Singer Charlie Daniels channels Jeff Foxworthy; on a comedic roll about Obamacare

charliedaniels1210Country singer Charlie Daniels is no fan of President Obama, but he just might be in a big fan of comedian Jeff Foxworthy. Foxworthy helped build a career on a comic riff that starts with “You just might be a redneck if …”In a series of tweets, Daniels does some comic riffing of his own, on President Obama’s oft-repeated lie that anyone who liked their pre-Obamacare health plan would be able to keep their health plan under the new regime. Here, compliments of, are some of Daniels’  “you can keep your doctor if …” scenarios.



Or for the birth-control minded …

It’s not just doctors Daniels takes on.

And did you know Obamacare covers dental?

It’s just got one tiny snag, Daniels found.

Biting irony, or just American life under liberal logic?

In case you missed it: Texas defies feds; we shut the border down ourselves, said Lt. gov.

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  • Patrick McCarthy

    lol go get him CD

  • HBDuncan

    Yeah you can keep your plan if you go to the website or talk to your insurance carrier or because I say so!!!! Obarfa! That should work for you! Cause everything is up and workin now!