Bitter Geraldo makes a jerk of himself over lost syndication

Geraldo Rivera is trying to replace the late Dick Clark as the world’s oldest teenager – on Twitter anyway.

geraldo1217Not only does the 70-year-old have a weakness for tweeting half-naked selfies, he’s got a high school kid’s vocabulary when it comes to his competition.

Rivera is losing his national radio syndication Jan. 1, including KABC in Los Angeles, one of the country’s biggest radio markets.

On Monday, syndicated shock jock Tom Leykis took to the airwaves to make fun of the former newsman

And Rivera struck back like the high schooler he is at heart – cafeteria language and all.

Onanism aside, it sounds like Geraldo thinks “Rush wannabe” is supposed to be an insult in the radio trade.

Is there a radio talk show host in America who isn’t a “Rush wannabe”? As far as insults go, that’s like calling a professional golfer a “Tiger wannabe.”

During his next dark night of the soul, Rivera might want to hold off on the bourbon-and-ginger topless photos and ponder whether there are any “Geraldo-wannabes” out there.  (Hint: There aren’t. Not sane ones, anyway.)

Leykis quickly hit back.

And the #LeykisArmy piled on.

If Geraldo’s got accuracy problems, one tweet hinted at why.

Al Capone’s vault was a long time ago. Geraldo’s career should have stayed there.


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  • marahnatha

    He’s the Martin Bashir of Fox. Please Roger Ayles, get rid of this jerk. Stossel would be so much better in that time slot.

  • quillerm

    He was just to much of a Obama Lackey to be considered an objective journalist.His loyalty to Obama got him invites to those liberal cocktail parties, where they all declare their love and admiration for Barak.

  • Mike Eaton

    perhaps had he listened more to rush…and seen the truth he’d be in a better position…but he’s long been exposed as a fake…

  • cdevansjr

    Has Geraldo Rivera ever had a job he didn’t get fired from?

  • RepublicAnne

    Another narcissist… He and his inept brother should retire and enjoy Puerto Rico…

  • Kay Ramsey

    PLEASE stop illustrating stories about Geraldo with that disgusting pictures of his scrawny naked body. It’s enough to make a person want to barf!

  • Brock Powers

    lol, thought Tom had packed it in years ago. glad to see him back. used to listen every day to his show back in the 90s. funny bastard right there.