Media Matters: ‘War on Fox News is over . . . we won’

Fox chief Roger Ailes

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A casual glance at viewer ratings may leave you confused at Media Matters latest proclamation. The progressive bully has declared an end to its successful “war on Fox News.”

“The war on Fox is over,” said Media Matters Executive Vice President Angelo Carusone. “And it’s not just that it’s over, but it was very successful. To a large extent, we won.”

A statement that gives a whole new meaning to winning.

Fox News will no longer be the center of Media Matters’ universe because the group believes it has effectively discredited the network’s desire to be seen as “fair and balanced,” the Huffington Post reported.

Never mind that Public Policy Polling, a liberal polling agency, found earlier this year that Fox News was the second-most trusted name in news after PBS, with 41% support.

Libs lose it after Megyn Kelly declares Santa and Jesus were white

As for ratings, Fox News totally dominates it’s left-wing counterparts CNN and MSNBC. In both total viewers and the all-important 25-54 age demo, according to Breitbart News. Fox News beat both of them combined and, out of over 100 channels, is #2 in all of cable.

It was in March 2011 that Media Matters founder David Brock first declared war. His new strategy was described as an all-out campaign of “guerrilla warfare and sabotage” aimed at the Fox News Channel.

Much of it’s early focus was on Glenn Beck, then a Fox News host digging hard to expose the activities of far-left philanthropist George Soros, a Media Matters financial contributor. Beck has since created his own digital network.

The groups president, Bradley Beychok, said, “Fox News isn’t going to stop lying, so we’ll stay on that beat.” But strategic plans show the focus shifting to increasingly influential targets to include alternative online outlets like Twitchy, HotAir and Glenn Beck‘s The Blaze.

An indication of how effective conservative groups have become through the power of the Internet. Based on the results of the contest with Fox News, let’s hope Media Matter “wins” this war as well.

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  • Mark Meeks

    I’d like to know how Fox News has lied about anything. It seems to me that the liberals will believe the lies perpetuated by the White House, and hell to everyone else.

    • Alice

      They say it constantly, but they never give an example.

      • Joseph Morgan

        So true!

      • Robert T Ruark

        Obama is the example!!!!!!

    • David Ewers

      Well we know that this article lied. Political talk shows, particularly conservative talk programs, have
      older audiences. Large majorities of the regular viewers of Sean Hannity
      (66%) and The O’ Reilly Factor (64%) are 50 and older. Just 43% of all
      Americans are 50 and older. And while just 17% of the public is 65 and
      older, 42% of regular Hannity viewers and 40% of regular O’Reilly
      viewers are in that age category.

      Now about Fox lies,They lied about the three people who said they could not get covered under the ACA. Turns out that none of them even checked out the website or spoke to anyone at the ACA.

      The lets their guests lied about the ACA, no death panels, no rationed health care. The also let the pundits shovel the cr@p about the birther movement.

      The so called war on Christmas by O’Relly, the white santa claus, the white Jesus. I can go on and on

      Yes Fox lies everyday. ANd you suck it up just like you did on your mothers breast

      • Mark Hatzi

        LOL you just go on and listen to Mathews and maddow, maybe you get that tinkling feeling up your leg. LOL maddow came out and admitted in editing and changing stories to fit their agenda. So want to try again about who lies???

        • David Ewers

          sorry you do not facts, but what the hell fox just makes them up for you. And tell me where you heard this about msnbc, on WND website.

          • Truth is fact, not opinion

            LOL considering this slander is coming from a person who supports the liar in chief, you should love Fox news. Your POTUS does not even know how to tell the truth. The liberal agenda is full of contradiction and hypocracy.

          • David Ewers

            Yeah, you are a educated person just as much as I am the pope. Your style of speech tells me that you have less than a college education. I would say you dropped out about the tenth grade.

          • Truth is fact, not opinion

            Just exactly how are you bashing me when you are wrong? What an idiot.

          • David Ewers

            You have yet to say anything that is true, and you do not like it. I am still waiting for your medical expertise. But I knew you can not answer that.

          • Tom Smith

            Curious about medical expertise. As a medical professional myself, ask ME the question.

          • David Ewers

            you have the question but if you knew you would have answered it, it is actually quite easy

          • Tom Smith

            Coming from someone who has not only a 4-year BA, but 4 years of medical school, I am uniquely qualified to make the following statement regarding intelligence,at least regarding this instance.

            David, you are an absolute fool.
            David, you are an absolute idiot.
            David, you are an absolute clown.
            David, you are an absolute ignoramus.

            Truth is fact wrote very eloquently. It is YOU, David, who is the moron and lacks the ability to not only compose a coherent sentence, but to grasp basic ideas. You must have failed, miserably, in reading comprehension.

            Additionally, Truth is fact did not “speak” a single word, but wrote them. You obviously are so stupid as to not be able to distinguish between the two, since you challenge Truth’s “style of speech”.

            It’s time for you to go back and play in your sandbox, you idiot child.

          • David Ewers

            yeah, you have a college degree as much as she does, nice try bagger

          • Tom Smith

            You really are an idiot liberal. OK, so Fox News ratings are down a few points. Down from what? I’ll tell you what they’re down from – they’re down from ratings numbers that absolutely decimate MSNBC and CNN – your favorite channels. Guess what, even with Fox being down a few points, they still destroy MSNBC and CNN – your favorite channels.

            Now, as for you citing the age groups that watch Fox. YOU LIE.

            Many more younger people watch Fox than watch MSNBC or CNN – again, your socialist dominated favorites.

            David, you are a loser liberal socialist who con not accept the fact that that your liberal socialist ideology is getting destroyed in the cable news market. So, you do what ALL liberal socialists do. You lie. You distort. You attempt to make the real, unreal. You attempt to redefine history.

            You are an absolute joke and an even bigger failure. You fool no one, except possibly yourself, which is not hard to do judging by your 3rd-grade level of intelligence.

      • LMW51

        “If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance, period. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, period. No one is going to take that away from you”. Who said that? It was not Fox News and politifact just called it “the lie of the year”.

        Fox News exposed that for the lie it was when it was first uttered by President Obama and his minions.

        Howard Dean “The IPAB is a death panel”. He and the 22 Democrat Senators who wrote a Bill to have the IPAB done away with all admitted that the IPAB was exactly what Palin said it was. Fox News exposed the lies of the left on those Death Panels long before Howard Dean and those 22 Senators admitted that what Palin said was true.

        Jesus is Caucasian. Ignorant people will say that he is Middle Eastern and not White. Caucasian includes the Middle Easterners. So Kelly is correct and once again your ignorance is showing.

        St. Nick was also Caucasian. Once again, you are showing your ignorance.

        • David Ewers

          yeah and so is the easter bunny, then why do we see christ looking more anglo saxon than looking like a arab. or st nik looking like a arab. white means exactly that white anglo saxon. yeah I see the KKK and tea baggers taking in someone who looks like that.

          • LMW51

            The Easter Bunny is Caucasian? Geez. Are you really that ignorant?

            The Easter Bunny is a “white rabbit” as opposed to a black, brown or red one. Should we change his color because it offends black, brown and red children and/or makes them feel excluded?

            Are you talking about the cartoon photos of St. Nick? St. Nicholas, the REAL person from whom the story of Santa historically came, was a Greek, therefore an Aryan as opposed to a Hammite or a Semite, therefore a Caucasian and photos of him show him with the large nose and dark skin of the Greeks for the most part.

            Do a google search of photos of Jesus and photos of St. Nicholas….and then come back and insist that you are correct in your claim that they are both portrayed as “anglo saxons”…you are simply showing that your head is filled with the propaganda of the liberals.

      • Robert T Ruark


  • dixie williams

    Fox is the only News that doesn’t lie.

  • Howard Turner

    the left will repeat a lie for as long as it takes to convince its constituency its true thank god for Fox

  • Mike Eaton

    Leave it to the liberals to take obvious results and twist them to mean something so out of touch with reality…and the truly hilarious part of all of this…is some followers will tout this as being factual and think they’ve won…

  • fatmababy105


  • Eric

    You didnt win chyt you old fat terd.

    • lovinspoonful

      Dream on, Media Matters.

  • Eric

    Libtards have 6 networks on their side yet they whine about FOX.

  • bvdees

    Poor, delusional Mr. Carusone! He’s apparently taken a page from Obama’s play book: tell the lie often enough, for long enough and it will come true! (pst! sorry, it doesn’t!)

  • SusieQ

    Is this the same theory of every kid in the class gets an “A”!

  • C Ken Davis Sr

    When the liberals cannot back anything with fact, they fabricate and pretend they won even while they are licking their wounds from defeat.

    • David Ewers

      we won two presidential tenures in a row!

      • Aine

        Or something.

      • Truth is fact, not opinion

        Yes, by giving away free stuff.

        • David Ewers

          ah the common tea party mantra, funny thing that Obama did create a new form of welfare or unemployment, all of the same programs were happening under Bush. So that part of your argument goes away. Do you actually think before typing or do you have a list given to you by other nut cases.

          • Tom Smith

            OK clown, how many jobs were created under George W Bush?

            How many were created under the entire 5 years of Obama?

            You got the balls to compare Bush’s economy to Obama’s? Obama’s economy is a failure. Cite for me the breakdown of full-time jobs vs part-time jobs. Cite for me the break down of private-sector job creation to government job additions.

            You do that for me, child, and you will see for yourself, just how vapid, ignorant, and stupid your positions truly are.

          • David Ewers

            sorry to tell you that more jobs have been created already under Obama, Bush created not one but two recessions. GO back to that so called school,

      • Tom Smith

        So did Ronald Reagan.
        So did George W Bush.

        The Republicans destroyed you socialists in 2010 when we took back the House of Representatives is the largest political castration in over 50 years. You remember what Obama said afterwards, right?
        Obama said, “We got shellacked”.

        So what, exactly, is your point, child?

      • 3985

        By (almost) completely hiding his past.
        Got elected because of his race and not his experience.

        Through shear media bias, lies and by using all means necessary including using the IRS to crush any conservative organization.

        • David Ewers

          he got elected because he was a far better choice than McCain and Romney,

          Now what do you have Rubio, Cruz and Ryan, the three stooges.