Golfer Tiger Woods’ half-brother arrested over threat to blow up government building

Phoenix Police confirmed Friday that a half-brother of legendary golfer Tiger Woods was arrested for making a bomb threat on an Arizona state government building where he is employed.

The incident occurred Thursday morning when Earl Dennison Woods Jr., 58, reportedly made the threat to the Department of Economic Security building from his cell phone, forcing over 100 people top evacuate, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

Woods came forward and admitted responsibility almost immediately, and claimed he did it as a prank.

Woods was jailed and released on Thursday without having been formally charged with a crime.

“The department can confirm Mr Woods is a DES employee,” said Tasya Peterson, a spokeswoman for the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. “He was involved in an incident that occurred yesterday at one of our offices. The department is reviewing this matter and is unable to release more information at this time.”

Watch the report from, News channel 3, then check out A cappella group’s amazing version of ‘Little Drummer Boy’ goes insanely viral.

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  • Doug

    Give him half the normal sentence.

  • Kenneth Clark

    He got the idea from the explosive golf balls that Tiger used for pranks on the course…

  • Eric

    He has the boot lips like his brother.

  • smogdew

    Maybe Obama could use him in the gov’t someplace – onje more jerk who makes smart decisions.

  • P00dy

    There is one “Bomb threatening sibling” in every family……

  • Joseph Morgan

    Maybe he is sick of governmental tyranny!

  • reinhold

    Commending the Phoenix Police for releasing this man . The reaction by PIGS: Parasites In Government Service is the actual threat of terror. Arrest the Tyranny of the Clerk!

    Use all necessary force to suppress the renegade private individuals and public servants enaged in the current domestic insurrection

    Arrest, Abolish and Exterminate the Kosher Kabal of The Bogus Bank of Credit Fraud.


    • Doug

      He claimed it was a prank.

      • reinhold

        It appears that he was telling the truth. It is most remarkable that the Phoenix police applied reason and released him without charge. They have every incentive to make themselves famous. We shall have to revisit this case soon.