Councilman wants DreamWorks to pay for Obama’s exclusive visit, not town

A councilman in the California town that DreamWorks calls home wants the entertainment behemoth to reimburse the town for security costs it incurred when President Obama’s considerable entourage passed through in November.

The main reason?

obamadreamworks1216The imperial president barely set an imperial foot in the town of Glendale proper during the late November visit that cost the town about $61,000, according to the Glendale News-Press.

The buk of the president’s time was spent on the DreamWorks campus, rubbing elbows (literally) with comedian Steve Martin and other Hollywood hot shots.

“Is it not flair for [DreamWorks] to foot at least part of the bill?” Councilman Zareh Sinanyan asked. “It’s not like the president came and met with the residents of Glendale.”

The president meet with residents of Glendale?

They’re just ordinary Americans. And as Obama has made clear over and over – from the “bitter clingers” speech in 2008 to his Glendale visit, when he famously said he could tell immigrants just by looking at them, ordinary Americans really aren’t his bag.

The president did find time to shake hands with the mayor of Glendale and three city councilmen during the visit, which he used to give a speech on the film industry’s importance to the American economy.

At a cost of $61,000 to a town of 200,000, Obama’s visits could get pretty important to an town’s balance sheet, too.

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  • Carol

    I don’t mean to be a fuddy duddy, but please re-read your articles before posting them. I see two glaring typos. To begin with, in paragraph four, you say the “buk” of the President’s time…, and in the next paragraph, you ask if it is not “flair” for DreamWorks…
    All I’m saying is that it makes it difficult to take you seriously when you have typos like this. It makes me feel like you don’t take your own writing seriously.

    • Orthospinedoc

      Also in the very last line he uses an instead of any…I hear you it is pretty annoying!

    • Ronnie Madison

      if that is all you care about you must be some kind of a nut

      • Carol

        Thank you Ronnie. You too assume something about me you do not know. So far as I know, I am not a nut. I never once complained about the article’s content. And because I didn’t comment on the content, it is assumed I am against what is being said, and therefore a liberal. Not at all. What I am complaining about, is the fact that we have come to a point where we rely on our computers too much, and don’t check what we write. Especially since he does this by trade, I would think he would take more pride in his work, and check it one last time.

    • Jacob Seitz

      Carol, got to be a silly liberal, picking picking picking without even paying attention to the facts. Common for a liberal

      • Carol

        You are assuming things about me that you do not know. I never bashed the content in the article. Actually Jacob, I agree with the article. I am just so tired of journalists wanting to hurry up and get their article out, and they just rely on their spellchecker. We’ve all done it. I’ve done it. If my son, who is in college, made those types of errors, he’d be marked down, simply because he didn’t check what he wrote. When that is your life’s work, I would think you would be embarrassed to write things like that, and put your name to it.

      • TLN

        Jacob, the errors noted from a journalist really do lessen the crediblity of the work just as name calling does nothing more than bring you to the level of those so called “silly liberals”.

    • rainshadow

      I get where you’re coming from, Carol, and yes you do have a very good point. It leaves the impression that if these little mistakes slip through the cracks, what larger mistakes might also slip through?

      Journalists are as much warriors of their language as they are information. They should take all aspects of their job seriously. I’m sure Mr. Saunders and his editors feel the same way.

  • R Dennis Whitfield

    Hes charging anything he can to the backs of the American taxpayers ! He doesnt care what good that money might have done that community ! Its all for his family and his own self intrist !

  • Jacob Seitz

    OK silly liberal