Slam! Krauthammer tells PBS viewers, ‘try Fox’ if you want full story

Charles Krauthammer is a busy man. In addition to being a Pulitzer Prize-winning syndicated columnist, bestselling author and political commentator for Fox News, he is also a frequent guest on the PBS show “Inside Washington.”

While discussing disagreements among Republicans over the budget deal on Friday’s program, Krauthammer took a shot at his liberal co-panelists at PBS, suggesting that viewers “try Fox” if they want the full story.

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“I love how you guys just can’t wait to get your teeth into Republicans throwing mud at Republicans on a week when this administration… unilaterally, lawlessly changed every deadline in the ObamaCare law without any legal authority, in a way that is absolutely astonishing – but you won’t hear about this on this show, so try Fox.”

Krauthammer’s bold observation provoked a raucous response from the panel.

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  • Donna E Turner

    Liberals always talk over the conservative viewpoint. That is because they are ill mannered liars.

  • Tony Primavera Sr.

    Charles did a dance on that liberal’s head loved it

    • Doug

      Love your pasta dish.

      • Eddie Coyle

        Yeah, thanks Tony, it’s my favorite.

  • Phil_J

    Arguing with Charles is like bringing a knife to a gun fight, you don’t stand a chance.

  • David Ewers

    yeah, that is why they edited the video at the end he was made to look like a blithering idiot.

    • Kenneth Clark

      David, David, David… For once allow someone to help you understand that when real fact is presented that you at least listen and verify before you exhaust your ignorance on the informed. You can learn that truth is truth and lie is lie.
      If Charles’ statement was in any fashion untrue, please locate and cite any area in the Constitution that states that it is ok for the Executive Branch of our Government to not enforce the laws as written and passed by Congress or without Congressional approval.
      It would seem, based upon the actions of the present administration, that it is ok to pick and choose those areas of a law, or laws in their entirety, and ignore them because one does not like them. Again, based upon the actions of the present executive branch, we citizens can and should write our own executive orders, since it is our government for and by us, to discard those laws, or portions of laws we don’t like, in order to do as we please, when we please without fear of any accountability. Do you truly not see the anarchy and lawlessness of such a mindset and actions?
      Yes other administrations have done some of this as well, but none so blatantand forcefull as this one and always armed with their thumbs in thier nose for the American people.
      Obama himself recently offered a piece of advice. He said basically, if you don’t like it… Win some elections. I truly and deeply believe when he made this tongue and cheek statement that he awoke a sleeping giant that will in fact change the tide come 2014 and 2016 and I believe the people of this country will in fact regain control over both parties or will over run them with the leaders they want instead of what both establishments will thow at us.

      • Doug

        Wow! Kenny that’s a longer piece than all my posts in a month. I fear the schism in GOP is too deep. Tea Partiers will run a third candidate in 2016 and Dems will walk in. 2014, nothing will change. Status quo.

  • Armando S. Fernandez

    Dr. Krauthammer is the greatest Political commentator of them all, that’s why your try to make him look silly; because you all don’t have a grasp of what’s going on today in our Country!!!!

    • Doug

      I read the comments and I don’t see anybody denigrating Charles. Perhaps you are overly sensitive.

      • Armando S. Fernandez


  • SusieQ

    Charles, My hero in the “smarts” department. He knows a “fake” and a ill-informed commentator when he sees one, set em’ straight Charles! The truth can set you free!

    • Doug

      Enjoy Krauthammer very much. He doesn’t hesitate to disagree with his Fox colleagues which is admirable.

      • Armando S. Fernandez

        That’s why I like FOX so much………………….!

  • suzanne

    I love that Charles always body slams an opponent with a smile.

  • marburyvsmadison

    Krauthammer is considered one of the intellectual icons of the Right/GOP. So, the below two columns that he wrote, read one after the other, should give folks reason to wonder if he’s simply a Right-wing hack.

    In the words of Jon Chait, a center-left political columnist:

    “Notice that Krauthammer in both cases believes that the position of the Republican party at that moment is not only correct but obviously correct. To have opposed the nuclear option in 2005 or to have supported it in 2013 is disgraceful and radical, and anybody possessed of the slightest respect for our democratic institutions must have supported it in 2005 and opposed it in 2013.”

    I’m interested how Krauthammer fans feel about such flagrant intellectual dishonesty.

  • Viva la Revolucion

    Liberalism is a mental disorder; look it up if you think I’m being facetious.