ESPN rejects charity’s ad for mentioning Jesus’ birth at Christmas; O’Reilly joins backlash

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly blasted ESPN Wednesday night for rejecting a Christmas ad submitted by a Catholic hospital in St. Louis.

The sports network felt the ad’s use of the lines, “celebrate the birth of Jesus” and “God’s healing message,” were “problematic,” according to O’Reilly.

Watch the exchange between O’Reilly and guest Doug Napier, senior vice president of the Alliance Defending Freedom, a conservative Christian nonprofit based in Scottsdale, Ariz.:

Twitter lit up after the segment aired. Some examples:



It didn’t take long before the “B” word was used — boycott.



Given that ESPN is the dominate name in sports TV, a boycott would probably fail. Nonetheless, it’s ridiculous that ESPN considers the mention of Christ’s name on the day Christians celebrate his birth “problematic.”

Read more tweets collected by the Twitchy Team.

Napier put it best: “To say that there’s too much Jesus in this Christmas message of hope is like saying there’s too much sports in ESPN.”

UPDATE: Thursday night, Bill O’Reilly announced that following public protest, ESPN will allow the ad in its original form.

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  • sharonhansen209

    Unbelievable! It doesn’t even make sense.

  • disqus_GYXQ8Ms8Zk

    It’s obvious that ESPN thinks they have to be in the spotlight if they are connected with anything. They’ll get their just day.

  • rhodes autry

    sissy sports channel

  • lars1701c

    when did we turn into a nation of pu$$ies? We are afraid of offending someone who doesn’t believe in Jesus Christ. Oh well bucko’s deal with it.

  • docbenton

    The NFL will be used to try to get your guns so this doesn’t shock me.

  • C King

    Obviously ESPN owners/management are scared of controversy. It’s a shame people no longer stand up for their beliefs.

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