CNN gets Obama’s quote wrong: ‘I screwed the duck’

The controversy centering around “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson’s expressed views on homosexuality has dominated conversation in the country, leaving many, to include the cable news network CNN, with “duck on the brain.”

President Obama held an end-of-year press conference Friday, and while discussing the roll-out of Obamacare, candidly admitted, “We screwed it up.”

But, somehow, CNN misinterpreted what the president said and posted on its website an article that included the headline: “Obama: ‘I screwed the duck’ on healthcare roll-out.”

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The mistake can be seen in a tweet by a deputy news director at BuzzFeed, and was captured by Twitchy, reminding us again that the Internet is forever:

As the tweet noted, at some point CNN realized its mistake and quietly changed the headline to read, “Obama addresses successes, shortcomings for 2013.”

Others began tweeting the inaccurate quote, meaning they could have heard the same thing or were influenced by CNN’s mistake. The crack Twitchy team posted a few of the responses, to include:

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Tom Tillison

Tom Tillison

Tom is a grassroots activist who distinguished himself as one of the top conservative bloggers in Florida before joining BizPac Review.
Tom Tillison


  • Jan McMullen

    This was NO screw up by CNN it was an intentional misrepresentation!

  • Susan Daniels

    Obama is sucking up to the American people who now despise him by trying to pretend he’s one of them by like Duck Dynasty.

    • Matthew Jimmy

      My thoughts exactly. There is no way in heck he’d be watching a show like that, too American, too earthy, too homegrown.

      • Margie

        I was thinking “too white” but I yield to your “too’s”.

  • Doug

    If you screw a Muscovy Duck you should get a medal.

    • Don’t Even Try It!

      I guess it would be better to screw a duck than get screwed by a duck…I once saw a duck and his tool must have been over a foot long! Wicked!!

  • Jason Buckwheat


  • Dane Clark

    This is coming from a network that protraded President Bush as an idiot if he miss quoted anything. Now its ha ha ha for CNN. What a joke and its as plain as day what these people are about. I am all for the man Phil speaking out against this plauge that is hurting this country of homosexuality. If you are confused look between your legs. You are what you are and God does not make mistakes. Its time all good and desent people of this country get a grip on this sin that is plauging us and the scrooge and scurge that is taking over this country. This country is only as strong as its inner core and now its coming apart from this inside out.

    • Doug

      He was portrayed that right. You’re correct. Are you the movie star Dane Clark?

  • Apostle Rubie James

    Everything that Mr Obama says has been and will be misconstrued perverted and read into from a negative sometimes racist mindset by hatemongers. I am thankful and honor him for allowing the denigrations and ignorance of others roll off his back like a water rolls off a ducks back. In a time where this country ought to be seeking peace and unity accepting others where they are on whatever level they are on, we are continually tearing each other down. What can we possible gain? How is it bettering our lives and the lives of people around the nation by spewing hate? We then have audacity to blame the negative results of our behavior , thoughts and words on God…Divine Law people, “Whatsoever a man sows that shall he reap” as simple as the Law of Gravity: “What goes up must come down”. Unless there is some new formula someone has created to prevent either! If so, someone tell me about it because I need to be saved!

    • Thomas Viveiros

      The fact is Phil Robertson was also speaking about the FagBait in Chief lol .

    • quillerm

      CNN is racist against Obama? How do they find time, between kissing his ring and licking his shoes in obedience?

    • auntielib

      But at least your beloved Obama is the First Failed Black President.
      So the news isn’t all bad, Rubie.

      • Doug

        Somebody’s got to be first.

    • Mlm46

      “roll of his back like a water rolls off a ducks back”. I find that hilarious since he is so into ducks now! HaHa

    • kimberkid

      Since the day he took office CNN has been so far up Obama’s ass they are no longer considered a credible news source. Then there’s MSNBC who’s blind, cult-like love for Obama has made them a running joke and another cable network that people no longer consider trustworthy enough to broadcast the news. Here’s a little tip for ya Ruthie.If you want the truth, ask yourself::”What does the FOX say?”

      • Apostle Rubie James

        Actually I know Truth and it does not come from CNN or Fox…My mind is actually on higher positive things than what others say. I only responded because it came to my mail box. I could care less about what any of you think just as I do not care what they think. You people do not define me! My life does not depend on what any of you say or do! So have a coke and a smile and enjoy your life or get one for Pete’s sake.

        • JHorvathJr

          You can’t care what others think because clearly you CANT think.

          • Apostle Rubie James

            According to certain European mindsets your are perhaps right but according to racist mindsets I think to much and know too much to tumble your raciest ignorant applecart full of rotten apples. Is that the only way you can make yourself feel important and superior to others is by attacking them for voicing their opinion? or not wanting to be privy to your ignorance JHorvathJr…Why don’t you come out and state the real problem! I CANT think? Kunta Kenta!

          • JHorvathJr

            If you have no argument, do namecalling. It will make you feel clever and intelligence. Hey, ruby J at leat ignorance can be cured but your stupidity is forever.

    • hunterson

      Can we bet when Mr. Obama spews hate on his fellow Americans you are not so upset? Does Presidential lying upset you as well, Rubie?

      • Wraith Against RichOligarchy

        Benghazi anyone??? You can keep your doctor & your insurance if you want to??? & the list goes on…Indeed, he is Pinocchio incarnated.

      • Apostle Rubie James

        You know Hunterson, I have come to a point in my life that whatever others do or not do does it NOT upset me, I am NOT bothered by it…I think it is called INNER PEACE. I have a life and I choose not to allow negativities to enter into it! I can understand why you people are afraid and lash out at others…yet, what are you accomplishing? Or are you so full of hate that to see people as they truly are is a hateful and foreign thing for you to do? I truly feel sorry for all you spewing hate and negatives. It is an indication where your life is and the negative that will be coming back at you.

        • hunterson

          bunk. Your bigotry over whelms your sense of justice and your faux talk of peace makes you look like a kook.

    • JHorvathJr

      Read my lips, “I never said that.” Love the liar but hate the lie. And, in this case so many lies. Keep your doctor. Red line in the Sand. Only those who remember what he said will hate the man. As for you, get back to reading yo’ massa’s talking points. All other presidents were “criticized” only Obama has “racist assaults” whenever someone points out his lying. CNN racist. That IS precious. You poor victim.

  • quillerm

    Such a hateful, disgusting attack on innocent ducks, such speech should be condemned by PETA. Who will the liberal ‘thought police’ fire or suspend for this crime against ducks?

    • Patricia Chandler Thomas


  • Wraith Against RichOligarchy

    The morals, values, & principles that Mr. obama promotes
    are not the ones that the American people in general do practice, believe in, or even conduct themselves. His is just a propagandistic attempt to win back the hearts & minds of people, which is quite hypocritical because under his regime people are still losing their right to free speech, free faith, & even a desperate attempt to take their freedom to bear arms as well. Beware of this man, Mr. obama & the people behind him pulling the strings. All of them do have an agenda.

    Check out these videos & decide for yourselves:

    Just to get you started…You should do your own research…There is so much out there that people are not even aware…

    • kimberkid

      Here, Here!! ^^^

      • Wraith Against RichOligarchy

        Any time…

  • Darr247

    Anyone that thinks it violated his right of free speech doesn’t even know what the 1st amendment means.

    • kimberkid

      Will you teach us about the 1st. amendment, Uncle Dar?

      • Darr247

        Sure, kimmie… the freedom of speech clause of the 1st amendment prohibits congress from passing laws restricting freedom of speech.

        Congress didn’t pass any law saying to fire duck faddy for his bigoted uneducated opinions, so freedom of speech has nothing to do with this case. Also, the 1st amendment applies to states as well, under the doctrine of “incorporation,” so state governments can’t pass laws restricting rights granted by the federal constitution and its amendments, either.

        You’re certainly free to go to work Monday morning and call your boss a bestiality practitioner, but even if you can prove that’s true and factual, he can still fire you, and that’s absolutely NOT prevented by *any* constitutional provision or amendment.

        Similarly, prior to all the recent laws being passed outlawing discrimination based on sexual orientation, a gay business owner could fire people for being “straight” and there would have been no recourse, vis-a-vis the courts, to protest that action, let alone reverse it.

        Don’t forget to discuss all this with your high school government teacher, when you get there.

        • kimberkid

          Are you one of those no account people I’m hearing about all the time,,Dar? Why do you always want someone to give you something for nothing, Dar/? Wouldn’t you feel better about yourself if you worked for it, Dar? Were your momma & daddy poor too, Dar? Couldn’t your momma afford a whole first name for you, Dr? You poor thing…….Oh yeah, take off those stupid glasses, Dar…..

        • JHorvathJr

          Wow, you’re so right. Like everyone knows that A&E “reality” shows are scripted. Phil should have know from the get-go that a “reality” show was meant to show Americans at their worse. Free speech OUTSIDE the workplace doesn’t exist. If you are owned by a public corporation, just pull your forelock and say “yes’m, massa.”

  • Darr247

    Losing Your TV Job Is Not a First Amendment Issue

    Read more: Losing Your TV Job Is Not a First Amendment Issue |

    • auntielib

      What about if you’re a homosexual who has a job outside of the TV industry? Are you also OK with their employer firing him simply because that homosexual has been caught expressing a pro-homosexual viewpoint somewhere outside of the workplace, Darr247?

      • Darr247

        Your comment is a total non-sequitur.

        Are you somehow in your fantasy world alleging that no homosexual has ever been fired from their job for expressing their views (either on or off the job)???

        Do you live in a state that’s passed equal protection laws according to sexual orientation?
        If not, hopefully a gay person won’t buy your company and fire you for being straight, because you will have no recourse under the law.

        • JHorvathJr

          Darr, we already know that if you are owned by a liberal corporation there is no “outside” the workplace. What else did the talking points require you to think?

          • Darr247

            Corporations are people too, according to the SCOTUS.

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