‘Lie of the year’ already surfaces in NH political ad

The political fallout has already begun over Politifact crowning President Obama’s mantra that Americans could keep their health care plan of choice the Lie of the Year.”

The first ad is running in New Hampshire against the Democratic incumbent, U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, tagging her for repeating the lie.

“On health care, Jeanne Shaheen didn’t tell the truth,” the ad says.

The spot was produced by Ending Spending, whose website describes its mission this way:

“Despite our massive federal debt and the annual budget deficits that increase it every year, Washington politicians continue their out-of-control spending practices. Ending Spending exists because the federal budget process is broken and it is now up to taxpayers across America to demand solutions. Our mission is non-partisan and straight forward: to make sense of the federal budget, to end wasteful government spending, and to expose elected officials who say one thing and do another. If you believe that the government spends too much on things we can’t afford and don’t need — and that our politicians should work together to cut spending and reduce the federal debt — then join the Ending Spending community. We’ve had enough talk; it’s time for real solutions!”

The ad concludes with a play on Obama’s words:

“Next November, if you like your senator, you can keep her. If not, you know what to do.”

H/T: Conservative Intel

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  • Rob

    and EliseR will come here to say that’s a lie.

  • Steve Di Sano

    Scott Brown Is coming to save the people of New Hamphire

  • George Blackshear

    Vote all liberals out in 2014/16, if you are a true American, if not then reap what you sow.

  • fideux

    They all need to go on both sides of the isle! That would send a message to future candidates that their looting of their constituency will be a thing of the past. As long as people continue to support the theft of American’s livelihood, they will keep it up themselves. “My people love paying taxes upon taxes; they keep re-electing me for more terms!”

    • George Blackshear

      Fideux I am in total agreement with you, they are nothing but a bunch of corrupted born liars, we need to vote everyone of them out, for sure.