Decorated Marine faces inquiry, loss of career for sounding alarm

Maj. Jason Brezler

An honorable and highly decorated Marine Corps reserve officer’s career is now in jeopardy because he did the right thing.

Maj. Jason Brezler, who also serves as a New York City firefighter, warned his fellow Marines that a senior Afghan police official could not be trusted and that he sexually abused minors working on U.S. military bases in Afghanistan, according to Fox News.

His claims came in response to a request last summer from fellow Marines seeking background information on the official, Sarwar Jan, who was routinely allowed on U.S. military bases.

Brezler’s assessment was dead on. Within days of sending the email, one of Jan’s assistants and presumed victims opened fire, killing three U.S. Marines.

But Brezler is now the target of a board of inquiry, purportedly because he sent the warning through his personal Yahoo account rather than a secured, classified email system. Brezler notified his superiors of the error almost immediately.

“Brezler’s immediate chain of command here in the U.S. did not recommend punitive action, and the Marine command in Afghanistan called for the relevant document in Brezler’s case to be declassified, because there is no information in the document which, if released, would damage national security,” Kevin Carroll, whose firm, Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, is representing Brezler pro bono, told Fox News.

So why the inquiry, which could end Brezler’s career in a less-than-honorable manner?

His supporters say it’s all politics. Brezler’s lack of political correctness in making the allegations, coupled with a fear they may expose the fetid swamp America’s involvement in Afghanistan has become, may prove his undoing.

In the video below, Fox News’ chief intelligence correspondent, Catherine Herridge, reported Saturday that the board of inquiry is scheduled to begin Tuesday.

Brezler’s attorney, Kevin Carroll, also made an appearance to explain the legal procedure and ramifications.

Watch the Fox newscast, and wish Brezler a very merry Christmas.

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  • SusieQ

    A man with conscience and character he should be nominated for president.

    • unpundit

      When’s the last time we had a president of conscience *or* character?

      • Jon Hawk


        • unpundit

          Yep, Reagan was a great pres…
          Not as good as Governor, where he signed the racist gun control measure, the Mulford Act into law in 1967…
          Forming the basis for all future gun control laws in California…

      • SusieQ

        There’s always a first for everything, no one is perfect but I’d put my money on Maj. Jason Brezier.

      • johnlaw484

        I’m going with Harry Truman or Reagan

        • unpundit

          LOL at Truman…
          progressive socialist.

    • Beeta


      • dave7777

        Has it only been 6? Sigh. Seems like a lifetime. We still have a lifetime to go.

  • Wyatt

    The only thing I can see he may have done wrong was to use the unsecured Yahoo link . Certainly no reason to bring charges , a reprimand may be but ? This is wrong on so many levels . But he ratted on one of Bath House Boys pals so ……

    • dave7777

      The yahoo e-mail is not open to the public. NSA, maybe.
      Even if it were, why not let the world know the identity of a pedophile? To despoil this noble man’s record is horrible.

      • EliseR

        You don’t send classified information through an unsecured email account. Anyone with a security clearance knows this.

        • Laura Talley

          Put yourself in his position…

  • fatmababy105

    The administration and military will not accept truth any more.

    • Aaron Barnes

      this is what happens when citizens put a person in the oval who thinks its the military fault for what wrong in the world not the people who orders the military to do it. Obama has treat are military like sht, trying to take soldiers college funds away last year so he can give more money to people who doing nothing but seating on their butts playing video games or getting high, letting those 4 Americans die over seas, giving orders that will put American soldiers in unnecessary harm, he is a disgrace to the office and the country the only reason why he won the last 2 elections is because he is black and Hollywood supported him.

      • Xolodnyj

        Absolutely has NOTHING and I mean NOTHING to do with the Oval Office. This is the Marine, Department of Defense Board of Inquiry and this is routine when someone violates a security measure. No matter how “innocent” the incident, ALL incidents in manner of this nature are subject to the Board of Inquiry. It does not mean his military career comes to an end. The Board can recommend a Court Martial or Not, A reprimand or Not.

        • Aaron Barnes

          well he shouldn’t get kicked out of the corp for one mistake

  • CPQ121552

    He did the right thing,it’s obozo who is trying to give him a hard time,Obozo had better start thinking of whats going to happen to himself once we remove him and the admin and star prosecuting his illegal,criminal act,multiple counts of well documented and all on the records acts of treason during a time of war against the U.S. and it’s people brings but only one harsh penalty and that’s death by hanging and I for one will not be happy until I see and know he’s been execute for these crime’s among a host of very many others he’s very guilty of

    • Beeta


      • Lola Sullivan

        Who Cares

  • BRwoman

    This is wrong on so many levels!

  • dixie williams

    I applaud him for his decision as it would bring save more marines lives so its damned if you do and damned I you don’t. I say bring our military home, let them fight their own war. Obama could care less about soldiers getting killed over there.

    • dave7777

      The Russians are smarter than we are. They recognized the futility of having their solders be sitting ducks in this godforsaken country, and they said enough is enough. Obama is letting the rules of engagement make our boys (and girls) sitting ducks as well.
      You hit the nail on the head, Dixie, declare victory and come home. Worked for Nixon.

  • Ted Strickland

    No matter how we see it, he violated regulations. The process to punish him is up to his commander under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Not the President. He should have known better and all the rest of this that you guys are offering is just conjecture. He can be prosecuted or offered non-judicial punishment, just like LtCol West. Unlike the West case, where there was the abuse of a prisoner, the major may or not be asked to leave the service. If he has enough time to retire, he can just cop a please, just like West, and retire. The major’s case is up to his commander, not us.

    • Estella Bunny Howe

      While you may be legally right, you are morally soooo wrong!!! But then again, morals seem to have disappeared from this society.

    • diana harrell

      blah blah blah blah blah and blah blah blah and blah blah

    • armedandsafe

      From the story, it appears his “commander under the Uniform Code of Military Justice” did not bring these charges.

      “Brezler’s immediate chain of command here in the U.S. did not recommend punitive action, and the Marine command in Afghanistan called for the relevant document in Brezler’s case to be declassified, because there is
      no information in the document which, if released, would damage national security,”

  • disqus_GYXQ8Ms8Zk

    We have a corrupt government with the worst leader in OUR nations history. If something is presented to be good they are against it because this federal government only wants to promote what is evil and they have proven it.

  • fusco

    What the hell is wrong with our country when being honest and decent has become a bad thing

  • CRITman

    Basically what is happening is that the Obama handler’s and the administration are working on converting the military into their own image of conceit, lying, deceit, and control due to their own Progressive/Liberal goals for the country!

    • dave7777

      Not getting a lot of play, but Obama has removed several high level military officers and purged many mid-level officers from the ranks. I think the total stands at about 300 so far. He is trying to shape the military to be beholden to him, not the constitution. Fortunately, he doesn’t have enough time to effectively reshape the troops. But it sure looks like he is trying.

      • EliseR

        Please explain how mid-level officers have been “purged.”