Forget Santa, ACLU hits NSA spying in new Christmas video

Credit deserves to go where it’s due, and in this case, the American Civil Liberties Union did a great job on a new Christmas ad sticking it to the NSA for spying on everyone and everything, everywhere.

Forget Santa, “The NSA is Coming to Town” in this cute, but awfully sad because it’s true, video.

Be warned:

You’re making a list. 
They’re checking it twice. 
They’re watching almost every electronic device. 
The NSA is coming to town.

They see you when you’re sleeping. 
They hear while you’re awake
. They know who you call and who you write, 
So encrypt for goodness’ sake!

Enjoy and tell a friend “The NSA is Coming to Town”:

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  • Sharon Lynn

    and yet they supported obama and the commies that do this for a living

    idiot aclu commies!!