn Griffith

      bigoted pig

    • auntielib

      Greedy unions have destroyed America’s manufacturing base, that is correct.
      I for one am pleased that Walmart CONTINUES to keep the greedy unions out of their workforce!

      • grandma jones

        That’s right. Walmart is one of the main reasons we have to have an affordable care act. My son worked there for a year before he was offered any kind of health care. People on a Walmart salary may just quality for food stamps and all kinds of government subsidies. I think it’s more that Greedy CEO’s and greedy stockholders have forced industry oversears.

        • auntielib

          Why didn’t your son PURCHASE health care if he wanted some?

  • doro3666

    Walmart is doing the right thing. They do sell Duck Dynasty stuff so it’s obvious on who’s side they are on, compared to Cracker Barrel who pulled the stuff off the stupid was that?

  • doro3666

    In my opinion A & E CEO’s are stupid, biased, and probably some of them are gay…next time don’t ask , don’t tell

  • Deep Space
  • caseymcconnaughy

    I’ve never watched the show in my life. I don’t have time to waste my life away watching fake “reality” shows. I do support the guy and whatever he wants to say. He shouldn’t have been fired. I do think its pretty stupid that people waste money buying dumb azz trailer trash shirts just because they have some guy with an overgrown beard on them.

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