Springsteen guitarist thought president would never embarrass him; says ObamaCare ‘almost worthless’


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Steven Van Zandt, lead guitarist for iconic singer-songwriter Bruce Springsteen‘s E-Street Band, took a down bound train this week in regard to Obamacare, saying “it’s almost worthless.”

A position that may lead to some awkward moments considering to what extent Springsteen supports President Obama — in addition to stumping for Obama, he wrote a song specifically for the 2012 campaign.

In an interview with the Huffington Post on Thursday, Van Zandt acknowledged that were some “nice things” in Obamacare, but said the country is having the wrong conversation.

“But mostly it’s almost worthless, because we need to be talking about health,” he added. “We have two out of three people obese in this country.”

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Van Zandt questioned why we “waste two years talking about healthcare” when we should be looking at the food we consumed.

“We’re a little bit lazy, we don’t exercise enough,” he said. “Maybe we eat too much, but that’s not really the reason. The reason is the preservatives and additives and steroids, all this gluten and every other junk that’s in our food.”

He then offered an opinion on why healthcare is free in Europe.

“I spend six months a year in Norway,” Van Zandt said. “Healthcare’s free in Norway because everybody’s healthy.”

Before getting too excited about all this, Van Zandt supports government bans on many things we consume. And he did say just prior to last year’s election:

“Personally, speaking as an Independent, I would love to see him [Obama] remain as our president forever. I have never been more proud or secure in traveling the globe, knowing for one of the few times in my adult life my president wasn’t going to embarrass me.”

One would have to assume he is talking about the same Barack Obama.

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  • Nope And Chains

    if they are not conservative, i have no interest in the opinions of rockers. full disclosure: i used to be crazy about them.

  • AlecJ

    “Healthcare’s free in Norway because everybody’s healthy.”

    Im not sure if there is a word for how dumb this statement is……

    I heard food is free in France because every one is full.

    Friggin idiot.

    • Katie

      higher education in norway is free too, and its certainly not because theres no demand for it (because everyones already a genius)… i can’t with these liberals and their logic

      the only reason everyone cares so much about other peoples health is because with this new healthcare system, WE’RE paying for THEM. therefor, since im paying your health bills, i should have a say in how healthy you are.

      how about we all pay for ourselves and if we want to eat ourselves into an early grave, then so be it!

    • Marion Lambert

      Nothing in free….how much in taxes do they pay to support health INSURANCE?

  • Alice

    If it took Obamacare for those loons to be embarrassed by this admin. they have a low embarrassment threshold.

  • maskedcommenter

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  • dennam

    Being a somewhat successful musician, I turned away from that life basically because of the dumbfuckery of people like this.
    Coming from a construction background, I guess it is easier to not take things like hard -honest work for granted as opposed to always being told what you want to hear. How great and special you are and being pampered like a spoiled brat. They have never walked a mile in my combat boots, so they should refrain from advising me about anything but which track I might like most on the new album.

  • Danny Handshoe

    and how much glue did he sniff in his lifetime????????

  • Priscilla Reyes

    Lilyhammer Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marion Lambert

    Sounds like he has smoked a too much weed.

  • Margie

    Overweight and obesity in Norway – fact sheet
    Published 10.03.2011, Updated 18.01.2013, 11:32


    Everyone is getting fatter :) Norway is NO exception. NEXT!

  • disqus_7w6NyWKyn7

    Who in Gods name is he talking about?!! lol yikes…he must have his eyes closed and his fingers in his ears!!