Non-citizens caught voting; swing state cracks down


Showing he’s taking voter fraud seriously, Ohio’s secretary of state recommended Wednesday that 17 non-citizens who voted in the 2012 presidential election be prosecuted.

Secretary of State Jon Husted has also found 274 others who remain on voter rolls, and he’s looking for more, Fox News re[prted.

Ohio was an important swing state in 2012. When it was called for President Obama, that was pretty much the end of the ball game for his challenger, Republican Mitt Romney. Obama took the state by just two percentage points.

“I have a responsibility to uphold election law, and under both federal and state law, you must be a citizen to vote,” Husted said, according to Fox News.

And he’s not just seeking out non-citizens. Fox reported:

As part of Ohio’s efforts to clean up the voting rolls, election officials discovered that more than 257,000 dead people were still listed as active voters. Their names and status, Husted said, have since been removed. 

In addition, election authorities note they have drastically reduced the number of duplicate registrations, from 340,000 in 2011 to just four this past November — and that more than 370,000 Ohio voters who have moved have been contacted to update their voting information. 

“Now that we have the ability to cross-check citizenship information with Ohio’s voter rolls, I will continue to be vigilant and to push the General Assembly for additional tools to modernize our elections systems, making it easy to vote and hard to cheat,” Husted told Fox.

The 17 cases referred for prosecution aren’t the first in the Buckeye state. Election officials successfully prosecuted several others since the November 2012 election, including a poll worker accused of voting six times.

The worker, Melowese Richardson, was convicted on four counts and is serving a five-year prison term. Prosecutors said she voted in the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections in the name of her sister, who has been comatose since 2003, according to Fox News. In 2012, she voted under multiple names, including that of her granddaughter, India Richardson, who told Fox News, “It wasn’t a big deal.”

A Cincinnati man was also sentenced after pleading guilty to voter fraud, Fox reported.

Liberals claim voter fraud investigations cast a chilling effect on minorities exercising their right to vote, and are little more than thinly-veiled voter suppression. Conservatives argue that they’re only legitimizing the process.

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  • Iowa48

    “Those who cast the votes decide nothing.
    Those who count the votes decide everything.” – Stalin

    Argonne National Laboratory demonstrated that they could hack electronic voting machines from one-half mile away, using nothing more than the equivalent of an 8th grade science education and a $26 device. They could change the votes without the voter ever being aware that their vote had been compromised.

    In Washington State and Minnesota they decide elections by the ballots “found” in the trunks of cars parked in the SEIU union-hall parking lots. In Oregon they have mail-in voting, so elections are decided by manufactured voters, or nursing-care aides “assisting” the disabled, mentally challenged, and dementia voters in filling out their mail-in ballots.

    Voter ID may be the least of our problems with the elections. I move that we save all the time and money wasted on holding an actual election, and just ask Bertha Lewis or George Soros
    who “won” the election.

    • TimO

      Al this time I thought that quote was from an Obama address at an ACORN rally.

  • Thomas Viveiros

    Funny how it’s only the DemocRATs who get caught for voter fraud . Here in my home state of Rhode Island it’s amazing how many dead people vote and how many people with cars registeroed in Florida [to dodge the local tax man] vote here also .

    • obamathemarxist

      I live in Florida, we have the same thing here that’s why some locales vote Democratic, because of all the Northeastern liberal scum.

      • Garys_opinion

        ??? The Northeastern liberal scum are Democrats!

  • rhodes autry

    Good job Ohio, now just 49 more states to get on the wagon

  • Steve Di Sano

    No I.D. No Vote

  • M.j. Zuzich

    It’s said that all politics is local. So, I’m thinking that if fraudulent votes are being cast it would be because of poor local oversight over polling sites and registrations. In that case -we have met the enemy, and he is us!

    • Archie Dicksion

      “we have met the enemy and he is us”. wonder how many other people remember the famous statement by Pogo?

  • Susan Daniels

    Husted is a fraud. 200,000 illegal votes were cast in OH and Obama won the state by 160,000. Husted never challenged the counties that had more than 100% participation and he was told on election day of voting irregularities. He wants to be the next governor that’s why he is putting on a show now.

  • obamathemarxist

    Fantastic, he better watch his back Holder/Obama will be after him. It’s funny how Democrats say that Voter Fraud is a myth.

  • obamathemarxist

    I am worried, even with a law requiring an ID some states issue Driver’s Licenses to illegals. I know a lot of people don’t like it but a possible solution would be a National Voter ID badge that couldn’t be copied/cloned or otherwise tampered with.

  • car333

    Don’t you think it’s about time to crack down? If all states cracked down a few years ago we wouldn’t have the dirt bag we now have in the BLACK HOUSE.

  • Garys_opinion

    In response to Voter I.D. laws the Democrat’s still maintain that there is no voter fraud. This in spite of the fact that Kennedy won his election because of voter fraud in Cook County (Chicago) in 1960, Illinois and Al Gore tried mightily in Florida in 2000.

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