After store owner fatally shoots robber, mayor calls for more gun control


After a suburban Chicago store owner shot and killed an armed robber who was also a prime suspect in a shooting that wounded a police officer last month, the mayor called for stricter gun control measures.

Demarcus Brandon entered a Harvey, Ill., wireless phone store Tuesday night brandishing a gun and demanding money. His robbery attempt was cut short, however, when the store owner brought out his own weapon and shot Brandon multiple times, killing him, according to CBS Channel 2 Chicago.

Detectives from the South Side suburb of Chicago had been searching three weeks for Brandon in connection with a shooting that had injured a police officer. Thanks to the armed store owner, the Harvey Police Department can call off its manhunt.

Brandon was out on early release from a 2007 armed robbery attempt. According to the local CBS station:

Brandon was paroled in July from the Shawnee Correctional Center, according to Illinois Department of Corrections records.

In 2007, he was arrested while fleeing the scene of an armed robbery attempt in Dolton, according to Harvey police. During the chase, he entered Harvey and pointed his gun in the direction of an officer, who shot him in the neck.

Brandon was convicted of armed robbery, armed violence and unlawful use of a weapon in the Dolton incident. He was released after serving less than half of his 13-year sentence.

“While I’m grateful that this nightmare has come to an end, I’m equally outraged concerning our gun laws that allowed this coward to walk the streets early,” Harvey Mayor Eric J. Kellogg said in a statement released shortly after the most recent robbery attempt.

Illinois legislators overrode the governor’s veto of the state’s new concealed carry law earlier this year, allowing law-abiding citizens like the Harvey store owner to protect themselves.

“Something must be done,” the mayor said in the statement. “Our residents are unsafe as well as our hard working policemen. I join Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel in calling upon the state legislature to work harder in strengthening the current gun laws.”

Despite Chicago’s gun control laws – some of the strictest in the nation — gun violence remains rampant in the city, especially in its blighted South Side neighborhoods.

Clearly, stricter gun control isn’t the answer. But ending early release for violent convicts may be a step in the right direction.

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  • francoamerian

    Coming from Illinois, this story does not surprise me. Illinois is controlled by a bunch of criminal coddling Liberal politicians who could care less about a citizens right to defend them self from criminals. Most politicians in Illinois worry more about the rights of criminals then worry about the honest civilians. In the meantime they run around in state owned cars with state police protection. Of course the police are heavily armed to protect these parasites who call them selves mayors, governors or whatever political office they hold.

    • Eric

      “couldnt care less”

  • Leslie M Garamella

    One less scumbag…

    • Shutthefuckup

      Now all they gotta do is get yo as*

      • Eric

        They’ll get your black racist a** first!

        • Leslie M Garamella

          Just cuz he was black, Shutthe thinks it’s OK.
          I’d have made the same comment no matter what color the scumbag was…but Shut would never see that. And we’re racist?

      • Leslie M Garamella

        I’ll be waiting for yo as* locked and loaded

        • Aaron Barnes

          is that a threat

          • Leslie M Garamella

            Not a threat, not that it’s your business, but Mr. Shuthef***up threatened me first, or didn’t you bother to read his post.. Just the truth, break into my home, and that’s what you’ll face. Is that OK Mr. Barnes?

  • Independent Tom

    If Obama had a son he would look like Demarcus Brandon.

  • Arden Hale

    Hey let’s face it. If there were stricter gun control laws the criminal would have thrown down his weapon and said, curse you gun control, you’ve thwarted my criminal career. And then the liberals woke up.

  • Shutthefuckup

    This man was lost pray for his soul and his family this is tragic not a time for rejoicing so stop the ignorant comments! What if you knew him or he was related to you, you wouldn’t feel the same way. Just pray

    • tahoeax

      Hey, Shutthefuckup . . . you should shutthefuckup!

    • Independent Tom

      Get back down on your knees, where you belong, boy.

  • Pamela K. Cahoon Laub

    If he was still in prison finishing his sentence he couldn’t have committed armed robbery on that store. He would be alive – in prison where he belonged. Every person has the instinct to preserve himself and his/her family hardwired in them. No government should have the right to interfere with that and make them vulnerable to evil.

    • Kenneth Clark

      But according to the statement made it was the existing gun control laws that let him out early. So, looking at that logic (Ha!), if they inact stricter gun control, criminals like this parasite would never go to jail to start with.
      And to the person above, if this individual was related to me or I knew him, I would not in any fashion support his career. I would be sad he chose such a path, but would also understand that he made his own choices and met his demise on his own terms. Choice can suck or it can benefit. In this case it proved to suck for him and benefitted the general public’s safety.

  • Mike Young

    I say we should call for more Mayor and City Council Control and allow the citizenry to vote on and decide on issues that effect them, apparently, the Mayor of Chicago as well as the City Council members aren’t living in the same world as the citizenry are. take take the authority of the mayor or city council to vote on issues away from them and return this authority back to the rightful owners, the citizenry.

  • JimSherwood3

    The “Rahm Emanuel’s ” of this country rely upon dirt-bags like this one to spearhead their crusade against the 2nd Amendment. How dare a citizen commit “gun violence” against one of their proteges .

    • Independent Tom

      The Emanuels and Obama’s sons of the nation are teaming up to victimize record numbers of Real Americans who actually matter in society.

  • Helen

    Don’t you just marvel at the stupidity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rchguns

    This is just one more example why Chicago has the problem that it does. If more law-abiding citizens are legally carrying concealed weapons the bad guys will go somewhere else where they can pursue their chosen occupations with less hazards.

    If you’re a career criminal one of your occupational hazards is coming up against a victim who decides he doesn’t want to be a victim anymore. It’s been proven over and over again that more guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens brings the CRIME RATE DOWN.