SNL open: Hilarious ‘Obama’ on Mandela memorial drama, complete with fake interpreter

Saturday Night Live’s opening skit featured Jay Pharoah in a hilarious recap of the problems President Obama encountered on his visit to South Africa that the press emphasized.

Pharoah, playing President Obama, began by addressing the the three items of controversy coming from the Nelson Mandela memorial: the selfie (Michelle “was furious”), the Raul Castro handshake (“He told me he was Edward James Olmos”) and the fake sign language interpreter.

Then he moved on to “the exciting progress we’re making on out website,” complete with sign language interpreter, played by Kenan Thompson - who appears to be the very one used at the Mandela ceremony.

Watch the fun, including a surprise appearance by “Angela Merkel,” then check out A cappella group’s amazing version of ‘Little Drummer Boy’ goes insanely viral.

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  • Amy Hair

    OMG! This is too funny! I am a sign language interpreter and was called in last week to do a story on CBS 12 News about this “fake interpreter”. LOVE THE BIZPAC REVIEW! If I don’t read it daily I feel like I am missing out. This was another good one Mike!

  • Doug

    Good stuff. Sign language interpreter was hysterical.

  • Teresa

    The had to have a fake interpreter for a fake Prez. Hilarious!!!!!

  • smogdew

    Aisha Harris is just another big mouthed black whose ignorance is making another racially divisive situation that should not have happened…. except the media cannot allow anything connoting racism pass. Santa Claus is an unintended mythical creation from the Pastor of in England in the mid 1400s – (he was the unintended result of a song) …at which time, there was nary a BLACK in the country.
    Santa was adopted by other countries over time (with many name changes) and evidently by only American whites. Don’t know if the US had blacks then – perhaps they were few and far between.
    It doesn’t really matter, but there’s no reason why they could not have made Santa Claus black, heaven knows they’ve made black dolls, and characters through the years….as could any ethnicity- Santa could be Oriental, Negroid or Caucasoid
    But ugly Aisha had to make an issue; she made Santa the sorry
    consequence of the massive hate she has for whites. Wonder what you would think if whites took your effigy and paraded you around as stupid, ignorant and unnecessary for the edification of Americans.

    • Doug

      My sources say Santa expired from years of pipe smoking.

    • NoCrud

      Aisha is the name of one of the “child brides” of Maomet.

    • William Marg

      The Dutch who settled in “New Amsterdam” (Now NYC) had a “Sinter Claus” but Santa Claus (Merry old St Nicholas), did not appear in the U.S. with any popularity until after the famous poem “Twas the Night before Christmas” was published in 1822, centuries after slavery had been practiced in the Americas, and just about 40 years before it was abolished in this country. And by the way, there were also White slaves in colonial times. So properly Santa should be portrayed as a Turkish Greek.

  • Rachael N. Jacobs

    The New World Order Cabal (aka The Tower of Babel Redux Crowd) had to put a phony black president in the White House so they could run the show and make him the teleprompter-only man; and if we don’t like it, they can call us racists. That’s how they’re pushing everything down our throats, including (but not limited to) a black Santa (Satan) Claus . . . and . . . .islam!

    • NoCrud

      Does it not seem that Columbia and Harvard should want to distance their schools from The Obamaroid?

      Imagine, he attended those schools (supposedly…) and after all those years, he is able to read a teleprompter.

  • Rachael N. Jacobs

    Oh, and as for the fake signer who said he was hearing voices because he’s schizophrenic . . . .that’s just a fancy name for demon possessed.

    • NoCrud

      Seems like that the “signer” was, for the moment, “possessed” by The Obamaroid.

  • Dave Henry

    The media has been saying that he was signing jibberish when obama spoke………… I was like, AND………..?

  • RalphLawlerLAC

    home of the slaves

  • Kenneth Clark

    Where’s the comedian police… Oh, I forgot. They aren’t Rodeo Clowns… just clowns…
    Too funny!!!!!!

  • Larry TheComputerGeek

    One of the men in question on stage at the Mandla funeral was an incompetent, and over his head speaker. The other man was a schizophrenic and failed sign language interpreter.