County allows KKK’s impeach Obama meeting in government building

Free speech might not be worth much to A&E, but the First Amendment still applies in Elkton, Md.

Even when the speech is aimed at impeaching the president.

confederatewhiteknights1A Ku Klux Klan-affiliated group called the Confederate White Knights has received permission from Maryland’s Cecil County to conduct a meeting in the county’s administration building to build public support to impeach President Obama, according to the Cecil Whig.

(Was anyone else surprised there are still newspapers named after a political party that effectively died in the 1850s?)

“Barack Hussein Obama is an illegal president,” Confederate White Knights Imperial Wizard Richard Preston told the Whig.

“He needs to be removed from office. We also want ‘Obamacare’ shut down. It’s against citizen’s rights.”

Permission to use the public building was not an official endorsement of the group’s views, the county explained in a prepared statement. But it was a way of fulfilling the First Amendment’s guarantee that the freedom of speech shall not be abridged.

“The First Amendment also prohibits local government from discriminating against an organization’s right of free speech and peaceable assembly on public property, no matter how offensive the message may be,” the county stated.

According to the Whig, the Confederate White Knights are a Klan group that is trying to move beyond the KKK of the past – the one founded and staffed for generations by the Democratic Party of the South

That KKK – the Democrat KKK – was aimed at enforcing the written and unwritten rules of the Jim Crow South to enforce racial segregation.

The Confederate White Knights is different, Preston told the Whig, and certainly not part of today’s Democratic Party led by Obama.

“It’s not about race. It’s about America,” he said. “It’s time for the American people to stand up.”

And in the Cecil County seat of Elkton, Md., it’s about the First Amendment.


  • Karen Martin


    • EliseR

      How does it feel to agree with the KKK?

      • rhodes autry

        Which one the democratic kkk or the confederate kkk? Which one do you like better?

      • 19Robes50

        Many people agree with this singular statement EliseR. If a KKK member told you that the sky was blue, would you disagree with that?

        Your foolish statements overwhelm anything you might be trying to say.

        Read a book Ma’am.

      • common sense

        KKK? never mind Barry or is it Barrack going on national television after a jury exonerates a man for trying to protect himself against a thug in the night wearing a hoodie with a criminal record stalking his neighbors. How does it feel to stick up for a racist thug?

  • Rob

    Even the KKK has now left the Democrat Party’s plantation.

    • rhodes autry

      That is funny

  • Don Sebold

    He has Muslims serving in a “appointed” positions why not KKK….and Karen he wast chosen he was given the presidency…I agree with your words 1000%… Read about the Bilderbergs and David Rockerfella,Tri Lateral commission,Council for Public Relations, these are shadow government groups that exist just behind the surface who actually run things….google and see who sits on these boards that despise your freedoms…

  • cmouse

    I hate these guys. Take down that Confederate Battle Flag! It belongs to the 286,000 men who died defending their homeland from an invading army sent by Washington DC, not to you.

    • bamashades

      we all like that flag in the South, you must be new or not in the South.

    • 19Robes50

      That confederate battle flag was carried by hundreds of thousands of Americans who fought for what they believed in. The Civil War was an ugly time in America’s history. Fathers against sons, brothers against brothers. I believe the right side won that horrible war, but the men who fought it were all patriots… Lincoln recognized it.

      Perhaps you should re read The Gettysburg Address. The Confederates are honored there as well as the North’s forces.

  • RogerOgden

    People should consider that this may just be a ruse to discredit those groups that want Obama impeached. Black nationalists have been working with KKK groups since the 1920’s and Obama’s church has a black-nationalist doctrine.

    • rhodes autry

      That is certainly a funny twist.

      • RogerOgden

        It is just little known history. I organized an impeach Obama demo once in Phoenix. An old Nazi showed up there and said he used to be an organizer for George Lincoln Rockwell, once head of the American Nazi Party, who worked with the Black Muslims. He objected to my message of impeachment, because he said we are trying to work with the blacks, meaning Obama. I replied, “well, we aren’t on the same side, then.” He said “that’s because you are too g-d stupid” and stalked away. Black Liberation Theology can be considered to be an off-shoot of the Nation of Islam, a black nationalist sect.

        • StanSki

          For a bunch of savages whose greatest achievement is the mud hut, Haiti and the new South Africa, their idea of a Black Utopia is scary indeed.

  • bamashades

    this use to be good organiztion that got a bad wrap, i know personally, they horse whipped a fellow that beat his wife and kids when he got drunk, after the whipping and the promise of more, he never got drunk again, lived a good life, even joined the church. I know they mistreated blacks, but they did warn them first, with crosses, hanging were to the extreme, dont take to taking a life, anybodies, i am glad to see them trying to do good, and in all places a yankee state

    • EliseR

      Sure, it’s ok to terrorize people because of the color of their skin, as long as you warn them first.

      • StanSki

        Yup. Hitler told the jews usurping Germany to get out. Some listened, others didn’t. So they got what was coming to them.

        • bamashades

          dont believe me, i see the good in things, you only see the bad, and you know nothing from personal experience, thats not a good way to judge things

      • bamashades

        they warned the white people too,

  • rhodes autry

    My curiosity is if the confederate KKK is not about race, but is just pro-America, then why the pointy hat mask thing?

    • StanSki

      Would you want to show your face if you were taking on one of the most genocidal twerps to ever run free across the Earth?

      • bamashades

        Stan, you dont know what your talking about, only what somebody has told you are you might have read in a magazine

  • rhodes autry

    If you allow all the other idiots in America the license to do all kind of crap, then this is just another brick in the wall.

  • Deborah

    The group doesn’t matter. It’s the message of “IMPEACH OBAMA” that counts.

  • Joan Barrett

    Obama needs to be impeached – and if the new KKK are the only ones with enough balls to spearhead the movement, so be it! I’ll support their effort.

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