‘Pajama Boy’ makes White House an epic laughingstock

This is an advertising campaign?

Or is it just some weird idea among Obama’s White House gurus of what they think white, middle class  people do at Christmas?

pajamaboy1218In a ludicrous attempt to make a despised program popular, the geniuses who brought America Obamacare are offering a grown man dressed in a child’s pajamas as a role model for young people. Nerds, too, can be the suckers who pay for insurance they don’t need to benefit people they don’t know — once they’re old enough to get off their parents’ health insurance, anyway.

National Review’s Charles Cook describes him as “a metrosexual hipster in a plaid onesie who wants you to spend your precious Christmas days talking to him about the president’s vision for health insurance.”

To the world, he’s rapidly becoming known as “Pajama Boy,” a national joke introduced on President Obama’s own Twitter account.

The mockery didn’t take long to get to Twitter. Like this mash-up of the president admiring his latest creation.

Or a few of these from Twitchy.com.

Obama toured the world apologizing for America in his first term.

He can spend the first Christmas of his second term apologizing to the nerds of America for making them look bad. Even Democrat nerds don’t deserve this.

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About Joe Saunders

Joe Saunders, a 25-year newspaper veteran, is a staff writer and editor for BizPac Review who lives in Tallahassee and covers capital and Florida politics. Email Joe at jpjsaunders@gmail.com.

  • Mamatex


  • krjfla

    How can anyone take this Obamacare seriously, when our government doesn’t? Failed advertizing for a failed program!

  • Rob

    the message here is take a good look at your pajamas because once you sign up you will sleep naked.

  • boogsmama

    how ironic…these “nerds” they are mocking could have gotten that joke of a website up and running in a day or two…and it would NOT have cost us $634 million to do it either…

    • NoCrud

      Maybe they should have designed it so people could sign up for ObamaScare by using Twitter. Yep, that’s their speed.

  • Brother Bo

    If Obamacare was any good, he wouldn’t have to try so hard to sell it…

  • John

    typical Oblabla voter image. some loser in his pajamas at noon living in his parents basement.

    • BAD BOB


  • Anna Fabian

    How low will these people stoop to try to sell this crap healthcare to ppl too smart to buy into it?
    I thought the rappers dancing was about as low as bubble gum on a tennis shoe, but this tops them all!
    No wonder the world is laughing at him and us for putting up with this nonsense.
    He would have gotten a whole lot more respect by admiting that obamacare would not work and just insure the 15% not covered. As it turns out the 15% could have gone on medicaid, or at least most.
    this is just so juvenile and embarrasing.
    whoever came up with this should immediately be fired.
    They have either been smoking too much weed, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol or plain stupid.
    We have discussed o care at our family functions, but it was not in a postive conversation.
    it was do not give them your ss# because the ppl they hired were not cleared by security.
    i guess they spent more of our tax$$$ on this nonsense but wanted to rip the vets off!
    The house of representatives better take that checkbook from them now.
    I have never in all my years seen anything like this farse.
    Our govmt must really think we are stupid
    God have mercy on us all and protect us from such ignorance!

    • Eric Haulenbeek

      Anna’s so right. It’s not just that our government thinks we’re stupid, but our government is being managed by a bunch of dopes… and lying dopes at that! I thought this president of ours was supposed to be a “brilliant” guy. Well he’s not. He’s not very bright at all! If ever there was a regime that should be shown the door, it’s this one. We were sold a complete bill of goods with this Obama character. It’s also time to repeal the ACA. It’s LONG PAST TIME to repeal this mistake! Our federal government has screwed us all, and they continue to double down daily with all of their lies and incompetence. THESE BUMS SHOULD ALL BE SHOWN THE DOOR!

      • Not Bob

        dont vote for either party next time around, the GOP would have done the same thing under Romney, lets go third party this time around and have real democracy work !

        • pen44

          The danger in doing the “don’t vote for either Party” thing is that the Dems will usually win with fraud, illegal voting practices, and “fixed” voting machines. We’re kind of stuck between the rock & the hard place, Not Bob. I tried that in 2008, and we got 0 the first time. The Tea Party isn’t strong enough, nor is the Libertarian, we saw that in 2012, when they took votes from Romney. No, Romney wasn’t the Jewel in the Crown, but he’d have possibly stopped this blatant roll toward Communism that we’re in now. Work to unseat the RINOS first, please…replace them with Independents & Teas. We have to break the corrupt Repub Party before we can change it. Hopefully, it will be a bloodless coup…but, first & foremost, the RINO Party must go!!!!

          • obadiahlynch

            Sincere yet fact free. There’s been statistically zero voter fraud found, and it’s been searched for — hard.

          • Linda Pyle Cothes
          • pen44

            Exactly, Linda! Obadiahlynch, I used to live near Chicago where they are “encouraged” to vote early and often….even the dead vote in Chicago. In many precincts, the vote percentage for obama was 100-120%….please, Obadiah, quit trolling and go back to the Liberobot sites.

          • jai

            Hey, they’re not wasting their time going to dozens of polls all day to vote repeatedly for both live and dead voters, they just take their USB discs and hack the whole operation in one simple operation.

          • Steve Stribley

            Yup. Just because you live under a tombstone in FL doesn’t mean you can’t vote.

          • jai

            You, like others are either unconscious or stoned. Obama’s election was entirely hacked same as the Iran election where it is known to have tested and shown to work. Later tested by several U.S. universities and shown to work with just a USB card on one machine that infected them all. Same for computerized vote counting machines.
            And if you think anyone investigated this, GROW UP! The people whose job it is are under Obama for Pete’s sake.

        • NoCrud

          That’s exactly what the Democrats hope and pray for: A fragmented Republican Party/opposition.

          All good political pundits say that the ONLY political entity that stands a chance against the Democrat Party is the Republican Party. Democrats will vote for a garage broom if it has a big “D” stamped on the side.

          Remember, when Hillary dropped out of the running in the 2008 election, many on the Right and the Left expected many of her followers to vote Republican or, more probably, not vote at all. Did this happen/ Nope — They all voted for the Democrat, The Obamaroid.

          If the voters that stayed home and did not vote on the Right in the last election had voted for the Republican, Obama would not have won. So, the ones who did not vote or who wrote in their favorite hero sure sent a message: That message is sitting in the White House with his #14 Narrows parked on the Resolute Desk.

          • Not Bob

            Then the entire game is pointless, if 90% of the nation are brainless zombie what are we fighting for ? because at least 80% of GOP base is just as brainless as the democrats. All you have to do is scream abortion and they come running.

            I for one will not vote as I am told to vote, winning doesn’t matter anymore since nothing changes when parties change, It makes no difference who controls the nation, both parties are running it into the ground as fast as they can.

            When the GOP can betray their own base at the convention, break their own rules and generally treat their own supporters in an unethical way I am done with them. They are snake oil salesmen as surely as the democrats.

    • BAD BOB


    • NoCrud

      I also wonder if they contracted with some company that is owned or run by a prior fellow student of Michelle or BarryO…? And I wonder if this also cost millions of dollars? But it is no doubt connected with ObamaScare because of this, I’m betting it works no better than Obamacare Online.

    • tionico

      Spot on. the one who came up with this SHOULD be fired… right out of the White House. And give it a thorough cleaning once he’s gone.

      The ONLY sensible response to the entire schemozzle is just say NO. Don’t sign up. Don’t buy his garbage. When only two million fools sign up it will fall flat on its face… and COngress will have no option but to repeal is/ They wou;d not listen to us when 70% of us said NO WAY< DON"T DO THIS. So, no whinge about egg on their smug mugs, eh?

    • Not Bob

      I said from the day they started debating it that it should be one page that extended medicaid to everyone that wanted it.not 2500 pages of giveaways to lobbyists.

    • pen44

      Very well stated, Anna…..the “bubble gum on a tennis show” is so cleverly visual.

  • Joseph Pickett

    the only discussion we will have about this subject at Christmas is don’t put your info in the site, unless you want your data to be stolen by a hacker in Belorussia.

  • princesssong

    OH he borrowed O’s Jammies?? Go figure!

    • NoCrud

      For someone who hates the Britain that ruled his father’s country and caused him to send back items that England had presented as a matter of deep respect, it sure is funny to see that schmuckum sitting there drinking hot chocolate and wearing PS’s with a Scotch Pattern. I would ask, “What were they thinking?” but maybe that’s taking it too far.

      • Kevin Watson

        The question is “What? Were they thinking?”

        Punctuation is important…

        • NoCrud

          You got my point. I was also questioning their ability to think.

          • princesssong

            I think the brain was NOT involved in this, NoCrud lol

        • pen44

          Either way, it points to the fact that Leftie Loonatics DO NOT think, period. It’s beyond their ability! They just willy-nilly run crap up the flag pole to see who salutes it, no preparatory thinking involved. Lefties are only about “feeelings”, they have a mental defect that keeps them from actually thinking.

  • TCguns_carry