Jay Carney laughs as WH press corp explodes in protest over access

The White House press corps erupted in protest at Thursday’s briefing over the lack of access being granted by the Obama administration.

As overwhelming as the outcry was, White House press secretary Jay Carney‘s response was to break out in laughter, which only increased the tension in the room.

Michelle Obama hits hubby with death glare seen around the world

Nearly 40 news organizations sent a letter back in November complaining about the administration controlling images of President Obama by limiting the access granted to photojournalists while allowing free rein by the White House’s own photographers, according to the Los Angeles Times.

While saying “we hear you and I want to address this,” Carney then went on to blame it all on the Internet, and “the ability of everyone to post anything” — the press wasn’t buying it.

So much for the most transparent administration in history, as Obama is fond of saying.

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  • SusieQ

    This bunch has always been laughing at them (the press) they were just so blinded by adoration, couldn’t see it! Oh well!

    • francoamerian

      The press deserves to get crapped on by these White House liars. They have covered for these liars in the White House for so long. Now they are getting paid back for their adoration of the Liar In Chief. He is crapping on them and they deserve it.

  • 4dees

    How does this guy look at himself in the mirror every morning?. How does he sleep at night?

  • Alice

    It’s a great, internet conspiracy, folks.

    • 19Robes50

      That must be true! I heard Jay Carney say it!

      Does “Wag The Dog” come to mind?

  • stevor

    “You fools! You think the Messiah has to bow to your desires to see him?”

  • Matthew Jeffers

    Giggling at his servants.

  • CaMaven

    So, they’re angry because they can no longer cover staged photo ops and kiss up to “Obama” while printing his faux press releases? Better they should be freed up to start digging and produce some REAL journalism for a change.

  • John O’Neill

    His defense is to run back to what Bush and Clinton did. His administration was supposed to fundamentally change the way government did business. Transparency, openness etc. Yet he uses past administrations to justify obstructive and closed behavior.

  • peacesnail

    I would love to see a reporter punch him right in his smug face.

  • Obaaaaaaaama sheep get sheared

    HIM and Barry Oblamer are habitual LIARS…