Prince Charles says what Obama won’t: Christians are being persecuted

The United Kingdom’s Prince Charles addressed a problem largely ignored by President ObamaChristians being targeted for persecution in the Middle East and North Africa by fundamentalist Muslims.

The prince made his remarks at a reception for religious leaders at Clarence House, the official London residence of The Prince of Wales, according to The Telegraph.

Prince Charles’ comments were a subject for the Wednesday night panel on Fox News’ “The Kelly Files.” After playing a short clip of his remarks, host Megyn Kelly called for reactions.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but good for Prince Charles,” Monica Crowley said, adding that it’s an issue that has failed to gain traction in the West “because it’s Christians who are being prosecuted.”

Democratic pollster Bernard Whitman said that as a gay Jew, he felt particularly “sensitive to the plight of the persecuted.”

“At the end of the day, discrimination, hate, persecution, prejudice all comes from the same place — it’s ignorance, it’s fear and it’s wrong,” he added.

Watch the discussion,m then check out A cappella group’s amazing version of ‘Little Drummer Boy’ goes insanely viral.

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  • Grumpy

    President Obama isn’t in much of a position to say s**t about Christian Persecution in North Africa and Syria. OUR President is using US Tax Dollars to train, arm and finance “Obama’s Syrian Rebels [mostly jihadists], the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and the Al Qaeda Militia’s in Libya…

    In fact a group of Egyptian Criminal lawyers has asked the International Criminal Court to indict OUR President as a global sponsor of Islamic terrorism…

    • Linda Farley Rogers

      He is not MY president and I do not consider him a president . He is a monster who needs to be run out of town on a rail

      • Grumpy

        Outta the country and off the planet might be better.. BUT, for now, He is the President of the United States..

        On Sunday roughly 40,000,000 Americans will attend a Christian Church.. Yet no more than a handful of ministers will tell their congregations about the mass murder of Christians being paid for with our dollars–

        No one has the guts.

        • Giovanna Sabella

          You are so right. Nor has Obama in one of him visits to a church (he says he’s a Christian) said anything about the Christians being slaughtered in the the Middle East. He may have to mention that it is Muslims who are doing it, and that, of course, would be a a no-no for someone whose background is Muslim. If he truly is a Christian, as he professes to be, he is a mighty strange one. But then he’s strange in all areas, so why should we be surprised at anything he does. Or says.

        • mike

          40,000,000 out of 350,000,000? Eleven percent?

      • Wraith Against RichOligarchy

        I am going to second that, Mr. obama is not also my president, I voted against him, & I am still against him. That has not changed.

    • common sense

      no surprises here…
      some call him satan…
      and some just call him insane…
      and he is no president of mine.

      1. he goes on national television and sides with a thug with a criminal record after a jury exonerates a man for protecting himself when he was trying to keep his neighborhood safe.

      2. he is releasing 9 crack cocaine dealers from the prisons saying it’s not a severe enough crime. Really because as far as I know dealing crack into the hands of people does, in fact, kill.

      3. and I am still amazed at how the health director, Loretta Fuddy, who verified his birth certificate, was the ‘only person’ to die in a plane full of people in an ‘accidental’ plane crash leaving Hawaii. Isn’t that where Barry is from?

      4. we need to be protected by this corruption right here in our own backyard. His actions and those who back him are a disgrace to this country.

  • Mark Caldwell

    Genuinely surprised. Good for you Charles, I’m sure after seeing the destructive consequences of unbridled Muslim immigration into Europe many Brits are concerned with the levels of violence barbarian jihadists bring.

  • Don Wolfe

    Obama is not worried because he is a muslim. he hates America and americans

    • lvginclp

      Oh, you mean that same guy you and your ilk castigate for attending Reverend Wright’s CHRISTIAN church for 20 years? That guy? And, yes, as we all know Muslims hate America.

      • tateabolic

        Reverend Wright? The same guy that obuma denounced, and was “outraged” and “saddened” by his comment’s? Yeah, sounds like they were REAL close.

      • tateabolic

        AND, if obuma, the BIGGEST disgrace this country has ever known, is not mot muslim, then why is he funding the muslim brotherhood, and syrian “rebels,” etc, etc? While DE-FUNDING the US Military and firing Top Military brass left and right? (in MY opinion because they chose to follow their Oath, and NOT agree to shoot upon American citizens)

        • amanirayan

          A bit rich coming from you. I don’t remember you respecting humans. You held and used slaves like animals. And even then you didn’t want to free them, half of you fought during the civil war to keep the status quo. And guess what, you and the other idiots are the other half.

          • tateabolic

            WTF are you talking about? I’ve never had any slaves. Your president is trying to make me one, but I will die a pile of brass before that happens!

          • amanirayan

            No but your grand dad and ma did. If rev wright was white, you’d be licking his ass. The reason your hiding your face is coz you are a pig. The only blood you’ll be seeing is your own. Daft brainless fool. Lol

          • tateabolic

            Think I’m afraid to show my face, here it is faggot. I’m not scared to show my face, why you hide yours? You afraid one of these pigs blood bullets my find it’s way between your eyes? And again, you’re wrong, my grand parent’s didn’t own slaves either. But either way, how does that concern me? And as far a Wright, I lick NO MAN’S ass! I will bow to NO ONE!

          • amanirayan

            America was made without you. Obama has the likes of Google, Facebook, etc who supported him. You use rubber bullets? I think put that scarf back on mate, youre scaring the other pigs on here.

          • tateabolic

            Come find out!

          • tateabolic

            Come find out! Afraid to show your face? Oh that’s right, your’ women aren’t allowed to show their faces…..

          • tateabolic

            Bring it Sandnigger! I’m waiting!

          • Grumpy

            Understand Omar al Bashier got Barry’s brother Malik Obama a good deal on a 14 year old Christian Girl captured out of South Sudan..-

      • tateabolic

        Also, I got your “ilk” right here! Right along with my bullets that have been dipped in pig’s blood.

      • patrioticus

        You ought to do some research on Rev Wright there sweet-cheeks, he says he’s Christian, but, he’s a racist hate preacher, not a Christian.

        • tateabolic

          that’s what I was thinking!

          • Khris Kringle

            And you would be TOTALLY correct. He’s nothing but another Sharpton and Jesse jackass.

      • badbadlibs

        Living your life with your head firmly planted south of your navel is no way to exist.
        It’s time you look beyond the liberal media’s headlines.

      • Deputy Dawg

        Rev Wright’s church isn’t Christianity… it’s called Black Liberation Theology. It’s a highly racial religion, bordering on a hate group.

        • DoraG38

          Wow! I can hardly wait. Wonder if the liberal press will even out this!!!!

          • Deputy Dawg

            Anyone is free to do the research. It’s Joe Arpaio’s cold case investigation team working the case. They have said what they’ve uncovered goes FAR BEYOND birth certificate issues, and was quoted as being “universe shattering” and “nefarious.” I just wish they’d release what they have now, but since it’s a criminal investigation they cannot release details as of yet.

          • JoeSixpaq

            Bwah hah ha! You actually think Arpaio is going to get somewhere with his silly “investigation?” Good luck with that.

          • Deputy Dawg

            Apparently they came up with something already. Probably wasn’t difficult to find. We’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we?

          • JoeSixpaq

            Ha, yeah, right. Whatever. I’m sure Obama is quaking in his boots.

            You loons have been pushing this birther nonsense since before Obama was elected the first time. You’ve gotten exactly nowhere. The only thing you’ve accomplished is making yourselves look foolish. Please proceed.

        • Khris Kringle

          Do you have insider information on what’s going to happen in March. I hope so. I pray for the day this “man” gets his just due!

    • NoCrud

      “By their fruit shall ye know them.” How prophetic…

      • Carl Gottstein

        Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

        • NoCrud

          Freedom is a privilege that is paid for by the blood of patriots.

  • Janet Lingel Aldrich

    Well said, sir. Thank you.

  • tateabolic

    Right on Prince Charles! (never thought I’d say that!) At least two top world leaders have balls! (Putin and Prince Charles)

    • amanirayan

      Putin’s got balls to suppress his own opposition you idiot. He made sure he was re-elected. Read what every human rights organisation says about him. People are routinely held and jailed for voicing their democratic rights. You wouldn’t be saying that if he was your president.

      • tateabolic

        I think I want to meet you, you sound like someone I’d like to have a personal conversation with!

  • Carl Gottstein

    Nice of him to notice. Now what does the richest and most powerful man in the world plan to do about the GENOCIDE? NOTHING> It is all part of the greater goal of less humans on earth.

  • FSHNT21

    You don’t really expect Obama to protect anyone besides his Muslim buddies, do you…?
    Get on with Benghazi and get this guy on his way to prison where he belongs….

    • rhetorical1

      Along with hillery clinton, holder, jarrett and the rest of his administration.

      • NoCrud

        And the “horse” that they rode in on.

        • Kenneth Clark

          That would be a Jack Ass with its ears clipped… :-)

      • common sense

        you forgot to add ‘corrupt’….administration.

  • NoCrud

    So, Prince Charles is another world leader that is more a leader than The Obamaroid… It is what we’ve come to expect. Come to think of it, though, what has our Featless Leader ever done that is in any way inspiring or meaningfully historical?

    It seems that America be remembered more for a “Present” that always kept Air Force One limbered up and ready for action.

  • badbadlibs

    The con man in the WH would CHOKE on those words, should his teleprompter ever bear them.

    • NoCrud

      What does it say about out educational system when it takes The Obamaroid all those years at Columbia and Harvard just so he can read a teleprompter?

  • allen goldberg

    And that is because is now, and always has been a Muslim, and a sympathizer for Islam.

    • Arizona_Don

      The only people who do not acknowledge obama is of Islamic background and belief is his liberal progressive communistic supporters here in the US and elsewhere. However, everything he does leads one to believe he is totally muslim. He even declares as much in his own book. His pretense at being Christian is strictly to fool those Christians (and other religions) who would otherwise oppose him if they knew for sure. It is acceptable as a matter of fact advised to lie and do what ever is necessary to fool and control and convert other religions into the so called Islamic religion (referring to Islam as a religion is false in itself). Those unable to be converted are to be killed! If obama is successful it will not only be Jews murdered it will be anyone who is not muslim! Who thought hitler and stalin were bad actors? Ya ain’t seen nothing yet folks if the muslims are successful in this takeover. Everything obama has done since taking office is in reality to prepare for total control of the American citizen and yet we have a large portion of our population who still cannot see this because be refers to himself as a progressive democrat. Are all the progressive democrats blind or just ignorant?

      Some it seems are waking up now but will it be enough to make a difference or repel this take over before others become violent in their resistance? Because that will happen I guarantee it! Many including myself have at times thought obama is ignorant others see him as sort of a messiah and extremely intelligent however, I suspect neither are correct. He is average but determined to make this conversion of America into Islam. Now we finally know what his fundamental transformation meant. Those who elected and reelected this person may live to loathe their choice. That is unless they are themselves muslim!