Military spouse: ‘If they’re coming after military retirees pay, nothing is off limits’

The budget being debated in the U.S. Senate breaks the nation’s promise to our military heroes by cutting pensions to hundreds of thousands of veterans.

A compromise, hammered out by U.S. Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., and U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., was approved by the House and survived a Senate cloture vote Tuesday. The next Senate vote will be decided on the bill’s merits.

Fox News host Megyn Kelly invited military wife Babette Maxwell on “The Kelly File” the evening before the cloture vote. She and other spouses are holding a “Twitter town hall,” asking the Senate to reject the cuts.

Maxwell told Kelly the cuts amount to an average $83,000 reduction for enlisted personnel and $124,000 for officers, affecting some 600,000 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.

“We’ve lost 5,000 lives, 2.4 million of us have deployed, we have 50,000 of us dealing with traumatic brain injury and over a quarter of a million dealing with post traumatic stress disorder,” she said. “I think they have gotten their pound of flesh.” Amen to that.

Senate Republicans were defeated in an attempt to add an amendment, introduced by Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., to remove the military pension cuts from the budget, according to Fox.

Watch the Fox video below, then check out A cappella group’s amazing version of ‘Little Drummer Boy’ goes insanely viral.

Budget deal cuts military pensions — Kelly File

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  • Todd Zeigler

    the sleeping giant has been awakened

  • fanciladi

    They are already breaking promises to our Veterans! I hate to think of those Disabled Veterans who have been waiting 5, 10, 15, and 20 plus years to get their promised Disability Benefits. This broken promise is just adding fuel to that fire! Totally disgusting! I always say that the government’s so called love and honor for our veterans and military is all talk and not enough walk…and in some cases NO WALK!!!

  • Louis Arnold

    I told Veterans what would happen if they supported the Democrats and they lived in denial. So many of them forgot what Jimmy Carter did to us; how we suffered.

    Barry Obama avoided the Selective Service Registration Program, and any Veteran would cast a vote for him?

    Apologize to the rest of us for casting such a vote. Say you are sorry!

    • Sheree

      I don’t understand any true blue patriot American voting for a ‘rat’ … from a Canadian.

  • Mamatex

    This is outrageous and just the beginning to the cuts to citizens while they move on to amnesty for all those who broke the law.

  • Tom Girouard

    The only people safe from benefit cuts , work in Washington . Guess who they are ?

  • tullmargaret

    it is obozes doing he I s scre w ing us all over has be en for months

  • Jimbo Velasquez

    Those who voted FOR the cuts…..should be brought up on TREASON charges. They are stabbing those VETS in the back.

    • Sheree

      He will be – watch & see … stuff going on behind the scenes … his walls are shaking !

  • Terry A Marks

    The problem is that most of these Gold Spoon Feed Senators in Washington have never served in the military and don’t know what it’s like to go through the things that we do. War has lasting and profound effects on those who serve in the military, the anonymous men and women who are on the front lines as soldiers. These combatants face everyday battlefield situations that can scar, disable and haunt them for life. A man that spends 20+ years in the military for instance, strikes me as a relic of an age when twenty years in the Army left a veteran a broken man, with blown joints, no hearing, PTSD, or now even worst lost limbs. For a military service man to go through all of this and a lot more his/hers pension shouldn’t even be brought up for any cuts!! Ryan Paul you go do 20 years of Humping 100lbs ruck sacks 20 miles or more, or lift heavy Artillery shells, Airborne School, Air Assault School, Path Finder School, Ranger School, Special Forces School, Infantry, Artillery any job in the military that is hard and takes a heavy toll on your body then come out tell us how you feel! Leave the Military, it’s Veterans alone we have earned every single benefit without hesitation or question when we were ask to go and do our duty to protect and defend this Nation and your Freedoms!!!!

    • fanciladi

      Let’s add Patty Murray to go through 20 years of Humping 100lbs etc. She brags about how much she does for the Military here in WA State. Well, look what she’s done now.

      I hear similar from my son a Marine Desert Storm Veteran. Also, the Commander in Chief should have served himself or herself (when that happens & pray not Hillary).

      I’m surprised Paul Ryan OK’d this. Yes, let’s compromise, but not on the backs of our Military/Veterans!!!!!

  • threebarrs

    What a bunch of BS! They are always looking at the Veterans and Military to make cuts somewhere. I am so sick of our Federal Government operating the way it does – now folks you know why the Tea Party is here. We need smaller Federal Government and more of governing from the States. I will be sending more letters and e-mails to Washington. Hope I can help make an impact on the jokers in Washington!

    • Sheree

      Vote the a/h’s out in 2014!!!