LaPierre was right: Armed deputy at Arapahoe High School stopped bad guy with gun

Wayne LaPierre, the executive vice president of the National Rifle Association, was repeatedly mocked, ridiculed and castigated by the liberal left media for suggesting there be armed guards in every school in the nation after the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary one year ago.

Every word uttered by LaPierre became fodder for the anti-gun, crush the Second Amendment, crowd.

“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” LaPierre was blasted for saying.

“I call on Congress today, to act immediately to appropriate whatever is necessary to put armed police officers in every single school in this nation,” he said during the NRA press conference after the Sandy Hook shooting in December 2012.

Arapahoe Shooting

Photo Credit: Craig F. Walker/The Denver Post

Now consider the events at Colorado’s Arapahoe High School last Friday where heavily armed, dressed to kill, right wing hater Karl Pierson, 18, went on an 80-second shooting spree that ended with him taking his own life after “an armed deputy stationed at the school cornered him in the library,” the Washington Post reported.

Imagine that: the armed officer in the school stopped a bad guy with a gun.

It has to be so difficult for the mainstream media to report the facts in this case considering how the facts don’t fit the left’s usual narrative.

Karl Pierson

Karl Pierson
Photo via CNN

Pierson, “wearing a bandolier containing shotgun shells and carrying a pump-action shotgun, a machete and a backpack holding three Molotov cocktails — walked through a door adjacent to the library,” and in less than 80 seconds, had fired off five rounds, critically injuring Claire Davis, 17, who remains in a coma, before taking his own life, according to CNN.

The CNN report continued, with information from Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson:

The rampage might have resulted in many more casualties had it not been for the quick response of a deputy sheriff who was working as a school resource officer at the school, Robinson said.

Once he learned of the threat, he ran — accompanied by an unarmed school security officer and two administrators — from the cafeteria to the library, Robinson said. “It’s a fairly long hallway, but the deputy sheriff got there very quickly.”

The deputy was yelling for people to get down and identified himself as a county deputy sheriff, Robinson said. “We know for a fact that the shooter knew that the deputy was in the immediate area and, while the deputy was containing the shooter, the shooter took his own life.”

He praised the deputy’s response as “a critical element to the shooter’s decision” to kill himself, and lauded his response to hearing gunshots. “He went to the thunder,” he said. “He heard the noise of gunshot and, when many would run away from it, he ran toward it to make other people safe.”

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  • The_Questman

    This story is FACT. Liberals hate facts when they do not line up with their agenda. This is why this story is short lived and mention of the guard cannot be found on the Liberal Media Outlets. The media also scrubbed the fact the shooter, like JFK’s assassin, was a rabid outspoken socialist/Marxist advocate.

    • Thomas Philibin

      This dude literally doesn’t even know what “rabid” means. That, or he has such a limited vocabulary that he couldn’t adequately express the liberal-hatred he was feeling, which is a perfect example of why you should have to pass an IQ test to post anything political on the internet.

      BTW, I know this will break your heart, but comments like this are the perfect explanation for why the GOP lost in 08, 12, and will in 16 and 20. Be a little patriotic in your words. Offer your sympathy for the victims. Embrace your neighbor and your country. The more diplomatic you are, the more seriously people will take you.

  • akmk

    At least one life would have been saved if the shooter had not had such each access to ammo on the day of the shooting.

    • treefrog2

      And lots more lives would be saved if people didn’t have such easy access to alcohol. See the connection? Only one of those two are constitutionally protected.

      • akmk

        Protected for trained, well-regulated militias. That’s about it.

        • Abraham Collins

          Tench Coxe wrote that we are ALL militia. “Well-regulated” means properly equipped and orderly, NOT overseen by the government.

        • Wfeather1942

          Another anti gun wundertard who did not pass basic english composition, cant comprehend a complex sentence, and never graduated highschool!

        • bertnernie229

          to the Supreme court that Militia is the national guard and the people of this
          nation have the right to be just as equipped as that Militia. Now how about you
          learn a few facts before you shoot off at the mouth.

      • Donna Kissell

        Don’t forget he also had ‘a machete and a backpack holding three Molotov cocktails’. He didn’t need the shotgun. He was ready to do harm with whatever means necessary.

        • diana harrell

          100% agree with you…..he/she is an idiot.

      • Thomas Philibin

        That has to be the most idiotic comparison I’ve ever heard on the internet.

        I cannot wait to come back to this site for more. God, I love you brainless gits. America is the greatest country in the world. You conservatives would be laughed out of Parliament for the ridiculous unpatriotic responses you have to this. Too good for a Wednesday afternoon laugh. Go USA!

        • treefrog2

          I state facts. You give personal attacks. In Philosophy, that’s called Argumentum Ad Hominem.

          You like alcohol but you don’t like guns. Therefore you want to get rid of guns even though alcohol related deaths kill more people than guns.

          Now come up with a logical argument to the arguments presented or shut tfu.

    • Jim Speed

      Really? IDIOT.. Shotgun shells? RIGHT.. Sometimes you liberals are as dumb as a box of hammers.

      • patriot1742

        I disagree – hammers have a purpose – so far there is no real purpose for a liberal – they are a problem.

        • bertnernie229

          Liberalism has just been classified as a mental illness.

    • Jim Speed

      Too bad your parents didnt have access to a condom so we could have been FREE of you! LOL

    • grumpy old man

      If the doors were locked,there would not have been any loss of life…Doors should be locked to deny entrance unless approved by security officer,and they should only allow exit as needed,by students and school personnel…

      • lovinspoonful

        No, doors should not be locked. In case of fire or a problem, the children and adults need to be able to get out.

        • grumpy old man

          Please read again,in it’s entirety,and if need be,read slowly…

        • Brian C

          they can put crash locks on them that open from the inside , my god its the 24th century at least act like you have one brain cell….

          • lovinspoonful

            And your one brain cell tells you it is the 24th century? Whoopee for you.

        • diana harrell

          are you dense…the doors can be opened from the inside by the students if they need to get out

          • lovinspoonful

            Are you rude? Yes. Such poor manners. go home and have your m other tech you again – perhaps it will work the second time around.

        • bertnernie229

          Doors can be locked to keep people out yet at the same time let those that are in out in an emergency.

    • Brian C

      cars kill way way more people than guns yet i dont see you screaming to make cars illegal???

      • diana harrell

        only the idiots of Obamaland (democrats) want to remove weapons from the law abiding citizens. They are so stupid they think that would stop the evil crooks. However, the evil doers will always have weapons.

      • Paul Townsend

        I agree that cars kill more people, Brian, but the reason nobody is banning cars is because they don’t drive into schools and kill innocent children who should be safe from wild cars and not need to worry about being killed by them while “safe” in their classrooms.

        • Brian C

          I’ve seen drunk drivers run into a mini van full of children, killing every one of them. I’ve seen drunk drivers run into school buses, and non one, no one wants to see a child harmed, except dumbass criminal. and whether they are killing them with guns, or in in china’s case mass school stabbings, or you drive a truck up with a bomb in it in Oklahoma, and kill and the kids in the daycare, it doesn’t change that guns don’t kill people , people kill people, and they should be punished. not the citizens who use and carry weapons for sport and self defense. we going to ban box trucks that drive into building and blow them up?

          • donholmes1

            You are right but, this government needs our defense weapons so they have complete control. Even our military has lost their rights to protect themselves on bases, WHY?

    • Glen Saunders

      Liberal comment is tattoo’d on your forehead…..

      • Iron Tub

        so true , but it doesnt show as long as he has his head shoved up so far

    • diana harrell


    • Judy Huggins

      He would still have had the ammunition before he carried out his intention.

    • donholmes1

      A lot of lives would have been saved if you liberals would have spent your resources seeing that laws are enforced instead of chastising the law abiding and feeling sorry for the poor little murdering bastards.

  • Mamatex

    An inconvenient truth!

  • John Schmalstieg

    Many schools are arming some of their teachers after having them get a CHL and going through special training. The identity of these teachers are kept secret. I believe all schools should consider this.

  • Gregorio Thousandaire

    Let this be a lesson to you. Libs should NEVER be allowed to own firearms. They only hurt themselves and others with them.

  • Zombiman

    so, when is the obama administration going to be tried for accessory to murder for pumping this kid’s head so full of socialist bullshit that he kills someone????

  • dhakalia

    So where did this little darling get all his weapons?

    • donholmes1

      They all can be bought at your local hardware store. “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE”?

  • bertnernie229

    we consider the fact that every assault with weapons against schools and
    politicians have been carried out by Liberals the smart thing to do to protect
    all is to forbid all Liberals from owning any type of weapon at all. This should
    include knives, Hammers, Clubs, Guns and sharp sticks. Liberalism is a mental
    illness that needs to be seen as such and all those that feel the need to be
    part of this Liberal movement across the nation should be forced into mental
    hospitals for the good of the nation.

  • bleedinell

    Another leftist scum stops breathing my air thanks to armed resistance.
    We put armed guards in our banks and think nothing of it, but somehow putting armed guards in our schools is bad.
    I suppose all those anti-gun frothy mouthed morons think their money is more important than their children.

  • wpjokari

    FIGURES. Arapahoe High School Gunman Karl Pierson Was a Committed Socialist (Video)

    Posted by Jim Hoft on Saturday, December 14, 2013, 9:24 AM

    Thomas Conrad, who had an economics class with [the shooter] Pierson, described him as a very opinionated Socialist*.