Arkansas mom destroys Common Core in four powerful minutes

An ordinary mother of three eviscerated Common Core state standards in her powerful four-minute testimony before the Arkansas Board of Education Monday.

The testimony comes in the wake of major protests against the uniform guidelines. The mom, a member of Arkansas Against Common Core, and identified as Karen Lamoreaux, testified that rather than “a set of rigorous, college-ready international benchmark standards” that the Common Core initiative was touted to be, it tends to dumb down math solutions by, ironically, overcomplicating them.

As an example, she gave the board a simple fourth-grade division problem, which Common Core requires students to use 108 steps to solve.

Watch her testimony below, then check out A cappella group’s amazing version of ‘Little Drummer Boy’ goes insanely viral.

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  • NoCrud

    Common Core is the Monster in the Basement that will come out to haunt people. There are a lot of “add-ons” to the thingy that remind one of ObamaScare. Many cities, both large and small, across the nation have signed onto it and really have not read it and don’t know the ramifications. And it was done in the night, in the dark, in typical Obamaroid “transparency.”

    • RACH’s Idea

      Also under this same educational program they are finding some recommended and sometimes forced reading is very skewed toward Progressive beliefs. And Muslim forced acceptance. Texas vetted that one out.

      • roadwalker

        I do not know whether common core will work or not but I do know that NCLB is not working.

        I have taught math at the college freshman/community college level since 1984. The kids coming in now from the high schools have very little in the way of analytical or critical thinking skills. They can robotically solve problems and pick the right bubble on a multiple choice test, but that’s it.

        Paradoxically, it used to be that the older students (the ones who had been out of school for years but went back after raising a family or losing a job) struggled the most, because their skills were rusty. But now, when it comes to deeper thinking skills, the older students are BETTER than the younger ones.

        Whether we have common core or not, we need to get RID of NCLB. It’s ruining a whole generation of kids.

        • Magen Friend

          I know what will work. Parents, like this woman, standing up for their children and taking their children’s education into their own hands. Homeschooling is a fast and wonderful movement sweeping the nation. I dream of the day when more children are home schooled than in public school. Then we will have a nation worth living in again. Our nation started going down hill even faster as public mass education grew bigger. It is time to realize parents are capable and worthy of teaching THEIR children!

          • alan benfield

            For whatever it’s worth Ohio just passed legislation making it all but impossible to homeschool your child. Senate bill 248

          • That Darn Carol

            I ‘m elated to 99% of the comments I have read on this site, my prayers seem to be working. Karen on the video is in our group here in AR fighting CC, she is a smart, passionate lady. I’m glad you all got to see what she had to say. After 4 1/2 hrs. of waiting, they rudely let her know she had now only 3 mins. Truth is a scary thing ! What we need is more people standing up. They took away parents rights thru FERPA in 2012, thru PARCC testing they will gather the 400 data points using your children & destroy great teachers in the process. Want to know WHY, look up the testimony of the teacher in Indiana, the one who’s job it is to review our textbooks, she mentions the when & how & why. They’ve spent billions & many children can’t read. WILL YOU HELP STOP THIS? Write your reps–let your voice get heard like Karen tried to do. Look on our Arkansas website, Our 16 yr old Pat exposed the money trail of Gates , Pearson & others. Argue about what happened in the past later, don’t get off on side issues, they’re counting on that. They have 3 yrs. on us that are fighting this–PLEASE JOIN THE FIGHT & get other to also–we together can do this.

          • amuncat

            I wonder where Hillary and Bill are on this! I remember when he ran, he was talking about the new Millennium and our hopes for America’s advancement. Surely, Hillary is all over this, right?

          • roadwalker

            His educational program was called ‘Goals 2000.’ It set out some general benchmarks for junior high and high school achievement and provided funding to get there (in particular expanding Head Start and early childhood education,) but after that it left the details up to local school districts, because local school boards usually know a lot more about what is important in their community than somebody in Washington. And in fact, it did work. SAT scores actually went up by the end of the 1990’s. I’m fortunate that my oldest daughter went to school at this time, because she was taught much better than my younger ones.

            That was replaced by Bush with NCLB, and Obama only doubled down on NCLB (Common core does not get rid of NCLB, just changes the rules.)

            I don’t know whether Hillary would go back to something like Goals 2000 or not, because as far as I know she hasn’t said anything about it.

          • TexMexInSanMarcos

            Hillary would never do something like that. That woman is as evil as Nancy.
            They want our children indoctrinated. I worry about my grandchildren, that I don’t have yet. God help them.

          • babadax

            It’s too bad not every home can afford to home school.

        • amuncat

          Sadly, their future consists of following orders, NOT analytical thinking.

      • amuncat

        Imagine that!

    • unsheepled

      The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, Obummer did not start this ! We must know our enemy to fight him, to focus on Obamby is a mistake, as he is just the LATEST frontman !

      • amuncat

        Thanks! VERY true!

  • Kenneth Clark

    School board such as this are blindly adopting these Federal Rules for no other reason than dollars. Money over children… who woulda thunk…

    • Doug

      Follow the money…..

    • AZDancer

      Yep, Bill and Melinda Gates money. Gee, and common core has to use computers to do the work. Wonder where that money is going. Parents don’t get to see what their children are doing. When I asked to get a reading list I was told by the principle that they had no reading list – it was up to the teachers! I’m not believing that at all.

      • Kenneth Clark

        Believe it. They do not want your involvement. They know if you and other parents are involved they no longer have control over their manipulation of your children’s minds.

  • Susan Johnson Brackett

    Yup. My 6th grader is struggling in math, and I can’t help her. There are all these dumb steps she needs to do that make absolutely no sense to me. How can I explain to her what and why she is supposed to do something when I don’t even know. I so wish I could send my children back to the private school they used to attend, but due to Obama’s economy I am out of work.

    • sharonhansen209

      Susan, you can home school for $20 a month according to the lady below. Maybe you can contact her for a web site to go to?? Your best investment if you are out of work.

      • That Darn Carol

        I wish more COULD home school, maybe if it was possible in this world today for families to take back the responsibilities of educating their children the governments wasteful experiments would have been stopped long ago & big business like Gates, Pearson & others in the past wouldn’t have the hold us that they do –Standing up now –we can stop this

    • Merilee Kenning

      Susan, I have the same issue here helping my grandkids- It is very frustrating. Now when faced with a problem, I will help to solve it the old school way and we together will try to incorporate the answer into the format that is wanted. I may not get all the steps correct, but the answer is correct- I guess though this is not what is wanted. I just keep trying

    • Scottie Neumeyer

      What makes any of you think you’re qualified to teach academics to children? Home schooling is the most ridiculous idea ever. Bad parenting seems to be the key to why our kids are failing, not the ‘evil system’. Common Core isn’t the final answer, but how else will they create a consistent playing field for our schools?

      So when your kid has zero social skills and learns only what you know, the world will be so much better! Then they can be out of work and blame the government instead of their lack of needed skills.

      • Susan Johnson Brackett

        Well Scott, I can’t talk for you of course, but I can guarantee you that I remember more from 7th grade than my daughter is learning right now. Besides, can you tell me why in the example this lady is giving there need to be 100+ steps to solve a simple division problem? That doesn’t get our kids ready for anything, and sure as hell doesn’t make them competitive in the global economy.

        An on your second argument, please tell me what social skills they are learning in school, that they don’t learn at other activities such as volleyball, karate, choir or the YMCA? All they learn at school is how to be bullied and how NOT to stand up to bullies. Go tell an adult is what they are being taught. I was bullied once growing up, I deck the idiot boy who never bothered me again. And no, I did not grow up to become a violent predator!!

        • Scottie Neumeyer

          My main frustration point is that our current expectations of students is terribly low. And each state and county gets to decide their own curriculum, and when schools get funding and are graded on passing rates (talking high-school) then there is a conflict of interest. In a world where it’s almost impossible to afford being a stay-at-home mom/dad, it would be difficult to give kids the amount of time and keep them on track for a decade of home schooling, ultimately expecting them to be prepared to do well in college.

          The core isn’t a bunch of math problems. (And i’m not a huge supporter of it, i just want something to stimulate change)This 100 step example is ludicrous. Core is a set of standards that students should know at the end of each grade. Hopefully it will get all schools in the US on even playing field. A lot of schools can go beyond but some of the inner city schools are 2 grades behind!

      • Diana Lesperance

        Are you serious? Home schooled kids aren’t failures. Where did you get that idea? If “bad parenting” is why our kids are failing, then home schooled kids are very blessed because they have attentive, caring, creative, and intelligent parents.

        Also, it’s a lie that home schooled kids are socially awkward. The dirty little secret is that public schools contribute to the social pain of our children.

        All of my home schooled kids are adults now, and all of them are college educated, working, parenting preschoolers, teaching music, supervising a wind turbine generator factory, running their own carpet cleaning business, working in human resources, etc . . .

        Where are you hearing that propaganda?

  • jdelaney3

    She restores my faith in Americans’ common sense. Of course, she will be essentially ignored. Hopefully, she and her fellow parents will push back as hard as it takes. Our very future is at stake!

  • quillerm

    Who came up with this Common Core Nightmare, it’s so easily dismissed as total garbage, yet Obama’s Appointees defend it to the core. Chinese kids will be decades ahead of our students if we don’t stop this madness.

    • David Woodruff

      The American Diploma Project (ADP) and the New England Common Assessment Program (NECAP) decided to develop some set of “common” standards and assessments

      ADP is the product of “bipartisan nonprofit” Achieve, Inc.– a key voice in Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Achieve’s funders include the Gates and Joyce Foundations (Obama was once on the Joyce board of directors) as well as a number of American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) corporations (e.g., Boeing, Chevron, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Nationwide, State Farm).

    • Jenni

      Quillerm, believe me, they already are.

    • roadwalker

      Dude, they are now. Didn’t you see the results of the PISA test?

      And that is WITHOUT common core. The problem is that NCLB is a FAILURE.

  • Grimora

    I like her! All her points are valid. And her comment(s) about them not listening is growing more and more by each county. Some of these appointed people (a lot of them aren’t even voted in) have been ignoring the people for far too long.

    It’s time the people stood up and show these numbskulls what’s for!

  • robertdavidhummel

    Fact… This young lady “REPRESENTS”, 99% of America…NOT OBAMA and his “STUPID Dept of ED”…PERIOD.

    • John Taylor

      Fact… anyone saying that any particular person represents 99% of America is the stupid one.

      • Weaver Eisen

        /| LOL @John Taylor

        That guy clearly voted for Obama.

        • John Taylor

          No, Weaver. Just common sense. Anyone who thinks they or anyone else speaks for 99% of people is a delusional fool.

  • paul savage

    Figure out how to home school if at all possible. Such a better deal.

    • Brandi Cash Sutherland

      I am a homeschooler and unfortunately CC will affect HS everywhere when CC practices reach the ACT and SATs. We will have to prep our kids on CC so that they can pass he ACT. It is a crying shame. We have to extinguish the problem NOW!!

      • paul savage

        I hope for the sake of all the kids that you are successful and am delighted to hear that you are home school

  • Dane

    All I can say is, if you can’t afford a private school and you care about your child’s education, look at homeschooling. I use a computer based curriculum that costs a little more than $20 a month. My daughter loves it and she can go as fast as she wants. Also, she is beyond what kids her age are doing in public schools. Best part is…..Common Core doesn’t affect us! Yes it takes some time and effort on our part but the records are online and you can just print monthly as well as maintain a file for her written schoolwork. I love it because it also frees us up for other activities/vacations because we stay ahead in all her lessons.

  • francoamerian

    What else would you expect from an educational system that system that would suspend a six grader for kissing a female classmate? Or an educational system that would suspend a little boy for chewing his Pop tart into the shape of a gun? You have a bunch of no sense morons running the school systems in this country. Our so called educational system is the laughing stock of the civilized world.

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