Obama’s wrong; al-Qaida is ‘spreading like wildfire,’ says House Homeland Security chair

Despite White House claims to the contrary, House Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul, R-Texas, says al-Qaida is “spreading like wildfire” and the threat of an attack is growing.

“The president has this narrative that I believe is a false narrative that gives a false sense of security, that since the killing of bin Laden everything is fine, al-Qaida is on the run, and this war on terror is over,” McCaul told Bill Hemmer on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” Monday.” Quite the contrary. I would say it’s not a pre-9/11 threat as he indicates, but rather a threat that spreads like wildfire.”

Hemmer asked if President Obama was right when he said the leaders of al-Qaida had been decimated.

Most of the leadership who had been killed were active around 9/11, and McCaul said that he thought programs and policies in place now could prevent an event like that from happening again.

“But the smaller-scale attacks – like we saw in Boston earlier this year – we are not protected from. They are much more difficult to detect, deter and disrupt,” he said. “So when he says we’ve taken out core al-Qaida, he’s talking about a very, very small faction of radical extremists.”

The threat is growing to America’s national security, and McCaul says he thinks the people need to know about the real threat level.

Watch the segment here via Fox News:


Texas defies feds; we shut the border down ourselves, said Lt. gov.

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  • Doug

    I hope Michael is fixing to do something about it.

  • seazen

    Dang. Obama has been absolutely correct from the get go. He recognized the simple fact that 21st Century threats will come from a loosely associated network of self-styled terrorists that will call themselves Al Quieda or whatever suits them. Our efforts to combat that requires sustained, global intelligence gathering and targeted strikes. At the same time, the original Al Quieda that could gather, assemble and distribute more sophisticated WMDs and support larger attacks has been dismantled. Therefore, we don’t have to pretend we are fighting a “war” that requires “Shock and Awe” bombings of whole countries or their occupation. Tough for those who still think we are fighting WWII.

    • millerstwo

      Have you seen photo’s or any evidence that Bin Laden is actually dead other than Obamas ‘word’ ?
      “Shock and Awe” will be a thing of the past if Obama continues his systematic dismantling our Military! Obama knows more about Al Qaeda’s intentions than he lets on as he has contributed billions of tax payer dollars to both Al Qaeda and Hamas through the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ under the guise of humanitarianism.
      Face it, Obamas is both a Marxist and a Muslim and his primary goal is to weaken traditional America to the breaking point opening the door to the “Change” he promised during his campaign. God help us!

      • seazen

        Total nonsense. Where do you get this stuff? Voices on the radio, no doubt.

        • millerstwo

          Great retort seazen, care to elaborate? To answer your question…”where do I get this stuff” primarily from reading and yes, I do listen to some radio. I am a conservative but always seek non-biased conformation regarding issues of interest. I refuse to drink any political parties ‘cool-aid’!

          • seazen

            Elaborate on what? Your comments in the original post are nonsense – unless, of course, there are real facts to back them up. He is not “dismantling” the military and he is not contributing billions to any terrorist group in some humanitarian scheme and he is neither a Marxist nor a Muslim with a “goal” to weaken traditional America to the breaking point. That is all fantasy. Maybe a clear definition of “traditional America” would help us understand where you are coming from?

  • Ted Paine

    But, BUT, Obama told us that AlQeada was finished!!!
    Mark that whopper along side with James Clapper testifying that the muslim brotherhood was a secular, non-violent group.

    • Cynthia J. McCoy

      Thanks Ted!! That one took me for a loop, seeing obama and telling the truth all along made me almost pass out. Where do these folks come from???

  • S.L. Rachford’s Ire

    Of course Obama is clueless. Does not want terrorism to be understood.

  • Beeta

    Well of course it is growing and on the American taxpayer dollar. Obama sent them millions in weapons etc in Syria. It is Al Queda he is backing that is killing the Christians and Syrian citizens. It was Obama that caused the murder of the 4 men of Benghazi. He was using this consulate for Gun Running to the Terrorist. This is the reason he did nothing to save these men.. He wanted not witnesses.. Dead men don’t talk… Of course Al Queda is growing abroad and in America Thanks to Obama…