Two white men ‘lynched’ by black student; she calls it art

lynch-white An African-American art student in California lynched two white guys as an art project, resulting in yet another case study in the accepted double standard in America when it comes to race.

Christina Edwards, a senior at Sacramento State University, hung the two white men from a tree with a thick rope to draw attention to a time when African Americans were lynched because of the color of their skin.

The men were reportedly actors and were in no real danger during the project, according to The College Fix.

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“The purpose of this performance was to bring to light social injustices and the issue of inequality that impacts me and my community as a whole,” the student told the local Fox affiliate.

“Edwards says she chose to illustrate this time in history by using race reversal, in an effort to shine new light on an old but standing matter,” Fox40 reported.

The report stated that Edwards said she followed all campus procedures.

Alexander Gonzalez, president of Sacremento State, disagreed, according to Fox40. In a statement released on the matter, he said, in part: “The university did not approve the display, and I want to assure everyone that I am working to address the multiple issues raised by this incident.”

There is little doubt that a white student choosing to lynch two black men as an art project would have elicited a much harsher response from the school.

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  • jaydavis

    The 2 white guys need their asses kicked.

    • Eric

      Racist pig!

      • Pete Bohnhof

        I think you may misunderstand what Jay is saying. He is saying it is disgraceful that two white men would participate in something so asinine. Also, it is other white men that should be doing the ass-kicking, as these morons would probably not respond to anything less.

        • jaydavis

          That feeling when somebody gets you.

      • Farrightofleft

        So Eric, have you ever heard of Freedom of Speech? Jaydavis has every right to comment. That is what art is all about, for the viewer to experience and comment he did. I’m Latina, and I agree with him. lol

        And, before you comment, I am bi-racial, just like Obama. This piece of artwork, is a piece of crap.

        • Zephaniah

          Farrighotofleft… I do agree with what you say about freedom of speech; but shouldn’t that cut both ways? our immediate politically correct culture says this is ‘ok’, but for a white person to depict the lynching of two black men would be harshly treated…. I don’t watch Duck Dynasty, but shouldn’t he be allowed to have his personal thoughts and make them just like anyone who may disagree and vocalize his/her beliefs and opinions? The real problem is that there are two standards – one applicable to whites and one applicable to blacks. A sad state of affairs.

          • jai

            Wonder how this self appointed artist would view a white artist hanging two black actors. All hell would break loose, but the truth is this so-called artist has no talent and must resort to sensationalism to compensate.
            Who cares? Nobody was hung. I hope the two actors got paid.

        • patrioticus

          Standards need to be the same. No one gets a free pass for skin color or what happened in the past done to and by OTHER people.
          Children are not responsible for what their parents have done.

        • wildchill

          I agree with you but… Would it have been art had the races been reversed? Not no but hell no. Double standard , oh yeah.

    • Doug

      If you kick their asses too hard it might jiggle their necks.

    • emiliani

      Hmm, I wonder if the high artistic and academic standards there at Sac State would give its blessing to a different photographic exhibit: two Muslim women (symbolizing Sunni and Shiite Islam — or Mecca and Medina — or a million other stupid dualistic symbols) hanging from a Sacramento elm tree after jumping from the backseat of a Saudi automobile (because they aren’t allowed in the front seat) — you know, while the anonymity of their faces are maintained by their full-body burqa. Now that would be some powerful art; but I don’t suppose we’ll see anything of the kind, nor should we. Sounds like she’s angling for a cash grant from the National Disembowelment of the Arts.

  • AndyBinGA

    Between 1882 and 1968, the Tuskegee Institute recorded 1,297 lynchings of whites as well as the 3,446 lynchings of African Americans during that period.

    More blacks are killed EACH YEAR by other blacks when compared to the entire 86 years of recorded lynchings. Christina Edwards is a racist trying to play the race card.

    • Frank Nicolosi

      This may start a new sequel to the knockout crimes. What are they thinking?

    • Farrightofleft

      And, funny how the left “selectively” fails to recall that it was Africans who were selling their own countrymen. Ooops

      • Softballumpire

        funny how the south wanted to keep slavery

        • imbustinloose

          Funny how the south at the time were almost all Democrats and a Democrat from the south shot Lincoln.

          • Patrick Oxford

            And contrary to popular (democrat) belief, Lincoln was a Republican.

          • Softballumpire

            There a difference Patrick back in those day dems-rep were close of the same party than something happen that split them up not sure what though i don’t remember. Not saying what your saying is a lie. while reading wiki its very confusing most of the democrate party back than had northen republican party the other party was national union party… which was also republicans which i am assuming more south though…

          • Softballumpire

            Yet funny how the demarcates have grown to learn about people right unlike the gop.

          • imbustinloose

            It is funny. I remember how Robert Byrd reached out to the black community by burning crosses in their lawns, or how Lawrence O’Donnell questioned the “blackness” of Herman Cain when there was a threat he could’ve been the GOP nominee in 2012. How about when a liberal artists depicted Condoleezza Rice as a picaninny. Yeah those Marxicrats are really a friendly bunch.

        • Our Gamehenge

          “My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and is not
          either to save or to destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without
          freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all
          the slaves I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and
          leaving others alone I would also do that.” lincoln 1862

          The recent rise in “Racial Inequality Discussions” have been more of a AgitProp than anything else.
          America is under a psyop to increase the division amongst it’s population.

        • Alice

          History has been rewritten so often it is hard to recall that, though planters did indeed have slaves, they had begun to realize it was not cost effective and would have gotten into automation, freeing slaves in the process. If I could I would erased the whole slave process. But, southerners were just too proud to accept outside influence in their business. Now, those same “Democrat” descendants are using black people shamelessly – much more debilitating than the actual slavery of the person.

          • Softballumpire

            History hasn’t been rewritten history will stay history. Oh save it i don’t care for the south and either do have of the Americans in north or west. and East

        • wildchill

          Funny not…there were “northerners”who owned slaves. That was at the time threat to get “cheep” labor to get all the work done. Yes it was and still wrong even though it still goes on all over the world.

      • Doug Daumueller

        I guess that mad it right. Love how you try to justify slavery.

        • patrioticus

          He didnt try to justify it you moron, he was explaining it.
          Denial doesn’t make it go away.

    • Ricky Ross

      Good points…

      Just like the description of black Americans as “African Americans” … nothing but a racial dividing phrase. If a person is born in America, they should be considered Americans. Whether they are of Irish decent, German decent or African decent, we are all Americans. But, constantly being divided is the #1 ploy of government…it makes the people so much easier to control.

      There is no Left or Right — there is only freedom or tyranny. Everything else is an illusion, an obfuscation to keep the people confused and talking about the specified, yet worthless talking points, as the world burns around them.

      • sickandtired

        Ricky that is what I have been saying for years. I was born and raised in Germany. My husband was born and raised in the former Yugoslavia. But we never call ourselves anything other than Americans. If anyone wants to know more about us we will say where we were actually born. But someone that not only he or she but also parents, grandparents etc were born in the US than they should absolutely call themselves American.
        Anything else definitely causes a division.

    • simkatu

      The difference is motivation. Blacks killing other blacks is a matter of business, or gang pride. Lynchings of blacks by whites was motivated by racist hatred.

      • emiliani

        Exactly, because we’d all much rather be murdered for greed and/or turf than outright racism, right?. Some forms of murder are way more permanent and devastating for the victim and their families than others. Can’t we just return to the good ole days when murder itself was considered a hate crime irrespective of the race of the person? This is but another bit of evidence (number 57 billion) that society isn’t getting more enlightened just because time is passing by and there’s mandated public education.

  • Ed Richardson

    Time for these racist SOB’s to come into the 21st century.Pity party is over!

  • Fred

    When will blacks get past the victim mentality? I know the press, liberal government and the liberal schools keep feeding it to them, but really? They are apparently unwilling or unable to see through the lies. Were I black, I would be outraged that I was being portrayed as a helpless victim. That I needed the governments handouts to survive and that I should accept the need for government assistance for the rest of my life!

    • SD

      It’s calked affirmative action which is a mechanism to make sure Minorities depend upon the Government to succeed.

    • Softballumpire

      When will you learn to accept people of whom they are. Just cause you don’t want to talk or deal with it. Does not mean it didn’t happen dude. when has libreal media on fox been libreal? you do know many people whom give goverment assitance are americans but no your show how racist you still are for your comment at the end. I am fully white and i get assitance.

      • Alice

        I pray that the assistance you receive is of a temporary nature and you are not required to support a system that shackles people in dependence on government. I find it racist that when one mentions food stamps, another automatically thinks “black.” That is as racist as anything I’ve seen. Elderly, infirm, children need assistance. Able bodied men and women may need a hand up at times; but, not a continual reliance on others to satisfy their needs.

        • Softballumpire

          your a joke read the comment he clearly said blacks were on assitance i merly pointed out i am white and getting assitance why are you choosing to insult me this way? i have to get help i been trying to find a job even if i do get a job i would stillget help is something you people clearly don’t get or understand i am so sick of people looking down on others grow the up.

      • patrioticus

        The liberal plantation is full of economic slaves, and YES many are white. Get over yourself and your oversensitive sensibilities. The system is set up for dependence, not for helping ppl get back on their feet.

        • Softballumpire

          keep talking

      • emiliani

        People don’t like religion, I get it. But these people need to know that with its removal from the public sphere that they’re also getting rid of a powerful force for good, tolerance, and unity. With the end of religion we’ll see an increase in tribalism and race politics. For if you don’t have a larger unifying force that supersedes the loyalties to individual, the family, the gang or the tribe, then we’ll revert to those things. Now, I don’t think this is sufficient reason for religion, but it’s another argument for its importance.

  • jmcaul

    This art student is very ignorant of history it seems. The majority of blacks were NOT lynched ‘just for the color of their skin’ as she alleges (like they didn’t have anything better to do????!!) those lynched were almost ALWAYS known, persistent trouble makers, drunks, thieves and rapists. Frequently their own black neighbors were relieved to have them gone as well. The fact these lynchings were carried out by Whites is why the professional race baiting industry has used them to make hay with. This is nothing short of a vile display of anti-White hatred and ignorance. Art my ass. At least she’s created an opening to clear up the record though. And oh by the way, there are now on average as many black on White murders in America EVERY YEAR as there were TOTAL lynchings of blacks in 100 years.

    • Joseph McCabe

      that is just plain ridiculous…though I think she should be reprimanded for this your “fact” that the majority of blacks were not lynched because of their color is absurd….so how many whites were lynched for being trouble makers or drunks…maybe its you who are ignorant to history and the sad fact is that many of the black lynchings were strictly because of their color….please back up your ridiculous claim with facts please

      • RevIdahoSpud3

        AndyBinGA provided statistics in an above post about the number of whites lynched. They weren’t lynched for the color of their skin so it was presumably because they were troublemakers.
        jmcaul is correct in the statement of current Black on White crime specifically murder. Not reported by the mainstream media but the information is still available. In the era of Obama blacks are empowered (encouraged) to engage in violence against whites. Are blacks being favored in their crimes? It would seem so except more likely the treatment they receive (note Eric Holder lack of prosecution of Black Panther intimidation in Philadelphia during 2008 election) is simply an encouragement to a larger end. That would be race wars resulting in martial law which seems the goal of the current administration. Fundamentally transforming the U.S. has many facets that need to come together. Blacks temporarily fill the need. Eventually, blacks as well as whites would both be on the receiving end of a totalitarian government. Mandela of S.A. killed both blacks and whites who were against him. His history is being rewritten as we speak.

        • Softballumpire

          trouble makers that whom made the law up where whites whom made the cirmmial theory is a big lie it had to skin color this coming forom an american whom whtie.

          • Alice

            Ironically, the end of slavery and inequality was brought about by white, conservative Republicans. Democrats were busy holding on to the status quo. Still the same, except today the leg irons are public hand outs designed to keep people bound to the government rather than individual owners.

        • Karl Johnson

          Typically most of the lynched whites were, Republicans & abolishinists.

      • Alice

        I have historical data obtained from letters of long gone family members to support the truth that many white men were punished for failing to provide for their families, committing crimes against the community or otherwise failing to obey the laws or societal demands. How many people were lynched and why I don’t know. But, during the so-called “reconstruction” the carpet bagger law did not protect society and some men got together to take up the slack. That they made bad choices is natural to the vigilante mind set. And, I am sure they lynched black people without cause. But, we don’t know how many or who those were. It is a chapter of history we need to put away and heal from. With a black president and black leaders egged on by liberal white users, stirring up every pot of contention we are farther behind than we were at the end of the civil war.

      • patrioticus

        Many blacks and whites were lynched to suppress the black vote. Any whites trying to help got killed as well. The whole kkk was set up to intimidate blacks away from voting.

        That only ended when it was realized the blacks were voting in enough numbers that it would be better to manipulate them and use their votes.

    • Anna Fabian

      I agree!
      They need to just put this crap to rest!
      How about if the jews brought up the holocost every time something did not go their way, or the native indians went on the war path when things did’nt go their way too?
      It is time to stop trying to blame us for something thhat we had no part in or would ever do to another human being.
      stop the race baiting stirred up by ppl in wdc or the professional racist and i won’t name names because that would put me down on their level and i choose to give them no recognition for trying to cause civil unrest in this country.
      we have a whole lot bigger things to worry about like freedom, making a living,heathcare, 17 trillion dollars in debt,spying,socialist adgenda being shoved on us, wars,death panels, collasp of our currency, china, iran, syria, benghazi, seal team 6, irs, epa, illegal aliens over running our country…. should i go on???

      • Alice

        I read a comment in a book written by a black author once. He said that the black people were continually enslaved because they made such good slaves. Most other groups stayed free in their hearts and learned to get out of their slavery or, like the Indians, they often died trying. The first slaves were Slavic people, they didn’t remain enslaved too long compared to the centuries of enslavement of blacks. Today, the soft slavery of welfare payments keeps blacks in line here, while in Africa the dictators and Muslim occupies keep the citizens in irons.

    • Softballumpire

      Say you? many were lynch there no dying that. Many where thought of doing crimes when did no such thing. the only people whom are ignorant is people whom don’t like to see this. Art is from of freedom under teh constitutions she didn’t break any laws. the problem is you guys don’t like the same thing or same punishment.

      • Alice

        Her display means nothing to me other than a demonstration of poor taste. I also support the Duck Dynasty star’s right to say what he believes. But, libs jumped all over him and A&E. Today, it seems people are only able to practice freedom of expression if they favor liberal idealism.

      • Denise Bowen

        PLEASE stop commenting here until you learn the English language. It is PAINFUL to read your nonsensical statements that border on gibberish!

      • patrioticus

        Lol, you might want to write and think more often so you can get better at it. ;)

  • Winston Walters

    Someone needs to tell this poor excuse of a student that history means “OVER”. Quit beating a dead horse. I’m appauled, “an old, but standing matter”, race is a matter because African Americans make it such. The past os the past, if you take it into account to be your responsibility to make it part of the present, or the future, you are part of the problem….Thank you.

    • Anna Fabian

      Well said, winston!

    • Alice

      Racism is a big industry in this country. Where money and power are to be had, unscrupulous people will run with whatever issue promises to gain them either/or money and power. As long as the issue pads the pocketbooks, the users will continue to exploit it.

  • windycitygurl

    Someone should tell this student- lynching was not unique to blacks. They are not the only people who were lynched. Whites, Native Americans, and other minorities were lynched also.
    Oh poor me, …. only my people suffered injustice. Reality says otherwise!!!!!

    • siren1873

      Exactly, slavery, lynchings and racism have been around for thousands of years and has affected many different races. Stop complaining about it already! Why not bring attention to the real slavery going on in America right now; the sex slavery business of women and children!

    • RevIdahoSpud3

      In today’s culture this idiot will get White House recognition and a grant in Arts and Humanities. Reality is what feels good at the moment.

    • Alice

      Let every descendant of a horse or cattle thief who was lynched stand and begin a campaign in favor of thieves.

  • James hegarty

    Thought Knockout games was proof enough that hatred is a two way street. Trying to get even for ancient history by duplicating it.. Sad.

    • windycitygurl

      According to the talking heads on MSM -knock out games do not exist- and if they do- not a major issue. (useful tools)

  • Colonoscopy

    There should be artwork attributed to gang violence, which has been even more deadly to black people then the lynchings.

  • DoIknow You

    The chinese railway workers were lowered into caves to blast tunnels by rope, some were never pulled out until after the blast.

    • Alice

      If only the Chinese would have taken the road of the black people we would not be defending ourselves against them in the China Sea.