Someone at CNBC won’t be ‘getting paid’ after network airs n-word song

Oh, CNBC.  With all the songs about money the business channel could have played on its network, why would it choose a rap song and then negligently fail to edit out nasty lyrics? Granted, not much of a song would be left, but…we come full circle, why choose a rap song?

So, while Fox News’ Megyn Kelly gets called a racist for saying Santa is white, CNBC went and played an unedited, very offensive section of a Chris Brown song as it went to a commercial break on Monday.

As reported and originally published by The Blaze, the lyrics clearly heard on CNBC – “I’m getting, getting paid. Every single day. With my n****s, my n****s Chris and Jay”  - forced anchor Kelly Evans to come back with a humble apology on behalf of CNBC.

“An important thing we want to mention here: We accidentally aired a piece of music this hour during a tease with inappropriate lyrics,” she said. “That obviously should not have been on the air and we deeply apologize for that and for any offense that it may have caused,” Evans said.

Watch via LibertyNews (Warning: Strong language):
The humbling, humiliating apology:
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  • EliseR

    The difference is CNBC apologized for their mistake. Megyn Kelly embraced her stupidity and accused everyone who disagreed with her of “race-baiting.”

    • tjm

      she only apologized because they were caught. not because they have morals, because they shouldnt have been playing that song to start with. when is obama ever going to apoligize for people losing their health insurance and higher taxes that he said would never hit the middle class. he is such a big liar.

    • siren1873

      Saint Nicholas is the man Santa was derived from. He was white. That is why she said that. She was not being racist, just stating a fact. Since you seem to not know your history, here is a link about Saint Nicholas a.k.a. Santa Claus!

    • Joey Owen

      My, My, you just can’t handle the fact that CNBC got caught with their zipper down!! Bahahahaha

    • Joey Owen

      to quote you: You should consider moving to the middle east where prayer is mandatory, and abortion and homosexuality are illegal.

  • Charles

    lol Elise, nice. Santa has always been depicted as white so get over it you race baiting libtard

    • Larry Neal

      The left is being fed an over abundance of cool-aid (which could become toxic) which even the FDA strongly warns against. So, let’s be a little kinder to the easily offended for their knee jerk reaction as they are being force fed daily (Administration Approved) Media Propaganda.

  • Mike Eaton

    it was race baiting EliseR face facts..and it’s going on all across America by your hero’s Al Sharpton, Toure, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, and a host of others in your Clown Posse

  • boogsmama

    Fire her! Paula Deen got trashed for the same thing. This just shows the double standard…it’s ok for black people to go around saying it 24/7 but OMFG if a “Cracka” says it…let’s hang them from a tree.

  • Mlm46

    This is so unproductive arguing what color and race Santa is! He is not real! We have “real” problems in this country and that should be of more concern to most folks!

  • MartinJeffries

    Now just going on appearance, since Santa Claus is dressed in a cold weather suit, has reindeers and a sleigh I am going on the assumption he is from the northern climes and very likely white.. Were he simply wearing a loin cloth or other garb appropriate to the equator then it would be a judgement call… I am going on the statistical possibility he would be of whiter skin due to the shortness of sunlight at the North Pole so Megyn Kelly is very likely statistically correct… However for anyone else, Santa can be any color they want him to be…

  • TheKnowerseeker

    Saint Nicholas was a white man, and “Santa” was invinted as a fictional white man. Got a problem with facts? Jump off a cliff.

  • David

    what??!! I thought all liberals were “allowed” to say nig&er, fa&got, and all the other nasty words that humiliate and abuse….just not EVER to be used by anyone who doesn’t agree that their agendas are divine, and that they should be in power over all humanity because they are snarky and superior to anyone with morals and standards…right?