Former illegal with prior fake social security number sues over job rejections


A California man who lived in the United States for years as an illegal immigrant and worked using a fake Social Security number is suing the state because it won’t hire him as a correctional officer.

Victor Guerrero, 34, of Stockton, filed his lawsuit in U.S. District Court in San Francisco through his attorneys, the Legal Aid Society – Employment Law Center, after California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation after it twice rejected his application to become a corrections officer due to his previous illegal activity, according to The Daily Caller.

Guerrero’s lawyers claim that he came to the United States with his parents at age 11, illegally obtained his false Social Security number when he was 15 but didn’t realize it was fake until two years later.

The Daily Caller reported:

The law firm further claims that upon learning his SSN was fake, Guerrero obtained a individual tax identification number to pay his taxes and stopped using the fake SSN when he finally obtained his own real one. Prior to his legalization, Guerrero worked in a variety of service industry jobs.

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In 2011, Guerrero applied for a job as a corrections officer, and while he passed the applicable tests, he admitted on the application that he had used a fake SSN in the past. The CDCR rejected his application, according to the LAS-ELC, as he “lack[ed] honesty, integrity, and good judgment.” Guerrero was rejected again in 2013 for the same reason.

Guerrero and his lawyers now claim he’s being discriminated against because of he’s Hispanic, according to The Caller.

“Those who are legally authorized to work should be able to do so regardless of their race, accent, or the country they come from,” Guerrero said in a statement provided by the law firm.

“As greater numbers of formerly undocumented individuals obtain legal authorization to work, it is imperative that they not be kept from doing so by employers who aim to weed them out because of their ethnic or national origin,” Guerrero’s attorney Marsha Chien, said in a statement. ”If discrimination like this is allowed to stand, millions of hard working people who are legally allowed to work in the U.S. will be left without the means to support themselves and contribute to our economy.”

It doesn’t appear that the state denied employment because of Guerrero’s ethnicity but rather for working in the country illegally for a number of years

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation declined comment when asked by The Daily Caller because “this matter is in litigation.”

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  • Slappy McGee

    Of course a statement was issued through his lawyers. The illegal POS can’t speak English.

  • Linda Galli

    I call bullshit. He knew perfectly well the ssn number was a forgery or he wouldn’t have applied for id tax number.

  • francoamerian

    Well, he has picked the right state within which to file his lawsuit. The “Land of Fruits and Nuts” California will probably be sympathetic to him.

    • daddycrc

      In that state he will Probably win

  • lovinspoonful

    Deport him, then he won’t have to worry abut being discriminated against – not that he is but he thinks so. Obviousy, he doesn’t know the law too well.

  • Boetica

    If you are willing to lie, cheat, and steal to get what you want, isn’t that a character issue? It’s going to be a problem. Hire an honest American.

    • LadyLoneStar

      Hey great idea…..that’s use your idea in 2014 & 2016 voting booths, K?

      • Boetica

        Why the condescending attitude? Illegal aliens should be deported….PERIOD. Any legislator in favor of amnesty should be removed from office.

  • Robin Leclerc

    he will most likely get a job at the white house….ship his ass back to mexico

  • LadyLoneStar

    Face it….they didn’t hire you cuz you are incompetent. In the statement of a “fake” SSN… was probably more like a STOLEN SSN. That’s what they do, steal SSN and “pretend” they are legal. Seriously, stop being all PC with the “illegal immigrant”….they are criminals….illegal ALIENS. It’s an actual name with a definition: illegal alien
    a foreigner who has entered or resides in a country unlawfully or without the country’s authorization.
    a foreigner who enters the U.S. without an entry or immigrant visa, especially a person who crosses the border by avoiding inspection or who overstays the period of time allowed as a visitor, tourist, or business person. Compare resident alien.

    • commonsense


    • Boetica

      Yes, illegal alien is actually a legal term. La raza propaganda demands the euphemism of “undocumented”. They are not “undocumented”. They are ILLEGAL ALIENS. Anti-Americans are trying to turn it into a racial slur, even though there are illegal aliens from all over the world, from all races. They are assuming because they have dumbed down a whole generation that we are all dumb. Not so.

      • washingtonguy

        If he is just “undocumented”, than someone who is robbing a bank is just making an “undocumented withdraw” from an “undocumented account”!

  • commonsense

    This guy is a piece of crap, He came to this country illegally thats it. instead of going through the legal channels. I am hispanic and it took me 10 years to go through all the bureocratic red tape now i have my dream job. So dont blame it on being a hispanic blame it on being a criminal and he also wants a gold star for getting a new tax id number after stealing one from the governement.

    • Boetica

      Thank you.

    • LC1987

      Illegals are taking more away from LEGAL immigrants than anyone else. I’m not an immigrant but I have lived in a foreign country (LEGALLY) for years and my children were born abroad. I can appreciate the years you spent coming here the right way, LEGALLY. Most people don’t realize that amnesty HURTS all those who are waiting and trying to immigrate here legally because there are quotas for those allowed in and those waiting get booted down line when amnesty is granted. So great job liberals screw over those who are trying to RESPECT our laws for those who’s first act is to BREAK OUR LAWS. Thank you for respecting our laws and coming here the right way. I don’t believe in the dream act, I don’t believe in rewarding criminals, REGARDLESS OF THEIR AGE, child born to illegals here shouldn’t be given citizenship. Children born to parent who came here LEGALLY should be considered natural born. I do believe that legal immigrants who serve in our armed forces should be given preferential treatment when it comes to citizenship for themselves and the family members they are willing to sponsor. It shouldn’t be so hard or expensive to become a citizen but should be a privilege given to those who have shown they respect our laws.

      • commonsense

        Thank you I agree with you 100% What pisses me off is that this stereotyping piece of crap 1. Broke the law and now he is offended because he can’t get the job he wants because in my opinion stealing a SSN is a character violation it is fraud but he decides to play the race card. and makes us hispanics look like lazy pieces of crap when in reality I work a minimum of 50 hours a week to get ends meet. I think that guy should have gotten arrested on the spot and the problem is that a lot of these judges and elected officials depend on hispanic votes so this american parasite of a man is getting his court fee’s paid by yours truley and 299,999,999 other hard working tax paying Americans and he is going to get the Job if I was a founding father i would be rolling in my grave. SHAME ON YOU CALIFORNIA

  • sylviasusan

    Why is it even allowed to go to court if he is illegal, we pay for those court costs!

    • FlameCCT

      He’s probably one of the DREAM illegal aliens that Obama violated the Constitution to provide them legal cover in a vote buying scheme during the last election.

  • Defend Liberty

    The liberty school recognizes that the quacks and superstitions which most threaten liberty become more widely accepted in times of crisis.