Did the GEICO gecko just declare the tea party is finished?

The latest commercial from GEICO Insurance is fraught with ambiguity, leaving some to wonder if the “GEICO Gecko” is declaring that the tea party movement is finished.

In the ad, the insurance peddling gecko orders a cup of tea at a nice dockside restaurant, but the wind blows his tea bag into the Boston Harbor.

“Oh dear, I’ve dropped my tea into the Boston Harbor,” the mascot laments. “Hmph, I guess this party’s over!”

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Not helping matters, GEICO is an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of billionaire philanthropist Warren Buffett‘s investment company, Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.

Buffet, an avid supporter of President Obama, lent his name to the president’s proposal to raise the tax rate on the wealthy, making the misleading claim that his secretary paid more in taxes than he did.

Monday just happened to be the 240th anniversary of the original Boston Tea Party, which prompts a much deeper question: Is the GEICO Gecko, in a British accent, declaring the great American experiment in self-governance over?

As for conservative firebrand Michele Malkin, she has already decided:

H/T Rockin’ on the Right Side

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  • EliseR

    Do you people just sit around thinking up things to be offended by? It’s clearly a reference to the Boston Tea Party. And a joke.

    • Cherry Walker

      You people? How very racist of you EliseR !

      • EliseR

        Is BizPac a race now?

        • rhodes autry

          dunno, try saying ‘you people’ to a black folks website and see how that goes

          • EliseR

            But I wasn’t saying “you people” to any group of people with a common skin color. I was saying it to the BizPac writers who manufacture stories of fake “scandals” for people to be offended by.

          • bakakurisu

            It was a satire, and a joke. Do you people just sit around thinking of things to be hypocritical about?

            Seriously, was the irony lost on you? You people (liberals) are offended by EVERYTHING, and constantly throw down the ever-present, ever-impertinent race card when you have no facts or logic on your side.

            You were being mocked. Deal with it. :)

          • Dennis Kilker

            Oh, come on, now. You know the left is the only group allowed to lampoon people–taste is immaterial, by the way. Once you get after THEM you’re homophobic, cave-dwelling, bigoted, racists. Funny how these were the people clamoring for the rights of dissenting opinions. Now, they’re outraged when the dissenting opinion differs from their own.

    • Mlm46

      Why is it that every time you turn around, someone is offended by something? This goes for both sides! Come on, folks, take it light.

    • Dan Major

      Seriously… if you want something to be offended by, check out the recent 4autoinsurancequote marketing tactics.

  • James hegarty

    I can’t think as deep as this article wants to dive. The political aspect didn’t come to mind. Just thought the ad was funny.

  • EliseR

    Hey, Tom Tillson — it’s GEICO, not GIECO. To quote you, your spelling is “fraught with ambiguity.”

    • EliseR

      You fixed the spelling errors! Good for you!

      • Steve Spinks

        Just not in the title…

        • EliseR

          Yeah, they can’t seem to get it together.

  • Beeta

    Progressive insurance is by progressives also. I would not buy their ins. either. They are also liberal and progressive and ran by the same.

  • rhodes autry

    I did not get the sense that this was a political jab.

  • rhodes autry

    good one er

  • Pamela K. Cahoon Laub

    GEIGO was originally Government Employee Insurance Co. GOVERNMENT!

    • EliseR

      It’s GEICO, not GEIGO. Yes, it was originally established for Government employees. It is not a Government organization

  • Sharon Lynn

    this is what the KGB would say is “a good passive propaganda tool comrades”

    malkin is wrong alot about motives of the nwo crew, because she fears being called a conspiracy nut

  • PHINS Relevant Again

    Everyone should be offended by everything so we can all talk about how being offended by so many things just offends us all. Peoples feelings are a waste of valuable time. Glad this generation doesn’t have to storm the beaches at Normandy. Merry Christmas, if that offended anyone I am happy about it. God bless us one and all. Does that offend? Good!