Panelists on Melissa Harris-Perry show erupt over false ‘Obama race hate’

angela-ryeRacial discord in America may be at its highest level in decades in the “post-racial era” of Barack Obama, driven by a victimization class intent on using race to promote a political agenda and a complicit media only too happy to assist.

A clear example of this discord took place on Sunday between two black panelists on the pro-Obama network MSNBC, resulting in a bitter exchange that was only mollified by a timely commercial break.

During a discussion on the Melissa Harris-Perry show, Democratic strategist Angela Rye made the insidious claim that there was a “very, very racial” aspect to the 2010 midterm tea party sweep.

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A myth that Republican strategist Ron Christie simply could not let stand.

“Racial!” he called out. “I will not sit here and allow you to say that!”

“I said it, and I’ll say it again,” Rye shot back.

As Christie tried to respond, Rye told him “You should calm down just a little bit.”

“I will not allow people to sit here and say there was a racial aspect to it,” Christie continued. “That’s absolutely false!”

Harris Perry wedged her way in to break for a commercial, and when they came back she had morphed into Dr. Phil, telling Rye, “What I heard you say was that the language of ‘take back our country’ had a racialized overtone to it that was associated with the election of a black president, but what I felt like Ron heard Angela say was, ‘Republicans are racist.’”

To make her point, Rye put forth the incident in which several Congressional Black Caucus members were said to have been spat on and called the n-word on the day of the Obamacare vote.

“This isn’t something that I made up,” Rye said. “These are things that really happened and continue to happen, and we continue to see it in ways people talk to the President, about the President, and is that reflective of all people in the GOP?

But in reality, Rye is making it up because the incident never happened. Even worse for her, Christie just happened to be there that day and said the incident never happened.

No one else on the panel, to include Harris-Perry, made an effort to correct Rye.

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  • James hegarty

    Rye’s theme song is “Stir It Up”.

  • Shes Texan

    If you voted for the clown to prove you aren’t a racist, then work to help impeach him to show you aren’t an idiot. If you voted for him because you thought he was going to represent some sort of black agenda, or show that black men can rule the country. then work to remove him for being incompetent, being lazy and a bad example, doing more damage to your country, serving the global elite, and causing even more division with his hateful racist political rhetoric. Mr Barack Hussein Obama serves nobody but himself. If you want to vote on skin color, then don’t vote f or those on theDemo crat plantation. Go Independent and skip the RINO. Great black leaders such as Allen West, Dr Ben Carson, Larry Elder, etc and one of those wouldma ke a far better choice than our current narcissist-in-chief.

  • Utahlady

    Little do these people know that race relations in this country are at an all time high for sure.President Obama is indeed one of the worst Presidents ever. He listens only to his staff and ignores the will of the people and their elected representatives. He lies to Americans as does John Lewis which insults our intelligence and ignores our Constitution. It is called freedom to be able to speak out about what you dislike about an elected official . It is not racist. What they are doing will wipe out all that has been improved with race relations in the last 50 years,and that cannot be good for black children now and in the future . For you will indeed stir up discontent and real racism . I am watching all that has been accomplished be wiped away.

  • galensdad

    The USA should NEVER elect another black President! Reason: ANYONE who questions such a person’s competence, motives, philosophy, credibility, etc., is automatically a RACIST! NO President should be immune from honest criticism!

    • Paul Banta

      This would not happen if the black president was from the right.

      • Terry Ford

        I’m sick of hearing how we are all racists because we don’t support nobama the fraud. I’m equally sick of hearing the left call any black that is supported by the right, an “uncle tom”.

        • Paul Banta

          I don’t care what the color of the man is, if he is committing the same socialist indoctrination as this president, I would feel the same and state the same. Regardless of his color or political stance.

      • Mickey

        This would not happen if the black president was competent. The left are much more racist than the right. The media just covers for them. If the Black President was a conservative, the left would label him an uncle tom just as they have every black conservative that has been successful.

      • galensdad

        It is too bad that the first black President of the USA is not competent, honest, reliable, responsible, and of good character. He is unable to tell the truth about ANYTHING!

        • Paul Banta

          Ironically, he completely fits the negative, stereotypical black person.

  • Mike Eaton

    the intolerance is against what’s happening to America…

  • disqus_Ao3LmdU11e

    these people are pretenders to the journalistic throne..they are just unable to cut the mustard…so they resort to untrue outbursts that get them in the limelight…after all THATS what they craved all along…

  • rangerbanger

    The oword supporters are seeking to exacerbate the current climate knowing that on their side, the whites need to embrace the white house resident wholeheartedly as evidence of the success of “diversity” as a political ideal, while the fence-sitters cower in fear of being labeled racists if they push back. Alan West, a conservative African American pointed out that the oword should be judged positively or negatively by the same criteria as if he were white–Those such as myself who indeed felt “post-racial” in the sense that a person is judged by his or her own persona and performance with no need to hold double standards of any sort, these individuals are threatened with a climate akin to the past, with the roles reversed–where the oword strategists are using race to promote their agenda and victimizing those who resist–there are definitely many who are now willing to say, You want this, bring it on–many caught on the sidelines are going to chose sides and the results are going to be ugly–crime is crime regardless of the color or gender or religion of the perpetrator–make them pay the price–and hold the politicians and media who promoted this accountable–

  • Gary

    Who said that John Harris is “an American Hero”??? Who proclaimed him to be one? The one black man on this panel was given a few seconds to talk and all he could do was defend the fact that HE WAS THERE and did not hear John Harris called the “N” word and the black lady panelist WHO WAS NOT THERE said it happened as if it were FACT. She ONLY said that the Tea Party and Republicans used racial overtones against the President and his Administration and never lumped in Democrats or Liberals as using the “race card” to label their opposition as a means of discounting their message. The moderator, Melissa Harris-Perry tried to assume the posture of being “fair and balanced” but it was very noticeable that she didn’t give equal time for the black male panelist to rebut the black female panelist’s opinion that she stated as if it were fact. That’s how Libtard faux news programs try to be subtle in their use of propaganda. Have the token conservative on the panel but don’t give him any time to present his views.

  • Paul Banta

    Any media with the initials NBC in it, are the race baiters. And when is pointing out that someone is LAZY constitute being racist?

  • yoyomo

    “What I heard you say” … “What I heard you hear her say” – This lady is a joke!